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02 November 2007 @ 09:25 pm
Coming (Part Two)  
Title: Coming (Part Two of Three)
Fandom: Hot Fuzz
Character/s: NA/DB
Word Count: 8,000 (in three parts; part two 2,100)
Rating: NC-17 + fetish
Summary: Nicholas gets married, but he always has Danny…

Part One

Warning: No, there is no bestiality or golden showers here. But there is a form of body fetish that might bother you, if you are not a pervert like me. It’s pretty mild in my opinion, but people get weird when it comes to cum. You have been warned now, eh?

Coming, Part Two

Nicholas shied off that week’s movie night, and Danny let him, understanding something of the discomfort he might be feeling. The second week, as they walked out of the station, Danny was not about to back down.

“It’s a movie, Nicholas. We done this lots.”

“I just have some things I need to do around the house…Rachel, you know…”

Danny tapped his arm so that he stopped and looked at him. “The barn’s the barn, Nick. It ain’t my flat. Nothin’ goin’ to happen.”

Nicholas looked unreasonably relieved. “Okay, then.”

They watched Bad Boys II again and had a few beers and relaxed. When the movie ended Nicholas sighed. “This is good, Danny. Thanks.”

“How’s…things?” Danny asked, figuring he needed to approach that topic at some point.

“What? Oh…great, actually.”


“You…erm…worked.” Nicholas smiled sheepishly and then laughed. Danny smiled and tried not to think too much of the lean, relaxed body stretched out next to him or the man who inhabited that body. He promised sanctuary and he never wanted Nicholas to feel uncomfortable here.


“Yeah, Nick?” Danny tried to sound relaxed and leaned back too. When he looked over his heart started beating so hard he thought he was going to faint. There was no mistaking that look, in any man: desire, need, pressure. Danny reached out and placed his hand on Nicholas’ leg, and as Nicholas rolled his head back and sighed at the touch, he ran his fingers up his inner thigh. He stopped there for a second, and then pulled away. Nicholas looked over at him, surprised, and hurt.

“You got Rachel, Nick. It’s not right for us to do any more than we done.” Danny was breaking his own heart, but he was in many ways an old-fashioned country boy, and he knew what he said was true.

Nicholas looked utterly ashamed at the rebuke, and made to get up and leave quickly. Danny jumped up and stopped him. “No, no, that’s not it, Nicholas. Just…we’re friends, yeah? Sit down.” Danny did not wait for Nicholas to do it himself and pushed him back into the couch. As Nicholas bounced a bit on landing, he looked up at Danny, surprised again, and confused.

Serpico.” Danny smiled and pulled the DVD case off the coffee table, where he stashed it earlier. “Rachel won’t mind you getting’ ‘ome a bit late every once in a while.”

Nicholas’ shoulders relaxed and he gave Danny a sheepish grin. They stayed up late, as they had always done before, and fell asleep resting against each other’s shoulders before the credits ran.


It was a run over to Northwest Wapping for supplies. They could buy most everything in Sandford or just order what they wanted online and have it shipped, except that Nicholas took some kind of pleasure in driving all the way over to the small city and shopping for exactly the kind of file folders he wanted. He loved office supply stores and could spend half the day in one, comparing pens or tabbed separators or printer labels, and most everyone in the department learned very quickly to let him go by himself or risk slow death by office supply torture. This time, Nicholas was not about to let that happen and stopped by Danny’s flat early that morning to pick him up.

“Ugh, Nick, I’m on schedule today!” Danny glared at him through the half-opened door.

“I switched you out with Doris. She did not mind, apparently she had not, er, quite been to bed yet so decided to take the early shift and go home after lunch.” Nicholas chirped happily, oblivious to Danny falling asleep in the doorway. Danny was bustled into his clothes and a cup of coffee and soon they were on the road.

They talked about work and few other things, and the day went by quickly except for the three hours Danny spent sitting in a display office chair while Nicholas bounced around the store, trying to debate with the clerks about the performance value of gel ink roller ball pens.

Nonetheless, despite a good show, Nicholas wanted Danny along for a reason. Danny noticed over the past week or two that there was a tension building in Nicholas, and he expected that ‘things’ were not working with Rachel again – he overheard a few heated discussions Nicholas had with her on the phone at work. He both dreaded and hoped that Nicholas would need Danny to ‘work’ on him; it was wrong, morally, to do anything with someone who was married and Danny toed that line. Up to a point. But since their afternoon in the barn a few months ago, Danny’s fantasy life had ratcheted up to the point that the taste of Nicholas was his obsession.

