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19 May 2007 @ 04:09 am
so... tired of me yet? ^__^

anyways, here are the fruits of inspiration that come from seeing Hot Fuzz again:

Title:Saves the Day
Series/Movie:Hot Fuzz
Disclaimer:Not for profit.
Rating:PG13ish again. More swearing and slash and gropage.
Notes:Another fic that can stand on it’s own, but takes place in the ‘little Hot Fuzz universe’ in my head between Impatient and Notebook Figures. I’m not too happy with Impatient, but I think I like this one a little better (for now at least). And another lame title. -_- Thanks again for all the comments and encouragement. I truly appreciate it. :D One more to go… hopefully. Constructive Criticism always welcome.
Found here at my fic journal short_of_words.

(Crossposted to short_of_words and fregg_love)
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