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02 July 2007 @ 06:19 am
Fic Repost REVOLUTION!  
A while ago I began a fic called "Love Born of Murder" with my fic journal, moritainekai, which was subsequently beaten to death.


So, I'm reposting the old chapters for two reasons:
1.) They're necessary in understanding the sequel to "If Protocol Allows" (which will continue soon as well...)
2.) I've finally decided to finish it!

So here are chapters 1-3, along with the newly-minted Chapter 4! HUZZAH!

Chapter 1 - 1997
Chapter 2 - 1999
Chapter 3 - 2001

And now... *drum roll*

TITLE: Love Born of Murder (4/5)
PAIRING: Nicholas Angel/Met Sergeant
SUMMARY: The story of a relationship. This chapter occurs in 2003, with Nicholas, 31, learning how to be in "love" and Liam, 28, learning that the job's not all in the street. The story takes place over the ten-year span leading up to the events in "Hot Fuzz."
NOTES: I’ll always name Martin Freeman’s character Liam Nash. ALWAYS. It’s just my interpretation of his character. =3 Look for the nod to other writers' Deskjob mentions; I thought it necessary. I have never been to England, so pardon my stereotyping. I apologize if you don't like my characterizations. They will eat your characterications appropriately, as is their whim.

Chapter 4 - 2003
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