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01 November 2007 @ 08:07 pm
Mountain Climbing (Part Three - the End!)  
Well the editing for this is done, done, done so no reason to keep sitting on it until tomorrow. I've got two off-Cycle stories and the next chapter in the Cycle ("In the Heart of the Mountains") in final edits. You will be seeing a lot of me this week...

Title: Mountain Climbing, Part Three of Three
Fandom: Hot Fuzz
Character/s, Part Two: NA/AC, NA/AW
Word Count for Part THree: 2,600
Rating for Part Three: NC-17+ (hardcore, people!)
Summary for Part Three: Nicholas fucks around, fucks up, and gets fucked.

(Latest chapter in the Ring Cycle)
Part One
Part Two

Mountain Climbing, Part Three

When Nicholas returned, small things were different, but much did not change. The differences were subtle: touches, glances, aggressive little plays caught in passing. Andy saw and understood and was not sure if he liked it or not, but it felt like the natural progression of things so he did not fight it.

Late one night, or early morning perhaps, when all three of them were arranged as always in bed with Andy in the middle, Angel got him off. It was a simple hand job and Nicholas was very good at that, and he pressed down on Andy’s chest as his other hand moved quickly. Andy felt Nicholas’ own hard on against his leg but he was caught up in the feeling of being pushed down by Nicholas, held in place, and forced to come whether he wanted to or not. In fact he came faster than he would have liked, but it was still marvelous, and he purred as Nicholas reached up afterwards and kissed him…and then Nicholas gasped, loudly, surprised. They turned as one to see Andrew wide awake, propped up on his elbow, his other hand running along Nicholas’ back.

Andrew wrapped that hand around Nicholas’ upper arm and pulled him right over Andy to him, lying back as he did so, and drew Nicholas into a deep kiss. Spent, Andy just watched as Andrew took the same hand that Nicholas just used on Andy and moved it down his body to his own cock. Nicholas froze.

“Andrew, stop.”

“No.” He pushed on the hand.

Nicholas was still fighting it, even as he lost the words to do so, probably worried that Andrew was taking it too far or something responsible and mature like that. Andy rolled to lay against Nicholas’ back so that he was pressed firmly in between the two men. He leaned up to whisper in Nicholas ear.

“For fuck’s sake, Nick, give him what he wants.”

Nicholas’ head twitched to the side but his arm relaxed and his hand settled over Andrew’s dick in slow, practiced motions. As he did, Andy reached around him to feel Nicholas’ erection, and pushed the tip of Nicholas’ cock against Andrew’s leg. Both men gasped at the sensations and Andy began kissing Nicholas’ back as he stroked. Nicholas worked on Andrew as Andy worked on him until both men came, Nicholas thrown across Andrew’s torso and gasping for air with Andy on his back, trying to hold on and finish him off, while Andrew bucked and moaned beneath them in Nicholas’ firm and frantic grip. They all collapsed and Andrew wrapped his arms around both men. No one moved to clean up or adjust, and in the morning Andy just tore the sheets off the bed for the laundry.


Andy sat in bed, angry, twisting sheets in his hands, Nicholas sitting across from him, worried. Andy kicked Andrew out, which was odd and confusing to them, but now Nicholas understood why.

“It should really be Andrew. Not me. If you have to do this.”

Andy rolled his eyes. “He’s a fucking virgin at that, ‘kay? He won’t know what the fuck he’s doing.” Andy looked dead serious, and Nicholas tried not to laugh. The phrase ‘Andrew Wainwright is a virgin’ was not one he ever thought to hear in his lifetime.

“I think it is a bad idea.”

“That your pansy way of sayin’ ‘no’?”


Andy kept twisting the sheets.

“You’re scarred down there; Andy, there is no way you can do this without a lot of pain and blood. And I will not do that to you. Frankly, I don’t think Andrew would either, virgin or not. Even if you think you can handle it mentally, your body is just…damaged.” Nicholas felt terrible, saying that and saying ‘no’ but it was true. He laid a hand gently on Andy’s knee and Andy exploded.

