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03 November 2007 @ 02:53 pm
Coming (Part Three - End!)  
Title: Coming (Part Three of Three)
Fandom: Hot Fuzz
Character/s: NA/DB
Word Count: 8,000 (in three parts; part three 2,100)
Rating: NC-17 + fetish
Summary: Nicholas gets married, but he always has Danny…

Part One
Part Two

Warning: No, there is no bestiality or golden showers here. But there is a form of body fetish that might bother you, if you are not a pervert like me. It’s pretty mild in my opinion, but people get weird when it comes to cum. You have been warned now, eh?

Coming, Part Three

Nicholas called out from work. Everyone sat in the office, stunned, and looked at Danny, expecting him to at least know what was going on. He shrugged, just as confused as they were. Later he called Nicholas on his cell phone but did not get an answer. Everyone was worried, no one more so than Danny, but he did not want to intrude on Nicholas. So they waited. Nicholas never tried to reach Danny at all.

The next day Nicholas walked into the office looking destroyed. His expression and his manner brooked no interference or prying and everyone stayed tied to their desks in near-terror. Later in the morning Danny finally walked into Nicholas’ office and closed the door.

“What is going on?” He stood in front of Nicholas’ desk with his hands on his hips. That this was about Rachel, he did not doubt, but what could elicit this kind of reaction from Nicholas stumped him.

“I cannot talk to you about it.” Nicholas sat formally in his chair, looking at the paperwork on his desk which he obviously had not been working on.

“I’m your best mate. Your partner. Who else you going to talk to?”

“Not you.” Nicholas was starting to get angry, which only confused Danny more.

“Nicholas! What is wrong?” Danny leaned forward and put his hands on the desk.

Nicholas sprang backwards and stood up, furious, and red with rage. “GET OUT!”

Stunned, Danny nearly fell backwards. Nicholas did not back down or apologize, just stood there blazing with his finger pointed at the door. Danny turned and walked out. It was clear from the fact that no one looked at him that everyone heard Nicholas yelling. This turned the mood to a deep melancholy and no work got done at all. Late in the afternoon, Doris and Danny huddled with Walker, reading the paper, just trying to find any excuse not to talk about Nicholas, when Rachel walked in. She marched through the room and into Nicholas’ office without knocking and slammed the door behind her.

“We know wot the problem is,” Doris said, wrinkling her nose.

“Wife.” Walker nodded wisely.

In less than thirty minutes Rachel walked out. By now the Andes were lurking outside their office and Tony was conspicuously doing nothing at his desk, trying to find an excuse not to go to lunch on his lunch hour. They all stared, unashamed, at Rachel as she passed through them. When she got to the door, she paused, then turned and walked back to where Danny was leaning against Doris’ desk. The look on her face was pure, unfettered hatred, but Danny did not have time to prepare before she hauled off and slapped him in the face so hard he stumbled to the side. He held his cheek in shock and no one moved. She raised her hand to do it again, and Danny was not going to stop her – she was his cousin and a woman and he would not do anything to stop her – when Andrew’s hand wrapped around her wrist like a vice. The Andes stood next to her, towering over her, reeking of menace and displeasure.

“I think it’s time you moved on, Mrs. Angel.” Andrew said calmly as he lowered her arm and began pushing her towards the door. She fought him off and tried staring him down as the Andes formed a solid wall between her and Danny.

“Fuck off. All of you.” She spat and walked out.

They all looked at each other and then, slowly, turned around. Nicholas was standing in the doorway, frozen, his face an expression of despair. Danny realized that he had watched the whole thing, and not done anything to stop Rachel’s attack. Nicholas looked at him briefly then stepped back into his office and closed the door.

That was when Danny understood exactly what was wrong.

“Wot the fuck that bitch on about?” Andrew looked at Danny. Danny rubbed his cheek but did not answer for a while.

“Andrew, you mind watchin’ the door?” Danny asked.

The Andes shrugged and went to guard the front door.

“No. Not that door. That one.” Danny pointed at Nicholas’ office.

