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09 June 2007 @ 03:38 am
it's been nearly a week since i've posted (not that anyone has missed me, what with all the great fic going on around here) and here i am... with more drabbles. *shock*

i want to thank everyone who commented on the last set. THANK YOU SO MUCH! i'm overwhelmed, really.

anyways, it's another small set. the first three don't really mesh with the last five, but they're the same sort of time line as the last set.

hmmm... no warnings, but the Andys like to talk in italics. and i tried to give Nicholas a bit of family background. i hope it makes sense. don't kill me, ok?

on with the show:

Title: Friends, Enemies, Lovers, Family, Strangers, Teammates, Parents, and Children
Author: ladyames
Series/Movie: Hot Fuzz
Disclaimer: I do not own nor make money from these characters. That honor belongs to several wealthy British men.
Pairing: Nicholas/Danny
Type: Drabbles
Notes: No warnings except minor cursing. Follow the link above to my fic journal short_of_words. Constructive Criticism welcome.

(crossposted to fregg_love)

now to beat my challenge fic into submission...
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