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07 July 2007 @ 02:48 am
Fic: Side With the Seeds (Nick/Danny) (6/7)  
Title: Side With the Seeds
Rating: NC-17, to be on the safe side
Summary: Set about a month or two after the NWA's reign of terror, Nicholas Angel plants bodies and buries seeds. Nick/Danny
Notes: I'm a bit more caught up on the comments. Please, if I haven't responded to you, know that I really, really, really appreciate that you took the time to post.
Previous Entry: Chapter 5.

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Chapter 6

Nicholas fiddled with the faucets, looking for the right spot, the perfect combination, to get the hottest water possible. He knew there wasn’t enough hot water in Sandford, maybe in all of England, to make himself feel clean, but he had to try. Over the roar of the old pipes, he heard Danny in the living room, settled in front of the television. Had he put in another movie? Nicholas didn’t know. He didn’t even know if Danny was watching the television. Maybe he was asleep. Maybe just wanted the company.

Nicholas needed a hot shower and a cold beer before he’d be fit company. Or anything resembling fit company. Danny would understand if Nicholas wasn’t in the mood to talk. That was another thing Nicholas appreciated about Danny—he always understood when Nicholas didn’t have anything to say.

Nicholas sighed as the water burned his fingers, and finally stepped into the shower. His skin immediately turned a bright shade of red, and he naturally twisted away from the water as it hit the sensitive skin on his neck and lower back. After a few seconds, he adjusted to the temperature and relaxed under the spray.

Three more bodies were discovered under the flower beds, for a total of eleven. But when they finally left the scene for the night, it looked like the eleventh body would be the final one found there. Why had they chosen to hide the victims there? Nicholas would arrange a meeting to ask if he thought any of them would answer his question. But every time he had gone to question any of the members, he was meant with silence, petulance, and the occasional threat.

Nicholas vigorously scrubbed himself with a rough cloth, until his skin, already red from the water, tingled. His stomach growled as he rinsed the soap from his body, and he realized he hadn’t had anything to eat that day, save for a cup of coffee that had substituted for his breakfast. His stomach cramped at the thought.

He turned the water off before it began to cool and stepped out of the shower, securing a towel around his hips. Nicholas wiped the fog away from the mirror, creating a small window of visibility, and reached for his razor. He moved on autopilot, each motion a deeply ingrained habit. He’d shave, brush his teeth, comb his hair…


Nicholas started, feeling as though Danny had just yanked him from a nap. “What?” He shouted through the closed door.

The doorknob turned slowly. He hadn’t locked it. He was accustomed to living alone.

“I made tea. If you’re hungry,” Danny said, the door opening just a crack. “Are you hungry?”

“I am. Thanks. I’ll be out in a minute.”

Nicholas thought that would be the end of it, but Danny didn’t shut the door, and a cold draft of air rushed into the room, sending a chill down his spine.

“Is there anything else, Danny?”

“No…I mean….” He stepped into the room and shut the door. Steam swirled around them, partially obscuring Danny’s face. “Are you all right, then?”

“Better than I was this afternoon,” Nicholas answered honestly. He couldn’t really say more than that. He was better, by virtue of being away from the mass grave.

The room would have been cramped anyway, with both of them, but the steam closed the room further. It felt like they were touching, but they weren’t. Not quite. He had been too tired and distracted to think about picking up where they left off earlier that day—and it felt more like weeks before—but now it was very much on his mind. And maybe it was on Danny’s too.

“Can I see?” Danny asked, his fingers closing around Nicholas’ wrist.

He nodded, allowing Danny to lift his knuckles to eye level. The skin was slightly discolored and scraped, but all in all, the injury was minor. Minor enough that Nicholas didn’t forget the brief flare of satisfaction when he had made contact with the car.

“Do you think it needs ice?”
“No, no. It’ll be fine by morning.”

“I suppose so.”

Danny lowered his hand, but didn’t release him. They both took a shuffling step at the same time, and it could have been awkward, but Nicholas didn’t feel awkward. He just felt a little hollow, like some part of him needed to be filled. His anger, and sadness, had occupied that space earlier, but now even that had drained away. The only time the empty spots were less noticeable was when he was with Danny.

