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21 May 2007 @ 02:04 pm
fic: what do you call this sort of thing anyway? (2/?)  
Title: What Do You Call This Sort Of Thing Anyway? (2/?)
Authors: chibijelly & iamstillthemoon
Rating: this chapter - G!
Word Count: this chapter - 1,034.
Pairing: eventual Nicholas Angel/Martin Wilson.
Disclaimer: I own none of this. Well, except for maybe Martin's character... because you really don't have much to go off during the film...

Overall Summary: The "relationship" between one Nicholas Angel and one Martin Wilson started as a work partnership but developed into something far more confusing over time.

Notes: Part two of the epic. It took a while, but it's all gravy.

Previous Chapters:

Although the two officers were polar opposites personality-wise, Angel and Wilson each possessed qualities that were very complimentary when utilized together. Nicholas was adept at field work and proved to fare extremely well under pressure, his logical mind always jumping to the right conclusions when it came to on-the-spot problem solving. Martin, although almost as good at all the things Nicholas was capable of excelling at (but not quite), was very good when it came to desk work, skillfully tying up loose ends and completing paperwork that would have taken Nicholas nearly twice as long on his own. The two proved to work well together, in a strictly professional manner.

Before he knew it, Martin had been partners with Nicholas Angel for half a year, but yet he hardly knew a thing about him. He had heard things about Nicholas' rather secretive behavior, but all of the secrecy, quietness, and rudeness were starting to bother him. Aside from their first lunch meeting six months prior, Martin, being quite the social one, had tried time and time again to get his partner to talk about something other than police work, sign out at a reasonable hour at the end of the day, and even go down to the nearby pub when off-duty for nothing but a little drink and a little chat. No matter what he tried, none of Martin’s tactics seemed to work on him. At all.

Martin knew and was frequently reminded about Nicholas’ strict “No Fraternization” policies from the man himself, but he couldn’t help feel like he was missing out. More importantly, he couldn’t help but feel that Nicholas was missing out, since he spent most of his waking hours (and quite possibly his sleeping ones) wrapped up with his profession. The young constable wanted so desperately to know the man he had spent so long admiring from a distance, to get as close as he possibly could without stepping over the proverbial line he had set in his mind. Even more so, he wanted Nicholas to know him and appreciate him and maybe even show him that he was something more than just a dumb, dense rookie. After all, shouldn’t partners connect on more levels than one in order to work together at their fullest potential?

Although his previous attempts had been shot down without a second thought, Martin wasn’t going to let the older man break his streak of confidence.

Until the one day he just couldn’t keep his thoughts to himself any longer. He slipped while finishing up the work day’s papers at headquarters.

"This isn't healthy," Martin muttered under his breath as he paced, dropping a file folder of papers he had been rifling through onto the table right next to his partner. Nicholas flinched slightly, glaring daggers up at the younger man as he dropped his pen onto a small pile of manila folders. He hated his work to be interrupted, Martin knew this. But sometimes it was the only way to get his attention. Other than screaming, “MURDER!” at the top of one’s lungs, of course.

“Of course it isn’t healthy,” Nicholas replied, keeping his cool. He picked up the pen and started tapping it impatiently. “It’s a double homicide.”

“I’m not talking about the case, Nicholas,” Martin replied flatly, sitting back down in the chair across from him. He stared intently.

“Well then what are you going on about? I’d like to get out of here before twenty-two hundred tonight.”

"I’m obviously going on about you. You aren't healthy."

Nicholas stared back, his mouth open as if he had just been stupefied. He took a moment to put his pen down and lick his lips. "Humor me," he finally said to the younger officer, folding his hands in front of him. Martin could hear knuckles crack.

But he wasn’t going to back down from his tirade. He finally had Nicholas’ attention, and he was going to get his point across.

"Look. All you do, day-in and day-out, is breathe this job, Nicholas. I can understand wanting to do the best to your ability, but this is a tad bit ridiculous, don’t you think? When was the last time you had a decent meal? A decent sleep? Time to yourself? When was the la--"

"And just how much do you think I can do to my ability, Constable Wilson?” Nicholas’ hands were on the desk, ready to push him up into a defensive standing position at a moment’s notice. “I do believe it’s none of your business."

"I told you. Call me Martin. And of course it’s my business—I’m your partner."

“While on duty. That’s it.”

“I’m just concerned about you, is all.”

“Perhaps you should be more concerned about yourself and your own performance, Constable. Duty first, family second, self third. Remember that.” Nicholas stared up at the younger man’s face for a few moments before shaking his head and muttering to himself under his breath. Slouching back into his chair with a sigh, he went back to his paperwork.

Although it didn’t go quite as well as he had originally hoped, that conversation counted as progress in Martin's mind. Just a bit.

Sighing softly, he stood up from his seat and pushed the chair in toward the desk. Pulling his pile of completed work close to him, he glanced over at Nicholas. Then he drummed his fingers against the top folder for a moment, carefully considering his next words.

“Well, if you don’t mind, I’m done with my share. I’ll be signing out for the evening.”

Even though that was against his personal protocol, Nicholas didn’t bother to look up. He merely replied to the younger man with a small, quiet noise of agreement.

Martin, expecting something more than that response, shot Nicholas a look of disdain. “You better not be here past ten, Angel,” he muttered, shoving his folders under his arm and leaving the room, remembering to pull his jacket off the back of his chair as he went. He made sure to shut the door with a sharp slam, one that no doubt sent Nicholas’ pen skittering across the desk and caused curses to spill from his mouth.
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alouette_sparra: loadingalouette_sparra on May 22nd, 2007 04:14 am (UTC)
Gah... I laughed so hard at "Of course it isn't healthy, it's a double homicide" that my soda went up my nose. Brilliant line there. Thank you, slightly dense, highly work focused Nicholas for being so "unintentionally" funny.

Bweh heh heh. Evil Martin, evil I say. Slamming doors, leaving 'early', riling up Nicholas. Continue! Continue I say!
sammiface!: hot fuzz | sergeant deskjob.chibijelly on May 22nd, 2007 04:18 am (UTC)
And I just laughed so hard I spit my soda out reading that your soda went up your nose after reading that line. LOLOL. I didn't even think it was funny when I wrote it... but I am greatly mistaken!!

Martin's just getting huffy. He likes attention. Especially from his man!crush.

Don't worry. The next chapter is being worked on. I have the Word document open in the background as I type this.

moritainekai on May 22nd, 2007 05:13 am (UTC)

Martin is so cute! And worried!Martin is love. He's trying so hard to stir Nicholas up.

I hope he gets him. ;)
sammiface!: hot fuzz | cheeky monkey.chibijelly on May 22nd, 2007 01:26 pm (UTC)
Oh, just you wait. The drama has barely started.