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09 June 2007 @ 12:38 am
Title: Opposites Attract (2/?)
Author: redderz
Pairing: Nick/Danny
Rating: PG-13 for sexual references.
A/N: A little bit of Nick/Danny here, hooray! Just to point out, I kind of left it open for your own minds to explore (that and everyone else’s sex scenes have been so awesome I feel inadequate. XD) but I like to think that they don’t do anything major at this point, as they’re just getting into their relationship. Wain/Angel soon, I promise.
Warnings: Kissing, and slight sexual reference.
Disclaimers: I own nothing, apart from the computer I used to write it. Hot Fuzz belongs to the Holy Trinity.
Length: 1,456 words
Parts: Part One

The following week was hectic, and Nicholas was starting to wonder how such a small, peaceful-looking village could harbor so many problems.

Monday for starters had begun with one hell of a hangover, and though that wasn’t the village’s fault as such, Nicholas decided that it was partly to blame for having such an inviting Public House.

Tuesday was full of paperwork, mostly over the Blower/Draper incident, though a couple who were arrested for indecent exposure in Sandford Park were also involved. Nick wouldn’t be forgetting that one in a hurry.

Wednesday was one of the quieter days in the week, though he had been coaxed out by Danny in the evening to have a few drinks again. It was nicer this time around, being just the two of them, with no interruptions aside from the much later distraction of George Merchant trying to electrocute himself by using the fruit machine as a urinal.

On Thursday morning, Nicholas had found himself awoken by the telephone, as well as the weight of Danny’s head on his shoulder. It had turned out that George Merchant’s rather large house had been obliterated during the night, along with Merchant himself. Bacon and beans were mentioned, which only made Nicholas feel even queasier.

Friday and Saturday held even more paperwork, that of which the Andys refused to have any part in. This in turn, stressed out Nicholas even more than he already was.


“Nicholas, its Sunday! A day of rest!”

Nicholas gripped his pen tighter as Danny stood over him, letting out a long, frustrated sigh. Danny was right - it was Sunday - but Nicholas had no time for rest. He was sat in the Police Station at his desk, pieces of paper covering so much of it that the actual wooden top was hidden beneath the white sheets.

“Constable Butterman, resting is not an option when there are matters such as these-” Angel jabbed at the paper in front of him with his pen, “-arising in Sandford.”

This time it was Danny’s turn to sigh, and the younger, rounder officer placed his hands on his hips. It was an obvious sign that Nick was stressed when he started using titles instead of first names.

“You’ve done everything you can! Besides, they were just accidents; it’s nothin’ to worry ab-”

Danny was cut off abruptly by Nicholas’ pen slamming down against the tabletop.


Danny’s eyes widened and stared at Nicholas in surprise and slight disappointment – after everything they’d shared over the past week, Nick was still treating him as though he had only just met him – like he was just a colleague, not a friend.
Nick noticed this look, and sighed once more, his face relaxing as he ran a hand across it.

“Danny, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap at you,” he murmured, rubbing his eyes with a groan, “Maybe a rest would help.”

The young Constable’s face brightened once more. “Great! I’ve got this brilliant new movie to show you!”


Five hours, eight beers, and three very intense action movies later (one of which consisted of no dialogue at all, just a heck of a lot of shooting), Nicholas and Danny found themselves resting happily against one another, like the night that Merchant’s house had blown up, only a little better.
Danny turned his head slightly to blink hazily at Nicholas, taking in his cropped blonde hair, the grey-blue eyes that for once showed no sign of a barrier, the sharp profile, and those lips… oh those lips. They were something that Danny had always held a fascination for, and he would find himself from time-to-time just watching them as Nick spoke, ate, or drank.
Nicholas’ head turned also as he felt Danny’s eyes studying him, though he only realized just how close his friend actually was when their noses were mere inches away from touching. Danny’s gaze shot back up to Nicholas’ eyes, then back down to his lips, watching as Nick’s tongue slid out to wet them nervously; an act that caused a soft shiver to ripple through Danny. They both held their breath, as if to not shatter the silence, and the slightly awkward moment lingered for a few more seconds until it was finally broken by Danny.

“Nick... I-”

For the second time that day, Nicholas cut-off Danny’s speech, only this time Danny wasn’t complaining as those soft lips he had admired suddenly met his own in a passionate, yet tender kiss, both of their eyes closing as roaming hands finally got to explore places that they’d been secretly lusting after for weeks.
Of course, Nicholas had tried to deny it at first, but right now, in this moment, everything just seemed perfect.
Quiet gasps escaped them both as Danny found himself pushed back to rest against the arm of his sofa, Nicholas now straddling Danny’s thighs with one hand gently gripping his tousled brown hair. Upon breaking the kiss, Nick’s lips soon found another place of interest – one which caused Danny to arch his neck in pleasure, and forced his hands to slide their way underneath Nick’s buttoned shirt to stroke over heated bare skin.