Nicholas felt himself falling backwards off the bed from the force of the blow and rolled up in shock to move his legs just in time before the dresser fell on them. Andrew was through the door in the next second as Andy ripped the mirror off the wall to throw at both of them, and they turned to scramble out of the room just as it shattered into a thousand painful pieces. They were barefoot but turned again and ran right over the glass back into the room, charging in together as if it was a major drug bust, tackling Andy as he pushed the bed over, yelling. He was kicking and he managed to grab the drawer out of the nightstand, and the contents of it went flying as he battered Andrew with it while Nicholas tried to get a hold around him. They all fell over and Nicholas’ back hit the edge of the overturned dresser and he screamed in pain which only sent Andy lurching forward out of his grip. Andrew was still down too but managed to grab his legs and yelled at Nicholas to get the fuck up and help.

Andy changed directions and crawled right over Nicholas, dragging Andrew, as he made for the door through the ruins of the bedroom. The floor lamp and both Andrew and Nicholas suffered considerable damage before they managed to manhandle Andy down, Nicholas pinning his arms behind him while Andrew fought his legs. Andy was yelling for his life, and not about to calm down for anyone or anything.

“What the fuck did you do?” Andrew yelled at Nicholas over Andy.

“Oh shut up you stupid prick I didn’t do anything!” Nicholas screamed back, in a lot of pain and dragged along the floor by Andy’s desperate attempts to escape them.


“Later!” Nicholas pushed forward to roll Andy face down and finally, on his belly with two men on top of him, Andy’s crazed fit began to ebb out of him.

“You mind…telling me…WHAT THE FUCK YOU DID?” Andrew yelled, pushing down on Andy.

“Christ, Andrew, he just went off!” Nicholas maneuvered his hands to better hold Andy’s squirming arms.

“Get off me.” Andy said furiously, gasping, still angry, still unbalanced.

“NO.” Andrew and Nicholas answered together.

“Fuck me!” It was not a curse, it was a request, and it was desperate.

Andrew just stared in shock but Nicholas shook his head, then realized that Andy could not see him. “No, Andy.”

“Do it!”


“Damnfuck!” Andy gasped and drove his face into the carpet so hard he peeled skin off and then stopped abruptly. His body began shaking and they rolled him onto his side as he sobbed, crying with all the force of his body, wailing in mental agony, his consciousness obliterated. Andrew crawled up to hold him to his chest and Nicholas sank down so that Andy’s back was pressed against him. He reached one hand out to Andrew’s shirt and pulled, mashing them all together as tightly as possible.

Andy did not stop crying for hours. He was inconsolable and incoherent, and Andrew and Nicholas took turns cradling him while the other made attempts to fix the room. They talked over him, certain that he was just short of incapacitated and could not understand what they were saying.

“The hospital. This is a major breakdown, and he needs professional help.”

“I got ‘im.”

“Damnit Andrew, this is serious.” He shifted uncomfortably on his feet.

Andrew looked up at him and Nicholas did not understand the look. Andrew sucked in air before answering. “This isn’t a head injury, you twat. He just needs to work it out.”

“He needs to be sedated,” Nicholas answered, and then truly registered what Andrew said. They were having the same conversation Andy and Andrew had over his body, once. Andrew nodded at the expression on his face, and then turned back to Andy.

They got Andy into the bed and that was about the time they both noticed the red trail around the room. They looked down together and saw that their feet were cut to hell by the glass shards of the destroyed mirror. They were too worried about Andy to even register any serious pain, but when they did, they fell down in agony. The rest of the night was spent crawling around on hands and knees, picking shards out of their feet in the bathtub, and both of them cussing like sailors on shore leave.


“So…you cut your feet?”

“Like McClane in Die Hard. They are shredded.” Nicholas sat at his desk, no shoes on, grimacing. His feet were wrapped with bandages and sock-bound, but walking was a major trauma. Danny stood in front of the desk, tapping on it with one hand. He actually jumped up from his desk to help Nicholas when he saw him hobbling through the door, and at this point it was the longest conversation they had held together in several months.

“Because Andy broke the mirror?”

“Yes. He had a melt down last night. That’s why Andr…Sergeant Wainwright is out today. He’s staying with Andy to make sure nothing else happens.”