“Oooohhhh….” They said it as one and marched over. Andy pulled up a chair and set himself right in front of the door as Andrew leaned against the door frame. Thus established, they nodded at Danny. Nicholas was not getting a chance to leave unattended.


Nicholas sat at his desk, his head lowered into his arms, the divorce papers sitting in front of him. Rachel pulled no punches and wrote out in those papers that her reason for requesting a divorce was because her husband was having an affair with a man. She did not name Danny but Nicholas knew that anyone who read those papers would figure out exactly who she was referring to. He destroyed his life by playing with fire, and destroyed Rachel’s with one name called out in one brief moment of passion. The basis for this divorce could get him investigated on his job, and treated as an outcast pariah in the village, and destroy his friendship with Danny. And whatever else he had with Danny, he could not fool himself about it anymore: he was in love with him.

He did not blame Danny, and he was not mad at Danny, but right now Danny represented every mistake Nicholas made, from marrying Rachel to sex in the barn to just saying the wrong damn name.

He heard the Andes talking right outside his door, and looked up, wondering what was going on.


The door opened and Nicholas tried to walk out but ran into Andy’s head. He stopped and looked down at Andy, who spun the chair he was on around to look up at Nicholas. Andrew stood up and stepped in and between the two of them blocked the door completely. Nicholas just stared at them in surprise.

“Going somewhere, Angle?” Andrew asked.

“Yes, I am leaving. I think that is obvious.”

“No, it isn’t obvious, is it, Andrew? Because I don’t think Angle is goin’ anywherrrrrre.” Andy smirked.

Nicholas just stared at them and Danny watched the exchange from his own desk. Nicholas saw him staring and looked back at him, then turned around and walked to his desk.

“Thanks, guys.” Danny got up and walked through the Andes into the office. They stayed for a second until Danny glared at them, and then retreated all of three feet. Danny knew they would not really listen in, but he decided to remember to keep his voice down anyway. He did not trust Doris anywhere near as much.

Nicholas was leaning against the edge of his desk. Danny walked up and sniffed as he folded his arms.

“I’m sorry I yelled at you.” Nicholas said it mechanically, looking at the floor.


They stood, not looking at each other, for a at least a minute or more.

“Rachel knows, does she?” Danny asked quietly, and Nicholas nodded. “You tell ‘er?” Danny lowered his hands to his hips and finally looked at Nicholas. He kept his tone from being accusing or loud.

“No. Not…I did not tell her in so many words.” Nicholas grimaced and kept his gaze lowered. Danny stepped in so they could speak in whispers.

“Nicholas, what ‘appened? You aren’t acting right. And Rachel slapped me!” Danny shook his head in amazement.

“Danny…I’ve been lying to you.”

Danny jerked his head back, confused. Lying to Rachel, yes, he knew Nicholas was doing that. Lying to him?

Nicholas shook his head and Danny recognized that he was pulling himself together, somehow. Organizing his thoughts as if he were getting ready to talk about a case. When he finally started talking, his voice was just as low and quiet as Danny’s, but sounded detached and clinical.

“Our sex life has not been optimal. Adequate, maybe. I still have problems; I cannot make love to Rachel just as she is. It is unfair to her but that’s how I am.”

“So you can’t do it with her? Or you can?” Danny squinted, utterly confused by Nicholas’ less-than-clear description of the problem.

“I do. But not really with her…I can only, erm, ‘perform’ when…when I think of you.” Nicholas finally looked up, straight into Danny’s eyes. “We were having sex when I called out your name.”

Danny gasped unintentionally, and then tried not to laugh. It was funny, in a horrible way, and while he could tell that it rattled Nicholas and certainly destroyed his marriage, it was still very damn funny.

Nicholas watched him try not to laugh and almost smiled himself. “I’m so damn stupid, Danny.”

Danny could not answer that. He shook his head, warding off the giggles, then looked up and spoke in a normal voice. “You just need a few lagers and good movie. Come on.”