As they headed back towards Sandford in the afternoon, Nicholas took a slight detour and Danny knew where they were going, and he figured out why. Nicholas parked beside a small, picturesque pond and in the early afternoon light the water glistened beautifully.

“Nice. Always liked Kelly’s Pond.” Danny sighed, leaning the seat back and folding his hands on his chest.

“I should have known that you knew this place.”

“Sure. Mr. Dyer’s farm is just that’away.” Danny pointed, and the look on Nicholas’ face told him that he did not know what he was talking about. As usual. It seemed to Danny that Nicholas had some kind of mental block about getting the map of the district properly in his head.

“So things with Rachel bad again?”

Nicholas looked surprised at the question. “That? No. No, we’ve been…well, it’s been satisfactory for both parties, I believe.”

Danny was surprised, and in one small, shameful way, disappointed, but he rallied himself. “Then what, Nicholas? You seem distracted.”

“I am.”

“You an’ Rachel been fightin’, though.”

“That…yes. But that has to do with her job.”

“Her job?” Danny squinted, wondering what Nicholas could object to about accounting.

“She’s been offered a position with a prominent accounting firm in London. Very lucrative, and quite a step up. I told her that I’m not leaving Sanford.” Nicholas spoke as he looked out over the pond.

“Cousin Rachel? Move to London? Aunt Peggie ‘ould have a fit.” Danny whistled, and Nicholas laughed.

“My marriage is cracking up on the shoreline of London and you’re worried about your Aunt Peggie?”

“Oh, yeahhhh,” said Danny, meaning it very sincerely.

“Who is Aunt Peggie, Danny?”

“You ain’t never met my Aunt Peggie? Oooo…lucky.” Danny whistled again.

“Is she really an aunt or just another relative you call an aunt?”

Danny squinted. “Not sure, actually.”

Nicholas laughed again. “Aunt Peggie and I agree on this matter, at least.”

They sat in silence again for a while. Danny was not worried about Rachel and London; Nicholas said he was not going, and so he was not going. Danny trusted him in that. But even so, something was still wrapped up in Nicholas’ mind, bothering him. Danny exhausted his options of what the problem could be, so he finally reached out and tapped Nicholas’ temple.

“What you got goin’ on in that melon of yours?”

Nicholas turned in the seat so he was sitting almost sideways and looked at Danny, worried, and tired. He reached out and placed his hand on Danny’s shoulder, but it was not the touch of a friend or a partner; his thumb moved in languid circles and soon he was rubbing the upper part of Danny’s arm, feeling him, exploring. Danny was too conflicted to say anything, because what he should say was the opposite of what he wanted to do.

“I think about it. Us. Sometimes when I’m with her, I think of you. I know somehow that is wrong but I cannot stop. I know this is wrong but I don’t want to stop. I’m not confused, just…conflicted? But I need this.”


“You.” Nicholas pulled himself into Danny’s lap and began kissing him.

It was nearly a replay of their time in the barn, although in these cramped quarters they managed to pull open and down their pants to the point of easy access. Danny played his game on Nicholas, more confidently this time without fear of rejection, and held on tight as Nicholas gasped and groaned on top of him.

“Oh fuck…yes…fuck! Danny!” Nicholas came, nearly wrenching himself out of Danny’s grip before falling against him, panting. Danny cupped his hand over the top of Nicholas’ cock in order to catch every drop of him. He brought up his hand again with a quick worried glance at Nicholas, who was just resting on him, glowing, watching. Danny smelled and reached out his tongue to taste when he felt Nicholas move.

“Aren’t you going…like last time?” Nicholas raised his head, genuinely confused, and Danny nearly died on the spot. No one ever asked him, no one ever allowed him, it was always something he had to take and never twice. He reached his hand out and smeared Nicholas’ jaw, chin, and lips, and as he moved in to kiss that face, that beautiful face, he felt Nicholas hand drop down to his own cock and start stroking. Danny was overcome by the turn on, the hard-core passion he had for this act, and for Nicholas, and he nearly attacked him with his mouth.

At some point he felt Nicholas wipe his hand over the top of his cock and pinch the head. Danny gasped and pulled away as Nicholas pulled back himself. Nicholas drew his hand up and inspected his fingers, and Danny realized they were coated in a small amount of pre-come…his own. Nicholas brought the fingers closer to his face and smelled, and Danny groaned, moving his free hand to start stroking himself, incapable of holding anything back. Nicholas glanced a look at Danny then back to his fingers, and then hesitantly, delicately like a cat, licked.

Danny felt his body explode from every direction.


