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02 November 2007 @ 06:45 am
Coming (Part One)  
Title: Coming (Part One of Three)
Fandom: Hot Fuzz
Character/s: NA/DB
Word Count: 8,000 (in three parts; part one 3,600)
Rating: NC-17 + fetish
Summary: Nicholas gets married, but he always has Danny…

NOTES: You know me and my reversals. Response and Responsibilities was where Nicholas stood by while Danny got married and started a family; this is the reverse. Danny has to watch as Nicholas tries to do the same and...well, read the story. However I could not bear another chick flick story (ghods, the weeping!!!) so this time it is going in a far, farrrr different direction. Think: Fetish.

Warning: No, there is no bestiality or golden showers here. But there is a form of body fetish that might bother you, if you are not a pervert like me. It’s pretty mild in my opinion, but people get weird when it comes to cum. You have been warned now, eh?


Danny knew Rachel Harris very well. She was a cousin of his, a few years older and pretty in a crisp, sophisticated kind of way. An accountant and a marathoner, she was smart and in shape and no one was surprised when she and Nicholas started dating. In fact, it could be said that Danny set them up. He certainly did not mean to, but it is hard to ignore family when they walk into the pub and sit down next to you and start complaining about their shared Aunt Margaret’s impending, and universally dreaded, holiday party. Danny was begging Nicholas to be assigned to work late, very late, as late as humanly possible the night of the party, and Rachel began lecturing Danny on family responsibilities and duty. Anyone watching could see the light go on in Nicholas’ eyes.

It was serious from the start. There was no possible way it could not be, with those two committed, dedicated individuals who approached everything in their lives with thoughtfulness and precision. Nicholas forgave her strict Anglicanism, and she forgave Nicholas’ being from London, and in every other aspect appeared perfectly matched. Everyone who knew Nicholas thought he was damn lucky to land her, and everyone who knew Rachel also thought he was damn lucky to land her. Some people, such as Danny, even thought that she was damn lucky to land him.

“She’s like Janine, only with a sense of humor. And being here, in Sandford…Danny, I just can’t tell you how pleased I am.” Nicholas sat on Danny’s couch talking blissfully over the movie and annoying the piss out of Danny. “Especially with you here. You know you are going to be our best man.”

Danny foundered. “You asked her already?”

“What? No. No, I don’t think I have. Need to do that…we’ve been talking about it of course but women like those romantic moments they can write about in their diaries.” Nicholas nodded thoughtfully. “Probably at dinner. Chez Francois, you think?” It was the only French restaurant within 20 kilometers.

“If you like that kind of food.” Danny sniffed.

Nicholas laughed. “Can you see me down on my knees, Danny?”

Danny most certainly could, and looked carefully as his beer, trying to think of something else entirely.

“Wait, I think it is down on one knee. Perhaps I should ask Doris…” Nicholas’ thoughts trailed off, oblivious to Danny’s blush. He kept on nattering about the wedding and Danny kept drinking, hoping that this night would end soon. His life too, for that matter.

It was not that Danny thought he was gay. Daniel Butterman was not a bender, despite what the Andes always said. No, he just happened to like blokes every now and again. No harm there, even the bulls in the herds sometimes got on each other. His feelings for Nicholas ran deeper than a quick grope in the back of a barn, though, and if he ever decided he was actually a bender, it was going to be because of Nicholas Angel.

Not that there was a hope in hell of that now he was helping Nicholas plan his wedding.

The wedding itself, of course, went off without a hitch. The bride planned everything to the last detail and never broke a sweat while the groom stayed the hell out the way. Danny went to the Andes in a panic about the bachelor party, who took it over to everlasting infamy. Doris was not invited but showed up anyway, proving to have some untapped talent at pole dancing, and Tony ended up in the village square fountain without his trousers. The Andes, it was rumored, were planning a Mediterranean vacation based on the take they got blackmailing various attendees with the photos from the party.

