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14 June 2007 @ 10:33 am
Smut? Wut?  
I had a funny idea, made only stranger by the fact that this fic includes Christmas, and it just happens to be June. I haven't seen this OT3 yet, but this may start something. :3

TITLE: Happy Christmas
PAIRING: Nicholas/Danny/Liam (Sergeant Deskjob)
SUMMARY: Liam's last Christmas as a single man becomes a little something extra with the help of eggnog and Danny.
WARNING: Kissing, touching, general snoggery, mentions of Christmas in June, PWP, mention of future nuptials, which always puts a damper on things.
DISCLAIMER: All Hot Fuzz characters and places are property of Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, affiliated actors and personae.

Happy Christmas
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