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08 June 2007 @ 06:01 am
There's something gnawing on me...  
'Allo again, all! Seeing as this has been well liked so far, and it's just been gnawing on my brain, I bring chapter 3. I also encourage reviews, even if it's just a one liner. I won't stop writing if you don't review, simply because I am rather fond of writing, but it is nice to know that people do read this. Well, aside from my friends list, that is. God, I sound like an attention whore, don't I?

Anyhow, without further build-up...

by Alouette Sparra

Author's Notes: Are with the story. They're a bit wordy.
Word Count: 1000.
Prompt: Where?

Behind Blue Eyes

Oh, and here are the other two chapters for those of you just finding this fic.

God Called In Sick Today- Chapitre Une
Doctor My Eyes- Chapitre Deux
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