The honeymoon was in France for two weeks. When they got back, Rachel moved into the cottage with Nicholas, and promptly redecorated it top to bottom. Nicholas shrugged, telling Danny that it was nice not to have to worry about it himself. As the months went on, Nicholas seemed less happy about his life, as far as Danny could tell, but it was just a feeling and Nicholas always chirped, when asked, that the marriage was outstanding and the best thing ever to happen to him.

They agreed to one movie night a week. Rachel did not mind, as any good village wife would not, and when Nicholas was sitting there next to him Danny could almost pretend that everything was exactly the same as it used to be. Nicholas never talked about Rachel on movie night which suited Danny just fine.

One night, though, Nicholas was definitely ‘in a mood’ and Danny was beginning to feel more like his wife than anything. Finally he stopped the movie.

“Wot the matter with you?”

Nicholas looked startled. “Nothing.”

“You’re lyin’. Don’t expect me not to know.” Danny smiled, laughing at the absurdity of Nicholas trying to pull one over on him.

Nicholas shook his head. “Small stuff, Danny. Just things that bother me…”

“Can’t stop thinkin’?” Danny grinned at the old joke, but Nicholas did not.


Danny cocked his head. “Ey, Nicholas, what’s the matter, then?”

“I’m not sure...”

“If you don’t know, no one will. Korrr, Nick, you got to know what is making yourself upset.” Danny shrugged, confused, took a swig of his beer and then stopped dead at the look on Nicholas face. It was absolutely unreadable; Danny had never seen anything like it before. Nicholas was staring at him, silent. His entire body language was odd, and everything about him looked cold. Danny stared back in horror. “Nicholas…?”

At the sound of his name, something clicked, and his body collapsed out of the tense pose, as Nicholas lowered his face into his hands. He was not crying, and in fact looked more like he was hiding. Danny could not, would not accept that from his best friend, and grabbed his shirt, pulling him over into a trademark Butterman bear hug, much as his own father once did for him when he was a confused young man. There was nothing sexual in it for Danny, as much as he might have expected there to have been, and he just calmly and quietly held on to Nicholas, rubbing his back. Nicholas pushed his face into Danny’s chest, rubbing his skin over Danny’s shirt, and Danny really had no damn idea what was going on, but he did not release him or question him or push him, and he was very surprised to discover that Nicholas fell asleep that way, buried in his arms, looking for all the world like a blissful child in the hold of someone they love and trust.


In that instant, when Danny asked him what was bothering him, Nicholas at long last knew what was bothering him: Danny. The self realization shocked him to his core and he thought he was going to die of asphyxiation there on the couch. He always understood that his love for Rachel, whatever love there was, did not compare to the companionability and the dedication he felt towards Danny. What he did not expect to discover was his desire for her to paled next to Danny as well. He collapsed into Danny’s arms, completely at a loss as to what the hell he was supposed to do next with his life.


Several weeks later they were out doing a follow up call at a small homestead in a very rural part of the area. It was officially their day off, but Danny promised Tony to do it as a favor in return for covering over his being late to work twice in one week. He did not explain it quite that way to Nicholas, stating only that he just wanted some company on the trip. Nicholas pointed out that they should technically sign in, but Danny shrugged and won that argument. They rolled out and found the family much recovered from the domestic disturbance of the week before and plying the ‘fine off’sirs’ with tea and homemade pie.

“This is a pretty area.” Nicholas commented as they drove off.

“Yeah. ‘Ey, we’re not on the clock, yeah?”

“No. Just doing a favor for Tony for no particular reason, according to you.”

Danny nodded, straining to look ahead. “Turn ‘ere.” He pointed, and Nicholas did. After ten minutes of rough road, they came up to a harvest barn, used once or twice a year only, and right now lying as fallow as the fields around it. Danny knew it well; most boys in the area did. He was actually surprised and relieved that they did not drive up into some teenaged rutting session, as it would be hard to explain to Nicholas about the ways of country boys who were not much allowed to get on with girls without supervision. No one felt that boys needed chaperones when they went off into the fields together, and just as well. Danny had many fond memories of this particular barn loft.