Their hook-ups were irregular, and timed to what Nicholas wanted. Danny wanted him every day and twice at night, which was obviously not possible, but he at least got him every few weeks. It was always hand jobs, although Danny indirectly offered to go down on him. Nicholas shook his head and said that he liked things as they were.

Nicholas also insisted that his sex life with Rachel was great, never better, and there the conversation ended. That Nicholas was cheating on her with another man, and that Danny was playing fuck buddy to a someone who was married, they did not discuss at all.


Nicholas did not feel particularly guilty. His life with Rachel was nearly two years old now and he was simply not happy. She was a fine woman and not cold or mean. They argued about her standing offer to go to London but he knew that she was not going without him. She was old-fashioned in many ways, very devoted to her marriage and to her role as wife and would simply not take any action that might lead to a divorce.

But to him, she was like nice furniture. A part of his life that was obviously important but not something he felt a great emotional attachment too. He realized that he never was actually in love with her – at least he could say that much about Janine, in retrospect – but rather in love with the idea of what she represented: a good life, in Sandford, with a family, near Danny. Now, though, he had no way to fix it. He could not think of any truly suitable reason to divorce her, and go through all that trauma, to lose what, from an objective point of view, was working out just fine. There was always what he was doing with Danny, but he managed to simply dismiss that as some kind of ‘uncommon’ stress release. That it was sex instead of a game of tennis was a point he refused to think about, as well as the fact that his feelings for Danny were ten times more intense than any emotion he ever shared with Rachel.

His married sex life continued alright now but mostly due to Nicholas’ intense fantasies about Danny. When he felt his erection lagging at inopportune moments he imagined the look on Danny’s face as he tasted Nicholas, and the charge from that simple idea would send him directly down the path to an orgasm. It was the same way that night, and they were far enough along into it that he felt comfortable coming. He was inside of her, on top, her legs wrapped around his waist as he methodically pushed into her. Her eyes were closed and she had come earlier once already so he picked up his pace and began an earnest pounding with his hips. Still, he felt his brain slip and he knew what was going to happen if he did not think of something, anything, to make himself come. So he did. He rounded his back to force himself further into her, gasping, imagining, and soon he tipped over that edge.

“Yes…ohgod…yes! Danny!

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the girl in the pj's!: hot fuzz | policemen | officersanesthezea on November 3rd, 2007 01:50 am (UTC)
oh noes! an evil cliffhanger! ack! this is going very well, looking forward to more, as always! :)
Ix: This ain't goodalpha_orionis_v on November 3rd, 2007 02:11 am (UTC)
Ohhh, man! This can't possibly end well!
lacking in glitter: subtexttawg on November 3rd, 2007 03:01 am (UTC)
He loved office supply stores and could spend half the day in one, comparing pens or tabbed separators or printer labels, and most everyone in the department learned very quickly to let him go by himself or risk slow death by office supply torture.
That is just... it's like Nicholas and I are the same person.

“Yes…ohgod…yes! Danny!”
That line? Right there? I headdesked. And Nicholas, I think you may have just given Rachel her own reason to divorce.

And also, that creepy come stuff? It's all kinds of hot when you write it. That bit in the car, with Nicholas licking his hand... *hawt*.
Ixalpha_orionis_v on November 3rd, 2007 04:30 am (UTC)
Yeah. My husband waits in the car when I go into office supply stores lol
lacking in glitter: subtexttawg on November 3rd, 2007 05:09 am (UTC)
I once went in to buy a packet of highlighters, and came out having spent over $200.
Ixalpha_orionis_v on November 3rd, 2007 05:23 am (UTC)
hahaha! I did something very similar yesterday. Walked next door for a pencil sharpener, came back with $50 worth of stuff lol
lacking in glitter: subtexttawg on November 3rd, 2007 05:56 am (UTC)
mikes_grrl on November 3rd, 2007 01:27 pm (UTC)
I am a pen whore. No one will go with me into an office supply store except my brother, who is just like me, or my husband, who is bigger and can carry me out whenever he likes. ;-}
neek_love: OT3neek_love on November 3rd, 2007 03:55 am (UTC)
Ohno Ohno Ohno Ohno Ohno!
Nick, you eeeeeediot!
I alwasy get so intensely invovled in your stories!
zombie survivalistbeccavox on November 5th, 2007 12:08 am (UTC)
okay, three things:

1) the office supply store thing scared me because I, too, share this habit that only annoys all my family and friends.

2) the warning was wrong. i thought i might find this a bit squicky. but damn, it's hot.


3) what the hell, Nicholas!!!!!!!!!?????????!!!!!!!!???????? thank goodness I'm behind in reading so I can go directly to part 3.