And maybe Danny felt the same about him, because this time he made the first move. His lips were light on Nicholas’ mouth, a brush of contact, a mere invitation. The only invitation Nicholas needed. He gripped Danny’s shoulders and deepened the caress. He craved the contact on a level that had been ignored for too long. It was easy to lose himself to his anger and frustration. Until that afternoon, he had no idea how close it all was to the surface.

It was ready to consume him, and for the first time, Nicholas was aware of the danger he was in.

But he seemed safe from that threat when Danny gently wiped the blood away from his knuckles, and when Danny helped him weed his garden, and when Danny allowed Nicholas to kiss him like there wasn’t a single reason they shouldn’t be that close.

Nicholas rested his hand on the back of Danny’s neck. The steam in the bathroom made his skin a little sticky, and the tips of his hair were a little damp against the back of Nicholas’ hand. He was also very warm to the touch. Every bit of him was unbelievably warm. His lips, his breath, his skin, his tongue. Nicholas moved his fingers to Danny’s throat as he continued to explore his mouth. He didn’t quite touch Danny’s pulse, but Nicholas could still feel it. It was racing. Almost as fast as Nicholas’ own heart.

“We shouldn’t stay here,” Nicholas breathed against Danny’s mouth. “It’s not very comfortable.”



Danny nodded. But Nicholas didn’t move, even though he had made the suggestion. Moving would require breaking the contact, which he wasn’t keen on. In fact, a part of him was a little afraid that if he stepped away from Danny now, something would happen—the phone would ring, Danny would get second thoughts, something.

Danny placed his hand flat on Nicholas’ chest and gently pushed him back. But he wasn’t pushing him away. He slid his hand from Nicholas’ chest to his shoulder, holding him as he opened the door. The touch was light, simple, but it was enough to make Nicholas follow him out of the small bathroom and into the equally small bedroom. The air was much cooler there, and his skin erupted in a rash of goose bumps. Each step he took loosened his towel further, until he was standing at the foot of the bed, and it was in serious danger of hitting the floor.

“I’m feeling a bit under-dressed,” Nicholas said, holding the towel closed. “Or you’re a bit over-dressed.”

A smile played on Danny’s mouth, and he pulled his jumper over his head. “How’s that?”

Nicholas barely heard the question. He was too distracted by the white bandage taped to Danny’s side. His chest and arms were also covered with small wounds. Shrapnel from the explosion. Some were pink, already scarred over. Some were still a little red. Some of them would fade with time. Some of them wouldn’t.

“Does it hurt?” Nicholas asked.

“No, it’s alright.”

Nicholas searched his face, looking for any sign of a lie, but Danny’s eyes were direct and sincere. Nicholas forgot about his towel, and the scars, and the bandage on Danny’s side, and closed the distance between them. Their mouths met like they had never parted, like the short break had been entirely imagined. With one major difference. Nicholas was pressed against Danny’s body, and the hair on his chest brushed against Nicholas’ skin.

Danny gently tugged the towel away, allowing it to drop to the floor at their feet. A chill raced through Nicholas’ body, but he wasn’t cold any more. How could he be? Danny’s warmth surrounded him, and Danny’s grip seemed to tighten with each second. They were clinging to each other before the kiss ended, and the kiss didn’t really end. It just shifted until they were both gasping for breath.

Nicholas teased Danny’s lips with his tongue, their mouths touching and breaking apart in a series of small kisses as Nicholas worked Danny’s belt free. His fingers were a little stiff, but he managed to unbuckle the belt and work Danny’s zipper down. Danny caught his breath when Nicholas brushed his fingers across his shaft through his pants. The sharp reaction sent a flurry of sparks down Nicholas’ spine. His cock, semi-erect until then, hardened completely.

Danny’s pants joined the towel on the floor. His breath was coming in short, sharp gasps, echoing Nicholas’. For a moment, Nicholas felt like he was stepping outside his own body. He could see himself, see Danny, see the entire room in perfect three-hundred-and-sixty degree clarity. The floor dipped beneath him, and the walls seemed to move. Nicholas tore his mouth away, resting his forehead on Danny’s shoulder until the moment of vertigo passed.

