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14 June 2007 @ 01:38 pm
Title: Sentimental Value
Rating: PG
Pairing: Ninny (Danny/Nicholas)
Disclaimer: Not mine, but is in fact the Holy Trinity's baby.
Summary: "Because he loves him soooo much..." Fluff factor (Am thinking of doing a sequel, what'd you think?)

Hot Fuzz and all its special features have consummed me lol! For never was there a story of such cuteness, than this of Nicholas and his Dannio!

Sentimental Value

“It’s comin’ along I suppose.”

Nicholas looked up as he placed a bowl of crisps on his coffee table, raising his eyebrows in question as Danny continued to browse through the bookshelves either side of Nicholas’s television.


Danny looked over his shoulder with a happy grin and raised his hand to show him what he was talking about.

“Your DVD collection, it’s comin’ along I said.”

“To be honest, a great deal of them are yours that you’ve left here by accident,” Nicholas said, grunting a little as he dropped back onto his sofa.

Danny fiddled with the DVD case in his hand idly before he stood and made his way over to Nicholas where he dropped down close to his friend, their thighs and knees pressed warmly together.

“Not this ‘un,” Danny said waving ‘Point Break’ around slightly, “I know my copy is still in me library, saw it there this mornin’…”

Nicholas watched as Danny paused for a moment looking slightly pensive and for the barest of moments the pressure of their legs pressed together increased, Danny nudging it closer before a small gap suddenly appeared between them.

“Do you not like my copy then?”

Nicholas quirked an eyebrow in confusion and he glanced at Danny’s forlorn expression.


“Do you not like my copy?” Danny said again this time looking over at Nicholas’s face, “Only, you didn’t need to go get a copy when you can watch it round mine anytime.”

Nicholas could feel his cheeks get warmer and quickly he looked away. He knew Danny was still watching him, waiting for an answer but if he was perfectly honest he hadn’t expected the younger man to find that particular DVD amongst the others slowly building up so soon, and he certainly hadn’t expected any questions about its reason for being. The great thing (or problem, depending on your point of view) with Danny was for all his innocence and supposed naivety he was more aware then he actually let on.

He hadn’t forgotten that it had saved his life once from a group of psychotic villagers.

Shaking his head slightly, Nicholas pulled himself back to the moment in hand, refusing to acknowledge the shiver that had run down his spine from his trip down memory lane.

He cleared his throat and slowly turned his face back towards Danny’s slightly saddened brown eyes before he took a deep breath.

“I haven’t actually watched it,” he said quietly and watched Danny’s expression turn curious, “I usually end up watching your copy anyway.”

“Then why buy it?”

Nicholas blushed some more and was pretty certain his ears were a lovely shade of red by now. He looked down to his hands that had curled into white-knuckled fists in his lap and resisted answering, then shook himself and resisted resisting because he’d promised Danny he’d be better at this.

He mumbled something quietly before flushing harder. He quickly darted his eyes to Danny’s still confused features then back to his hands.

“Eh? I missed that.”

Nicholas cleared his throat and deciding to bite the bullet he exhaled and faced Danny again meeting his eyes this time.

“Because it…was the first film we watched together.”

As embarrassing as admitting his reason for purchasing ‘Point Break’ had been it was more than made up for with the beaming smile that now covered Danny’s face. Danny even giggled slightly in that way he does making one side of Nicholas’s mouth twitch up happily.

“And I saw it in the petrol station I stopped in before I returned to, well, you know…” he said a little more confidently although he avoided naming ‘The Incident.’

“Made you think of me then?” Danny said and gone was the forlorn expression replaced by adoration as once again the gap between their legs was closed sending shivers of warmth up Nicholas’s thighs.


Danny giggled again and after looking at the DVD again he quickly got up (leaving Nicholas’s side uncomfortably cooler), removed the plastic wrapping and set about turning the telly on and setting up the DVD player. After a couple of minutes he quickly jumped back into place beside Nicholas (sides now pressed together so tightly that it wouldn’t be entirely out of place to drop one’s hand on top of the others, if Nicholas could just. do. it) and hit the play button on the remote.

“Let’s break it in then,” Danny said cheerfully and turned his head to look at Nicholas so that his chin rested on the older man’s shoulder. Nicholas turned his head slightly (Danny’s nose nudging his chin) and smiled.

“Sounds good partner.”

Grinning they then turned back to watch the screen. No one mentioned it when Nicholas’s hand dropped onto Danny’s fifteen minutes into the film.

Or when Danny’s hand turned palm up.


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Hippie Geek Girl: ED:TM - Do The Necronomicongypsyjr on June 15th, 2007 03:43 am (UTC)
It was soooo much fun. :) I was skeptical that anyone could fill Bruce Campbell's shoes, but Ryan Ward did an awesome job.