It was a very old barn and picturesque, though, which was why he brought Nicholas to it. He knew Nicholas appreciated the older buildings and would value the inherent beauty and charm of this spot. It was something worth sharing, and Danny felt pleased with himself when Nicholas jumped out of the car to go exploring.

“How old is this barn, Danny?” He asked, hands on hips, staring up at it.

“Old, s’pose. A few hundred years, I dunno. This is Charlie Lewis’ farm, here, been in the family for generations.”

“It’s exceptional.” Nicholas took off and ran inside, leaving Danny standing outside with his hands deep in his warm jacket. He knew the inside well enough not to feel pressured to follow and figured he would just wait for Nicholas to come back out.


Danny looked up, surprised.

Nicholas was sitting up at the barn loft door frame, legs hanging out, perched like a teenager.

“This is wonderful, Danny!”

“Nicholas, get down. It’s a barn.”

“Yes but the view! You really need to come up here.”

“Nicholas, I been up there. Plenty.” He felt himself blush and he coughed. “Er, you get used to barns growin’ up around here.”

“Are you okay?” Nicholas looked down on him, worried.

“…Just a bit warm from all the running around….er, get down, Nicholas.”

“You won’t come up here and sit with me?” Nicholas sounded ridiculously hurt and Danny was left speechless at the childishness of the exchange. Nicholas looked up at the view again. “I suppose not. I just…am not in a hurry to go home.” Nicholas voice dropped by degrees.

Danny took off his heavy jacket and marched into the barn. The climb up the ladder was familiar and he was soon sitting a little ways back from the ledge. “Not a big fan of heights, Nick.” He said, peering out.

“I never knew that.”

“We didn’t get to climbing up much walking the beat, did we?”

“No, we didn’t. Here, I’ll move back.” Nicholas drew his legs up and scooted back to sit next to Danny.

“Why you don’t want to go home, Nicholas?”

Nicholas shook his head. “Problems. Married problems, I suppose. Rather private, Danny, I don’t feel we should talk about it.”

Danny shrugged. “We can if you want to.”

They sat in silence, watching the scenery, and as the time passed Nicholas gently leaned over and rested against Danny’s shoulder. It was not too different than the way they sat on the couch, but the manner of Nicholas’ mood and the darkening atmosphere around them as the sun set changed everything.

“Nick, what’s wrong?” Danny nearly whispered, and remained still. Nicholas turned to rest his forehead on Danny’s arm.

“We just…it’s hard to talk about, Danny. It is very personal.”

Danny did not know what to say. Nicholas did not sound emotionally wound up or anything that Danny would know how to deal with; he was quiet and confusing and closed.

“It’s so…odd. You are closer to me than Rachel is in so many ways, and yet I cannot even talk to you about this.”

“S’okay, Nicholas. Whatever you need.”

Nicholas sat up, surprised. “What?

“Whatever you need, Nicholas. I’m your partner, remember? You can count on me.”

Nicholas nodded absently but the look on his face was so pained, so grief stricken, that Danny instinctively just wrapped his arm around his shoulders. Nicholas leaned in again and pressed his face into Danny’s chest, quietly. He was not crying and Danny was sure that he was thinking too much but they sat there together for what felt like hours as the sun went down.

Danny did not really think about what he did next, and it was probably due to the many assignations that he had in that very spot as a teenager that it seemed so natural to him. He turned into Nicholas, forcing him to look up, and then leaned them slowly backwards together as he rest a gentle and loving kiss on Nicholas’ lips, settling himself just over his friend. He brought his other hand over and ran it up and down Nick’s neck and chest, and he felt Nicholas responding to the kiss, drawing him in, opening his mouth and gasping at Danny’s touches.