Danny took him to his flat and set him down on the couch with a lager while he went into the kitchen to pull enough snacks out of the cabinets to call a meal. Part of Nicholas’ mind was relieved to be in a safe place, away from Rachel’s rage and hurt; the other part of him was getting horny. He slugged the beer.

When Danny sat down Nicholas told him about Rachel’s reaction to the whole situation, which was to accuse him of having an affair with Danny and lying to her about it. Which, of course, was exactly what was going on. He admitted it, she had a massive melt down, and they spent the next day ripping each other apart piece by piece emotionally. Rachel won: she demanded a divorce and he agreed. Now the very thing he was desperately trying to avoid for the last year crashed down on him and he did not see any way out of it other than transferring back the Met in London or, possibly, throwing himself off the top of the church tower.

Danny clucked. “She’s always been strong headed.”

“Danny, I was cheating on her. With you. One does not need to be a strong-headed person to object to your spouse having an affair. I would think it is the reasonable, and common, reaction.”

“Just a bit of fun. Boys do it all the time.”

Nicholas just looked at him, thinking that there were a lot more differences between country boys and city boys then he ever realized before.

“And calling out your name when I climaxed?”

Danny giggled at the word. “Well, Nick, that was just stupid.”

“I agree with you there.”

“Is it true? That you couldn’t do it with her without thinkin’ of me?” Danny asked, leaning over, his curiosity simple and genuine.


Danny whistled. “So is that bad, then?”

Nicholas looked at him in surprise. “I would think that you might be happy about it.”

“I dunno.” Danny sat back on the couch, pondering the idea.

Nicholas played with the edge of the beer can, embarrassed to ask the next question, but desperate to know. “Do you…do you ever think of me?”

“When I get off?”

Nicholas coughed. “Yes.”

“Sure, all the time. Thought you’d know that.”

“Should I?”

“Nicholas. Don’t be daft. I love you.” Danny stopped after he said it, as if it were self evident.

“I love you to, Danny.” Nicholas said it quietly and calmly, looking at his beer.

“Glad we understand that now. So why is Rachel so upset?”

Nicholas looked up at him in shock. “Danny!”


“We’re sitting in your house declaring our love for each other after having carried on an affair for nearly six months! What on earth could Rachel NOT be upset about?”

“I don’t know! Because you lied to her?”

“Among other things! Danny, how absurd can you be? I’m cheating on my wife! Of course she wants a divorce!” Nicholas grimaced and leaned back, closing his eyes. Danny was silent for a while, letting Nicholas collect his thoughts. “She said that if I was ‘like that’ then I should not have married her.”

“Well you ain’t ‘like that’, are you?” Danny sat with his hands on his knees, looking confused.

“Danny, we are two men who share intense sexual experiences and just admitted that we love each other. I cannot imagine a better definition of ‘like that’ than that.”

“Oh sure, that. But it’s not as if we’re getting married, you know.” Danny looked over at him and read something in Nicholas’ expression that stopped him. He put down his beer. “Nicholas, when you said you love me, did you mean…just love, as in we’re blokes who love each other? Or do you mean for real?”

He stared at Danny in confusion. “I don’t think I understand the difference.”

“Well, you know, blokes can be partners and love each other and, you know, get on each other every now and again without being ‘in love.’ Right?” Danny shrugged.

Nicholas put down his beer and moved off the couch to sit on his knees between Danny’s legs, resting his hands on the outer thighs. “I fucking love you, Danny. I want you, I want to be with you, and I’ve completely ruined my life for you. What more in the name of god do you want from me?” As he spoke he felt as if a large weight was being lifted from his heart, as if these were the perfect words to say and the words he should have said a long time ago. Danny just stared at him, dumbfounded.

Nicholas growled in frustration and stood up. He undid his belt and his pants and let them drop and pulled down his underwear, revealing a quickly-growing erection. He climbed up over Danny, propping his feet on the couch and pushing his knees into Danny’s shoulders, and as Danny instinctively leaned back Nicholas reached down with one hand to grab the back of the couch and with the other started getting himself off, right in front of Danny’s face. He felt Danny’s hands wrap around his thighs but Danny did not move otherwise. He just watched as Nicholas twitched and moaned under his own touch and as Nicholas felt his orgasm taking over his nerves and muscles he looked down at Danny.