Shared noises of pleasure echoed softly through the small flat into the early hours of the morning, until all that was left to be heard was the quiet, steady breathing of two very contented ‘friends’.


Nicholas groaned as he stirred from sleep, not wanting to wake up from his incredible dream and end up back in the real world. He stretched slightly, only to feel a warm, hard body resting just next to him, and he opened one eye, instantly recognizing the larger form as Danny. Stifling a yawn, he stretched again, feeling his back click into place, a lot stiffer than usual. He glanced down at Danny again, who hadn’t moved at all, and wondered if he was still dreaming, fleeting memories of the night before starting to filter back into his mind.

“Danny, wake up...” Nick murmured quietly, finding that speaking any louder only proceeded to worsen the headache that was gradually forming in his temples – the result of the four beers.

“Mmhm, dun’ wanna...” came the muffled reply from Danny, his arm moving up to cover his eyes.

Nicholas pushed himself into a sitting position and gazed down at Danny for a second, before he pushed gently at the younger man, causing him to roll from the sofa to the floor with a bump and a groan.

“Ohh, you git...” Danny complained, but slowly and sleepily pushed himself to his feet, but not before stealing a kiss from Nicholas, murmuring, “Tea? Coffee?”

Nick contemplated for a second. “Coffee,” he managed a small smile despite his throbbing headache, glad that it was still quite early and they didn’t have to rush into work just yet. He rested back against the sofa for a minute as Danny left to make the drinks, wearing nothing but underwear, his shirt lying discarded on the carpet, before he decided to brave standing up, which was no easy feat when coupled with a killer hangover.

“Can I use your shower?” Nick asked, a hand moving to press fingers against his aching temple.

Danny poked his head back around the doorway from the kitchen and grinned cheekily, “Only if I can join.”
Nicholas flushed pink, but smiled also as he moved to pick up his shirt. “You know how much I’d like that… but I’m not sure how much showering would be involved.”
Danny mock-gasped, then turned back to the coffee, unable to stop grinning – he loved this new, relaxed side of Nicholas.

The rest of the morning was spent drinking coffee and nursing Nick’s headache; Danny had claimed that one kiss from him could ease any pain, and Nick could have sworn that he was right. Well, it was that or the coffee, but he preferred the first option.

It was soon half an hour before they had to leave for work, and Nicholas needed to go back to his room at the hotel to change his clothes. They shared a last tender kiss before Danny pulled open the door to his flat, letting Nicholas out into the late-morning sunshine.

“Right... see you in half an hour then, Constable?” Nicholas smiled secretly at Danny, and Danny nodded, trying hard to hold back his grin. “Yeah, see ya...”

Nicholas turned and headed out of the gate, back down towards the village, too wrapped up in his thoughts of Danny to notice the partially-hidden figure of Wainwright lingering on the opposite side of the road.

Andrew smirked to himself as he watched Nicholas through his sunglasses; now this would give everyone at the station something interesting to talk about...
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alouette_sparra: fluffalouette_sparra on June 8th, 2007 11:56 pm (UTC)
Oh God, Wainwright is a right bastard, ain't he?

I am really enjoying this and as much as I am a fan of sex scenes, I do enjoy leaving things to the imagination as well.

Nice to see this set during the movie as well. Makes for a thouroughly pleasant change of pace.
Nitesh: gumshoe is my heronitesh_update on June 8th, 2007 11:58 pm (UTC)

I am really looking forward to where this fic is going. :D
Hippie Geek Girl: HF - sofa snugglinggypsyjr on June 9th, 2007 12:02 am (UTC)
What is it with people and evil cliffhangers today?

This was really sweet, and I like that you've set it during the movie. Adds an interesting angle to things. I look forward to reading more.
(Deleted comment)
Little Sullen Girl: fucking jaffacakesavintageidea on June 9th, 2007 12:25 am (UTC)
OMG. I LOVE your icon!
Little Sullen Girl: Cafe au laitavintageidea on June 9th, 2007 12:24 am (UTC)
the cuteness of it all kills me :) I really can't wait for the next bit!
Excessive Kumquats: Life on Mars nightclubacidpenguin46 on June 9th, 2007 02:48 am (UTC)
Awww, that was so sweet. I can't wait until the next chapter :)
in some realities: Just The Two Of Us  (HF)ladyames on June 9th, 2007 04:55 am (UTC)
as somebody who can't write a sex scene to save her life, i think you did just wonderfully here. just the right amount of hot and sweet. so lovely.

can't wait for more.
prairiestar: nick heart dannyprairiestar on June 11th, 2007 03:09 am (UTC)
Wainwright! Nooooo! ::shakes fist threateningly::
This is freaking cute. I like that it's set during the movie. The "missing scenes" are lovely.