This was familiar to Danny. The only way he ever seduced anyone was by surprise, and he was good at keeping the momentum going, to keep his conquest from thinking twice about what was going on. He kissed passionately, teasingly, and it drew Nicholas into the experience and they made out as if they always did this, it was just that natural. Slowly Danny moved his hand down and he felt Nicholas’ stomach flutter at the touch, but he kept going, and at the crucial point where the top of Nicholas’ pants began, he shoved Nicholas’ face to the side with his chin and kissed his ear deeply as he slid his hand down underneath the fabric. It was an old trick for him, but it always worked. Nicholas gasped for air at the dual attack and was unable to determine how to resist and so, simply, did not.

Danny rubbed Nicholas’ erection slowly at first. They were still kissing and Nicholas’ hands were running over and around his shoulders and arms. Danny traced his kiss back along Nicholas’ jaw and to his lips, hearing Nicholas saying something.

“Oh god, oh god, it’s been so long…” Nicholas sighed and rolled his hips, pushing his hard-on into Danny’s hand. Danny picked up the pace of his strokes, waiting for what he wanted as Nicholas kept talking through the arousal. “I can’t do this with her, Danny…I can’t…”

“Shhh, Nick. Don’t talk about that right now.” Danny tried to quiet him, but as always, even now, it was nearly impossible to get Nicholas to shut down.

“Why? Here? I can’t do this…” Nicholas was sounding desperate and scared, and his hands grabbed at Danny’s shirt. Danny purposefully started jacking him off harder, just to get him to shut up, and it worked. He kissed Nicholas’ neck as he felt his friend start to roll into something larger, and his motions became natural and fluid and his cries more urgent. Finally Nicholas threw his arms out to his side to try and push himself up but Danny leaned harder into him and watched as Nicholas grimaced and growled and came into Danny’s hand. Nicholas collapsed and shook in relief, sweating, and laughing. Danny milked his cock and caused him to suck in a searing breath of surprise, then carefully drew his hand out of Nicholas’ pants.

He saw Nicholas watching him with glazed and contented eyes, and Danny knew what was next. He knew what he wanted and he was going to do it, so he forced his free arm under Nicholas and drew him close to him in a tight, unforgiving embrace. He brought up his hand covered in Nicholas cum and smelled it, the scent of Nicholas on him.

“Danny!” Nicholas nearly giggled in surprise, but Danny ignored him. It was always like this, when it happened. No one understood and he simply had to take what he wanted, every time. He brought the hand to his mouth and delicately licked the fluid that was congealing on his skin. He felt Nicholas recoil in his clutch, but Danny did not let him go.

“Danny, stop!” The disgust was clear in Nicholas’ voice, and Danny looked at him. He was still flushed from his orgasm, still soft and beautiful and open, even as he tried to react to what he saw Danny doing. Danny would never do what he did next to anyone but Nicholas, and he knew it, and it turned him on. He dropped the hand to Nicholas’ face and smeared his mouth with his own semen.

“Jesus Christ!” Nicholas lurched forward but Danny could not stop. He rolled right onto Nicholas and plastered his mouth on his skin, sucking the taste of Nicholas off his own face, and it was explosive for Danny. He was practically eating Nicholas’ face, searching for every last taste of him, as he straddled him. He reached his other hand down into his own pants and started on himself as he continued to move between Nicholas’ face and the hand he used on him, trying to capture every flavor that Nicholas had. Nicholas stopped squirming at some point, but Danny was past that as he gasped and panted and desperately licked and sucked. He came with his own fingers in his mouth as his face slid against Nicholas’ cheek, both covered in the wet slime of Danny’s saliva.

He finally looked at Nicholas with lucid eyes again a moment later. He would not apologize. Long ago he learned that no one appreciated or understood what turned him on and he simply accepted that rejection as part of the whole process. But Nicholas was not angry or disgusted or pushing him off. He simply looked back at him in surprise.

“I never…thought that.” Nicholas said simply. Danny dropped his head onto Nicholas’ shoulder.

“Don’ mean to upset you with it. Jus’ the way I am, Nicholas.”

