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20 May 2007 @ 03:20 am
Being the Jack of All Trades that I attempt to be, I come bearing fanfic. After much debate, I had to use the OTP icon as opposed to my Pointless Fluff icon. Consider yourselves warned on both counts.

Oh, and for the interested, I will definitely be doing a MWF schedule for the comic. Otherwise I go insane.

by Alouette Sparra

Disclaimer: I do not own Hot Fuzz. I do not own Nicholas Angel (regrettably). I do not own Danny, nor Janine, nor Nicholas' peace lily. I merely write this for my own entertainment, and because I need a break from working on my comic script, and because I am ambitious enough to tackle a webcomic and 100 fanfic all at once. I really enjoy screwing myself over.
Rating: Um, I'm gonna make this roughly PG-13 or so because of one use of the f-bomb. Although it's a really appropriate use.
Pairing: Eh heh... see icon. Yes, I have an extremely odd OTP. Get over it.
Author's Notes: Well, I am doing the whole fanfic100 deal. And I do love my odd OTP. And I had to write something... May the characterisation not be too off. And if you're really curious about the name of the fic, you are welcome to bother me.

   If you ever asked him (and he bothered to answer), he wouldn't be able to tell you when he first became interested in plants. It's just one of those things that are constant in his life, like the desire to be a police officer, and the desire to be good at what he does. He just happens to be very fond of plants.

    He supposes it has something to do with how much his mother loved plants. She always had some sort of flower or vine or something green and living no matter what. Any sort of plant, she'd grow it, or at least try. She especially loved lilies, and here he becomes thankful that he was not a girl, because then his name would have been Lily or something like that. Lily Angel? A bit ridiculous sounding. Actually, he didn't quite escape that idea. May the Andys never get ahold of his personnel file.

    Speaking of lilies...

    "I really am sorry about that... At least your roots didn't break..."

    He supposed it did seem a bit crazy that he was talking to his lily as he re-potted it. If not crazy then certainly silly and a bit unbecoming of a police officer, but there really wasn't anyone else to talk to right now. Danny was still in the hospital, and rather comatose thanks to the miracles of modern medicine. If anything, Danny probably had more drugs in his veins than blood, or at least more than Nicholas had cleared off the streets of London in... oh, he'd guess about a month or two, he really wasn't sure. After all, he had never actually kept tally like some of his fellows back in London had accused him of.

    "Hrrrmmmm.... hold still, will you? There, done."

    He brushed the dirt from his hands back into the pot. His lily was a little bit worse for the wear, but at least it was still alive, and would most likely stay that way.

    Where did that thought come from? It was particularly morbid, especially for him. Admittedly, he was extremely worried about Danny. None of the doctors were very willing to part with much information, and whilst to some people no news might be good news, Nicholas preferred to take it as that the news was so bad that they didn't want to tell him for some ungodly reason. It really wasn't like Nicholas to have nervous breakdowns or anything. Part of the reason he kept a peace lily, even though he had never had much time to care for plants. It kept him sane. Not that he'd ever admit that, except maybe to Danny. He wasn't sure why he could trust Danny with something like that; after all, they barely knew each other. Their friendship had really only just begun when everything with the N.W.A. went down.

    Maybe it was just the sort of person Danny was. Maybe it was because Danny hadn't laughed at the notion of a "tough city cop" like Nicholas liking plants. Well, aside from the joke about Janine and him breaking up because he was doing it with a plant. Really, the mechanics of that... No, that was a bad train of thought, very bad. The kind that should have been derailed before it even left the station. He just knew he was going to have some fucked up dreams for a while about that one.

    He hoped Danny was all right, because he had never really had a friend before, and he wanted to see where this would go. Still, he was immensely glad that his lily was relatively unharmed. So what if Janine had been right about him loving his plant more than her? She really had been a bit of a cold fish anyways, he thought. Besides which, plants were very easy to understand, and didn't particularly care if you missed dinner every now and then. Well, actually, not this lily. She was rather particular about getting her plant food on time, but was more forgiving than any of his ex-girlfriends had been.

    He smiled slightly, leaning his right arm on the table he had been working at. Somewhere in the hotel, a clock chimed the hour. One bell. One in the morning. Funny how it didn't seem so late. Nicholas yawned, resting his head in the crook of his elbow. Well, maybe it did seem late, he thought sleepily, as he idly stroked the glossy leaves of his lily. A new pot for her, a new life in Sandford for him, and all this in the spring.

    <<It's been three years, I really ought to name her...>>
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