Danny just nodded.

“I’m coming…for you….” He spoke fast, breathing even faster, as he pumped his cock and his hips fucked the air in front of Danny’s eyes. Danny watched and did not blink when Nicholas finally pushed himself and came, calling out Danny’s name and exploding his cum all over him. Nicholas gasped and fell to his knees on Danny’s lap, then ran a finger over Danny’s wet cheek and into his willing mouth. “That’s me, Danny. That’s us.”


Rachel eventually agreed to rewrite the divorce papers to make the cause more ambiguous. She did not ask for money or anything much more than what she took going into the marriage, and left for the job in London before the divorce was even finalized.

Everyone in Sandford knew the truth of it, though, which caused a few permanent rifts with family members close to Rachel. Nicholas kept trying to mend those despite Danny’s advice to the contrary, but he eventually realized that the animosity was not going away for another generation at least, so gave up.

One year later, after much discussion and late night planning, they moved in together. They called each other ‘roommates’ but again, everyone in Sandford knew the truth of it, and those who disapproved simply sniffed and spread rumors about how ‘queer’ those two were.

Late one night, long after they had finished the move and unpacked boxes and set up their own house, they were making love in a familiar and comfortable fashion. It was a simple grinding session, with Nicholas on top, and experience taught them that it was a good way for them to both come roughly at the same time, something Nicholas enjoyed a lot. Nicholas was tolerant of Danny’s ‘special needs’ and so Danny paid back in kind, participating in something like this that was very, very far from what Danny always, passionately desired.

Danny came first, squeezing Nicholas’ arms and crying out softly, more like a groan, as his cum seeped out between them and served as lubricant to Nicholas’ earnest and incomplete efforts. He followed quickly though, calling out Danny’s name as his hips bucked into Danny, smearing his own cum into the mix of Danny and sweat. After a couple of seconds of composure, Nicholas sat back on his heels and looked down at their glossy, wet spent cocks in confusion.

“You alright, Nicholas?” Danny asked, folding his hands behind his head and raising his eyebrows. He was used to Nicholas’ perplexed reaction to his own orgasms, and he thought it was rather adorable, in truth.

“Yes…I…but Danny...”

“Yeah, Nick?”

“We aren’t done.”

Danny barely had time to react before Nicholas was laying on top of him again, but turned around, his head in Danny’s lap, lips and tongue roaming over skin covered in their mingled sweat and cum. Danny groaned, turned on so hard and so fast that he was dizzy, and he pulled in air as he adjusted Nicholas over his face, licking and sucking at his cock, his balls, and his inner thighs, learning for the first time just how perfectly they tasted together.

Danny realized then that yes, he had to start calling himself a bender now, because he was madly ‘in love’ with Nicholas Angel, the man who was in love with him.

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Ixalpha_orionis_v on November 3rd, 2007 08:09 pm (UTC)
Ohh, nice! I really like how this all came together.
(Deleted comment)
Ixalpha_orionis_v on November 3rd, 2007 10:28 pm (UTC)
ha ha. Good one, Beavis :P
zombie survivalist: deliriously happybeccavox on November 5th, 2007 12:19 am (UTC)
All's well that ends well. oh, should I apologize to Shakespeare for referencing him after this story? Hell, no, I won't. He should have written more slash.

And the Andes! I love your Andes in this one! Andrew telling Mrs. Angel to leave! Priceless.

lacking in glitter: subtexttawg on November 5th, 2007 07:09 am (UTC)
After that conversation in Danny's living room, I am madly and platonically in love with him. I mean, seriously. How can anyone resist that befuddled charm?

Also, in my head, the day after the lounge room Nicholas walks into the station, looks around, sighs and says: "Alright. Who hasn't read the divorce papers left on my desk? Anyone?"

Ahh, the adorable, sticky, semen-fueled love.