“It was surprising.”

Danny snorted and rolled off of Nicholas, sitting up. Both of his hands were officially ‘dirty’ but there was not much to be done about it. He smiled; it had been a long time since he carried it anywhere near that far. “You feel better now?”

Nicholas sat up, and blinked into the dark, inky night outside the barn. “Yes.”

“Good. Let’s get back into town.”

Nicholas looked at him in surprise. “You act like this is normal.”

Danny laughed. “I know this barn real well, Nick. A lot of boys do, ‘round here.”

Nicholas’ jaw dropped as he finally understood that he was simply parked at lover’s lane. Danny laughed.

“Ehyyy, Nick. What ‘appens here stays here, yeah?” Danny got up and carefully climbed down the ladder. He washed his hands in a nearby water pump while Nicholas trailed silently after him.

As they settled into the car, Nicholas put his hands on the steering wheel but did not start the motor.


“Yeah, Nick?” Danny reached up without thinking and brushed a hand over Nicholas’ cheek. Nicholas closed his eyes.

“I can’t do that with Rachel. I…I’ve been impotent almost since we got back from the honeymoon. It’s driving us both mad. I’ve been to doctors and…pills…nothing really works for long.”

“Don’t seem like you got much of a problem to me.” Danny trailed fingers over Nicholas’ mouth. If he had his way, they would go back to his flat right now and do everything all over, only without clothes or stale hay.

“God you’re turning me on again.”

“Okay, then.” Danny smiled.

“No, Danny. This can’t be right for me. I do love Rachel, I really do…”

Danny pulled his hand back. “I dunno, Nick. Everything works, yeah? And you taste great.”

Nicholas snorted and started laughing so hard he shed tears. Danny punched him in the shoulder and they finally drove back into town.


That night Rachel greeted him as he walked in the door to go over the mail. As she dropped pieces onto the foyer table, explaining each in turn, Nicholas thought about the fact that he never cleaned his face off from Danny's explorations. He reached out and grabbed her skirt and pulled her into him. Surprised, she smiled, and he remembered why he married her.

It was the first sex they had shared in over ten months, and it was fantastic.

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neek_loveneek_love on November 2nd, 2007 12:36 pm (UTC)
Brilliant! I feel imensely sorry for Rachel, but who can be upset for long in the face of Nick/Danny lovin'? :)
Can't wait for more!
Rhea: the man who would be fuzzsaturn_shumba on November 2nd, 2007 01:00 pm (UTC)
What a nice way to kick off the day. :)

I figured I should say something a little more, ah, constructive than ♥ ♥, but....♥ ♥ ♥. See? Did three hearts that time...

Okay, but seriously, I think it's amazing how you can switch back and forth between Danny and Angel playing closeted/open (I didn't know how else to put it). It never seems implausible when one of them is playing the more openly sexual one than the other in your stories--that's a pretty rare trait to find and I think it's nifty.

Oh, what the hell, I'm gonna add more hearts ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
zombie survivalistbeccavox on November 4th, 2007 11:53 pm (UTC)
I'm lovin' this one, too, and I second raya's comment about the closeted/open switches. You're good at it.

I have written a few 'mary sue' stories for my best friend that involve the Andes, and she encouraged me to write myself one with Nicholas. I tried, but it never would work. And last night over dinner she said, "Maybe the stories don't work because Nicholas is in love with Danny and it can't be any other way." I think that's it. And poor Rachel. She didn't get that memo.

And, by the way, your warning for this story made me laugh hard. Real hard.
mikes_grrl on November 5th, 2007 03:25 am (UTC)
That's how the whole Ring Cycle got started, was that that I wanted a woman for Nicholas, but yah, he's first and foremost in love with Danny. NOW look what happend there...lol!

I'd love to see a 'mary sue' story with the Andes, because my first reaction to that idea is "WTF?" Ha! Very curious. If you are ever inclined to share....

And thank you for the complement, again! Thanksthanksthanks!!!