“Cut his feet up too?”

“Yes. If not worse.”

“So you were visitin’, barefoot, and Andy just went crazy?”

Nicholas blinked. It never actually occurred to him that Danny might not know, somehow, of what was going on with him and the Andes. For some reason he expected it to be common knowledge, and now he understood a fraction too late that it was not. The look on his face, he knew, told Danny everything.

Danny flushed.

“Danny…oh god…” Nicholas wrapped his face in his hands, not giving a damn who saw or heard him, realizing that the reason Danny spent so much time avoiding his gaze these last few months was not because he hated him, but because he was waiting for Nicholas to come back, fully expecting that now Andy was moved back in with Andrew, Nicholas would give up everything he had, including Andy, for Danny; the door Nicholas assumed was permanently closed stayed open the whole time he fucked around with other men. Danny was simply waiting on Nicholas, the man he loved, to come to his senses and come home. Nicholas knew all of this because he knew Danny, and he understood in that moment how very little he knew of himself.

“You fuckin’ cunt.” Danny said it, and it sounded surreal coming from him as his voice nearly broke, but he did say it and Nicholas did not answer as Danny stormed out.


Nicholas began driving Andy to see a therapist. The Andes were united against the idea, but Nicholas still held the ace of being Andy’s “top” and ordered it, unforgivingly, and told him that it was go to a therapist or he would order him to sleep alone. Andy would, if so ordered, and he knew it, even if Andrew thought the whole situation a fuck short of absurd. Nicholas somehow felt responsible for the breakdown, even if Andy did not agree, and anyway Nicholas felt responsible for everything…everything he was getting wrong.

He thought maybe he needed to see a therapist himself, but decided that opening up about his three male lovers and his estranged girlfriend might send the wrong message, and it was bad enough that everyone in the department whom he had not had sex with was treating him as if he was an electric eel.

All he really wanted to do was give up.


Andy was at work. Their days off did not match – that was impossible and anyway, far too obvious – so some mornings when Nicholas stayed over, one or the other had to leave early. Nicholas and Andrew rarely touched each other when Andy was not around, other than Andrew making teasing grabs at Nicholas when he walked by, as more of a locker-room style joke than anything. Andrew was somewhat amazed by the comfort level he had now in bed with two men, even if he was still a bit shy of doing anything with Nicholas when Andy was gone. Nicholas did not seem to care either way.

Nicholas changed a bit lately, becoming more distant. Andy told him that some kind of show down happened between Nick and Danny, and unsurprisingly, Danny kicked him to the curb. Andrew just nodded at that, gaining new respect for Butterball even while he did feel a bit sorry for Nick.

Nicholas reached over and pulled him closer. Andrew was surprised but let him, figuring that they were in for some kind of long make-out again, maybe, as they had done once a very long time ago. He gasped a little when Nicholas went for one of his nipples, sucking and licking and pulling at the skin. Andrew drew Nicholas closer and realized that something was different, that Nicholas was not just petting or feeling randy…Nicholas was hungry. Andrew rubbed his back, wondering what was going on, a bit annoyed at being put into this position when Andy was not there.

Nicholas stopped and shrugged his back, as if he did not want Andrew touching it.

“Christ, Nick, what do you want?” Andrew asked irritably. These things were new to him and he was not sure he was comfortable with any of it anyway, and Nicholas’ squirming annoyed the piss out of him. When Nicholas did not answer, he made to get off the bed but Nicholas hands shot out and closed in a vice grip on his arms, just above the elbows, pulling Andrew over him. Nicholas closed his eyes and bit his lower lip and moved.

