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24 June 2007 @ 01:19 pm
Hello dearies!  

Ok I've been hiding out here for a couple of day just reading and watching the videos. (lol cake flushing) and thought to my self, Self, you like slash, and you like hot fuzz you even like slashy Hot fuzz so why not join this place. and i was like me that was a great ideal, I know self. anyways i decided to write some danny and nick loven...but nothing hardcore...mostly Pg...to honor my coming to this fandom. Yes this is my first fanfic of this fandom but know the first one ever writen(yay harry potter) but the charaters might be off if thats the case i'm really sorry and i'll go hang my self staight away if you tell me to do so (well not really straght away after the 23rd/ 24th of july I need to read the last harry potter book and i also need to go to otakon <3!) anyand all help is welcomed(yay mental help!)

Title: Sometimes

Author: White Rabbit

Rating: PG

Summary: Sometimes things just happen.

Pairing : Nick/Danny


Sometimes Nicholas wonders why he decided to come back. If he was asked he would answer that it was his duty as an officer. However , when Danny smiled at him, for whatever reason, his chest would tighten and he quite liked that unknown feeling. So on some nights Nick would stay up far to late for his own good watching action movies. Sometimes his mind was focused on everything but the movie, how close Danny was, how their hands brush when the grab their beers, how Danny’s eyes look so wide with child like amazement. Sometimes his fingers twitched with the urge to touch the man next to him. Sometimes when Danny had fallen asleep before the end of the movie with his head resting on Nick’s shoulder, Nick would finally allow his hand to cress the other’s hair. Sometimes during these brief moments Nick would allow himself to know the real reason he stayed . But these moments of realization would be over as soon as Danny shifted, Nick would then stuff all the knowledge in to a safe in his mind and bury it. Only to come back to them when Danny was sound asleep on his shoulder again. Sometimes Nicholas Angel would wonder what would happen if he ever told his friend, he care for him, or that he was the only one to be able to pause his racing thoughts on one thing.

Sometimes Danny would wonder when Nicholas would leave him here and got back to London. Sometimes Danny just wanted to give Nicholas a reason to stay. He would run out of DVDs to keep Nick here sooner or later. And sometimes Danny would wonder what he would do then. Sometimes Nicholas would give him a soft smile when he would ask him if he was going back to London, then shake his head. This would give Danny hope that would last him a week or two before he would wonder back into Nick’s office and ask him again.

Sometimes Doris would sit back and watch the office. She would watch Danny go into Angel’s office gloomy and come back out sunny. This was a normal thing happening every two weeks. Sometimes Doris would sneak up to the door and listen in. But nothing ever changed Danny would ask the same question and Nicholas would answer it the same way. Sometimes when Danny walks in to the office she thinks back to that time when they really thought Nicholas did go back to London. Danny looked so crestfallen when his father had said that Nicholas had gone back to London. Sometimes Doris would think to tell Nicholas what had happen between the time he left and came back to Sandford. She would get to his door and was about to knock when someone would stop her or she would chicken out. When she finally worked out the courage she needed she walked right up to the door and opened it, slowly just in case Nicholas was in the middle of something. Sometimes she wonder what keep her from walking and clapping Danny on the back, and warning Nicholas that he better be good with Danny. She just figures that it might have been the way Danny was gripping Nicholas’ tie to pull him in, or the way that Nicholas had his hands in Danny’s hair that it was best to leave them alone. And sometimes she was glad that there where blinds on the office or the Andys would have a good time with this one. Sometimes she believed it was also good to win the office pool. She smiled and got ready to break the news that a few people would be a hundred pounds short this month.

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stelluci: Commentsstelluci on June 25th, 2007 02:52 am (UTC)
Well, you have a good premise. That is, the idea behind this fic is solid.
However, you really need to work on your punctuation and grammar. There are a lot of formatting errors, too; that last paragraph should probably be split into at least three separate ones.
If you want, I can do a full edit, but for now, it's probably something MS Word can help you with.

"THE" White Rabbitwhiterabbit0_0 on June 25th, 2007 03:16 pm (UTC)
Sorry about the late response..I had work last night and to day(around 1230), But it would be lovely if you could edit it mucho love..seeing as i have no beta and English is my worst subject(Alas i will not submit my boyfriend to editing my slash work seeing as he finds the whole thing absurd and i respect him for his views(despite the fact he bashes yaoi/slash fan girl every chance he gets) Also I only have works word processor. my laptop doesn't have word...and that is my down fall lol.