“Something wrong?”
Nicholas shook his head and straightened. “No, nothing. At all.”

Danny looked like he wanted to say something, but Nicholas captured his mouth before he could speak and pushed him back to the bed. Danny settled flat on his back, still clutching Nicholas, and Nicholas straddled him, his knees on either side of Danny’s thighs, trapping their cocks together against Nicholas’ stomach.

Nicholas tried to support as much of his weight on his knees and elbow as he could, but he still lifted his head and asked, “Is this okay?”

Danny nodded. “Don’t move.”

“I won’t,” Nicholas breathed, reaching between their bodies.

He wrapped his hand around their lengths and squeezed experimentally. He didn’t quite know what to do in this situation. If he had ever felt any sort of sexual attraction to another man, he had certainly never acted on it. Feeling Danny’s arousal against his was very alien, but not bad. He briefly wondered if Danny felt the same sort uncertainty or confusion about just what to do.

Nicholas began to move his wrist, sliding his shaft against Danny’s smooth skin. He could feel Danny’s pulse, and his own body throbbed in time. It had been awhile since Nicholas had been with anybody, and he was reminded of that more and more with each stroke. He didn’t want this to end too soon, but Danny was making it very difficult to keep himself under control. He kept making soft noises in the back of his throat, and his mouth was hungry, and he jerked his hips beneath Nicholas with each even stroke.

Danny covered Nicholas’ hand with his own, increasing the pressure, and forcing him to quicken the tempo. The fact that Danny obviously wanted this—needed this—as much as he did, more than anything else, led to Nicholas’ undoing. He could feel his control snapping, like a taut chord whipping and writhing through his body. It started at the balls of his feet and sparked through him. He deepened the kiss, pressing his mouth against Danny’s with so much force, he could feel the other man’s teeth cutting into his lips. But the prick of pain wasn’t enough to distract Nicholas.

Danny tensed first, his muscles pulling tight beneath Nicholas’ body. Their tongues dueled for a moment before Danny turned his head away, an odd, frantic moan escaping his throat. The first splash of warm liquid against Nicholas’ hand was enough to push him over the edge, and he came with Danny’s name on his lips.

He touched his forehead to Danny’s and took several deep breaths. Nicholas didn’t know if that was what he had been expecting, or even if that’s what he wanted, but he knew he didn’t regret it. He knew he didn’t want Danny to leave.

Nicholas carefully rolled away from Danny to his uninjured side.

“You might need to shower again,” Danny murmured.

“You, too.”

Danny brushed his hand over his stomach, then held his fingers up to the light, examining them for a second. “Yeah, I guess so.”

“Do you mind if we hold off on that for a little bit?” Nicholas asked. He had no desire to move. In fact, he just wanted to fit himself around Danny’s back and go to sleep like the night before. “I’ll get the towel.”

He felt around the floor with his foot until he found the towel. He hooked his toes beneath it and flipped it into the air and onto the bed.

“There, now you don’t have to move.”

Danny took it and dragged the towel across his stomach and groin. They didn’t speak again for a long time, lying side by side, shoulder to shoulder, thigh to thigh. Nicholas kept his eyes fixed on the ceiling, and eventually, his breathing and heartbeat returned to its resting pace.

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score \o/ i didn't know if it would be up before i had to go to work. they're probably wondering why i'm late every day this week. SORRY AM READIN' TEH PRONZ. over and over and over again. geeze. what can i say? i have prioreties.

and Christ is this hot. omfg. *Danny* is so hot in this i'm not even exactly sure how to convey... gooddamn. but the re-readng and re-reading will have to wait until later. just know that i am too incoherant to function right now so TEA and then on to the brainless job.

nearing the end! and omg we got laid! and YAY! and omg good in bed! and omg, no, i really really must resist the urge to reread this right fucking now. okay. seriously.

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kassrachel on July 7th, 2007 01:01 pm (UTC)

That was delicious.