Andrew remained nearly stationary on his hands and knees, except for what it took to keep his balance, as Nicholas brought one leg out so that he could wrap both legs completely around him. He used his legs to draw Andrew in, and when they were close, Nicholas released one arm and used his own spit on Andrew’s cock, causing his erection to tighten. Andrew sucked in air at the sensation but still did not move as Nicholas put his hands up above his head to grab the headboard and he began pushing himself down onto Andrew, impaling himself in some kind of self-penance. Andrew braced his knees and locked his body in order to stay where he was and not be shoved down the bed by the strength of Nicholas’ body against him, and the intense effort it took to remain still distracted him from the sensation of his cock slowly being forced into another man. Nicholas grimaced and gasped as he was breached and finally cried out wordless noise – Andrew knew that sound, that voice, and that pain. He tried not to remember…

Andrew shuddered when he finally registered the sensation of being wrapped in warmth and pressure and he reacted, drawing his knees up to support Nicholas’ pelvis. He leaned forward so they were pressed together and he secured his hands under his rib cage, holding on, as he drove in and mercilessly, mercifully fucked Inspector Nicholas Angel.


That first day, which was a first day in so many ways for both of them, they never stopped. They did not fuck like that for a while – Nicholas was too sore – but they did everything else they could think of. This included Nicholas going down on Andrew, which he balked at, but he let Andrew win and some part of Nicholas was ashamed to admit that he enjoyed being manhandled for a change. He did a decent job, having been on the receiving end enough to clearly understand how to do it. He laid across Andrew’s bucking legs, swallowing him as deeply as he could, which was not to the base but full enough. Andrew came, cursing, and Nicholas took it, which was not very pleasant but tolerable. There were showers and hand jobs and cold pizza for lunch. They did not discuss it, and they did not plan it out. Andrew, used to fuck sessions that lasted for days (although with women, of course, but still, he was learning it was much the same), did not even blink at it and enjoyed himself without wondering about implications. Nicholas tried to worry about what was going on, but then he was reminded of why he was doing this in the first place: as he talked or muttered or looked thoughtfully out the window, Andrew would grab him or crawl on top of him and soon they were rutting anywhere they fell in mindless oblivion.

Andy worked late, and by the time he walked into the bedroom, Andrew found the lube and had thrown Nicholas over the edge of the bed and was completely absorbed in holding him down, fucking him doggie style. Andrew was smiling in aggressive passion and Nicholas had his eyes shut and the sheets clenched in mouth, abandoned to his violation. Neither man on the bed saw or heard Andy, who sank to the floor in humiliation and jealousy and anger, watching the men he loved do to each other what they absolutely, resolutely refused to do to him.


They did not talk about what happened or what changed. There was not any need to, at one level: everything simply fell into place. Andy belonged to them, totally in love with one and completely subservient to the other in what might be a different form of love; but Nicholas belonged to Andrew.

In other aspects, Nicholas did not want to talk about it anyway. For one thing, it was painful. The only time he was ever violated before was when Danny grudge fucked him Liz’ office. That was an incredibly emotional experience that was transformative and, in some way, healing for them. This was nothing like that. Nicholas thought of this as a penance and release cycle, a way of punishing himself and losing control of himself at the same time. If nothing else, when Andrew was on top of him and fucking him and making him come, Nicholas could just stop thinking. For a while. That was bliss enough to beg for.



Andrew stood in the door at work. Nicholas was in his office, discussing something with Doris; Danny and Walker were talking about something in the paper; and Tony was trying to look busy. Andy sat behind him at his desk, shuffling through paperwork concerning a runaway and a domestic disturbance.

The day before, he and Andy and Nicholas spent the entire day fucking. They usually did on their shared days off, which were few and far between. Nicholas kept it that way. Danny knew about Nicholas and Andy but probably did not suspect anything of Andrew’s role, although other people, usually at the pub, were making snide comments about all three of them. Nicholas was not going to add fuel to that fire, and certainly not at work. Andrew respected that.

Nicholas screwed up yesterday, though, and it bothered Andrew. He could not say that he was in love with his Inspector; the very idea made him laugh. They were like college fuck buddies who cared about each other and more importantly were united in their feelings about Andy. Their release to each other was more of a power trip anyway. Andrew got off on ordering his boss around and fucking him, and Nicholas was getting off on being ground down and manhandled. Andrew knew why: Nicholas was tired of always being charge of everything, responsible to everyone, and he held some deep-seated guilt about his breakup with Danny and Liz. He figured all that out from some of the things Nicholas called out in the heat of passion, begging to be fucked or punished, things that Andrew knew Nicholas would flat deny ever saying if asked in broad daylight.

But then, finally, yesterday, Nicholas finally gave Andrew what he was waiting for and what he expected but in some part dreaded. Andrew pinned him on the dinning table, pressing Nicholas’ face all the way down until it was mashed on the surface of the table, and they were both half dressed as Andrew plowed into him, thrusting his cock deep inside and banging his hips violently against Nicholas. They got to this in a hurry, after Nicholas damn near attacked him when they were inside the door coming back from lunch at the pub (Andy refused to watch them together and went to his room, closing the door loudly behind him), and it was hard core fucking of the sort that Andrew usually enjoyed watching more than doing, although he was never one to say no. Nicholas was utterly destroyed emotionally, gasping and begging and sweating and using one hand to get himself off as Andrew fucked him. As he came he yelled out and bucked so hard that Andrew was nearly dislodged and threw himself over Nicholas just to keep the table from tipping over. He stopped, not even finishing himself, not bothering too, knowing that Andy would be there soon to clean him up anyway. He knew he needed to stop and let up because in the moment he came Nicholas was crying, gripping the table and calling out Danny’s name, over and over and over.

When he finally pulled himself together, Nicholas refused to let either Andrew or, more surprisingly, Andy touch him. He stayed and watched them together and it was not until late at night when they were all almost asleep that Nicholas allowed Andy to go down on him, and even so, he was noiseless and quiet and did nothing more than grunt when he came. Andrew watched them, and truly understood Nicholas for the first time.

Andrew turned into the office and closed the door behind him. Andy looked up, bored and not very interested.

“We need to talk.” Andrew shoved the paperwork aside carelessly as he sat on the edge of Andy’s desk.

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the girl in the pj's!: hot fuzz | policemen | officersanesthezea on November 2nd, 2007 12:51 am (UTC)
looking forward to more! your writing just makes me ache (in a good way)! :) ::loves::
mikes_grrl on November 2nd, 2007 01:47 am (UTC)
Thank you! I'm just glad someone is still reading this series after all this...

:::loves back::::
the girl in the pj's!: hot fuzz | policemen | officersanesthezea on November 2nd, 2007 02:46 am (UTC)
I'm definitely reading it! Can't get enough of it, to be honest. Now that I've gotten passed my initial "hmmm, not sure about this at all" thing, I'm glued to the community in the hopes of updates! You now have a fic junkie on your hands! lol. :) But really, keep up the good work! Your writing, no matter the content, is wonderful & thought provoking, even when (or especially when) it's porny. haha
(Deleted comment)
mikes_grrl on November 2nd, 2007 01:47 am (UTC)
I am not you, and I can't keep the AAA going forever. My whole plan was to set up the Andes and get my dear, sweet NA/DB back together. That's me. In the end, though, the way it is going...sheesh...

Although I think you will REALLY appreciate what, er, comes next in "In the Heart of the Mountains." Posting later this week after mui more editing. Meantime I'm tripping off to happy sexy NA/DB one-offs...bwwahahahahaha!!!
(Deleted comment)
mikes_grrl on November 2nd, 2007 10:07 am (UTC)
Oh yes, oh yes: your boys are in it wayyyy up to their necks...I'm not letting them off the hook, apparently forever.

I think...I think...the Andes are like a drug...just...can't...let...go..........
lacking in glitter: subtexttawg on November 3rd, 2007 02:37 am (UTC)
I've been putting off reading this because I'm meant to be zomgbusy! But this whole run has been completely amazing. Including all the bits where I wanted to smack people. I mean, honestly Danny, you tell a man directly and to his face that there's no chance of you every getting back with him, and then expect him to keep trying anyway? Oh man, what kind of crazy chick thinking is that?!

And Andrew, you poor broken messed up little thing. I mean, I suppose that goes for Andy too. Certainly once the Andrew/Angel starts happening. Oh, so many broken toys that you play with.

“That your pansy way of sayin’ ‘no’?”

Oh, I loved that exchange.
zombie survivalistbeccavox on November 4th, 2007 11:15 pm (UTC)
Damn. Everybody needs to talk.

And I hate to say it, but breaking poor Nicholas might be the best thing that ever happened to him. Good grief, this is the best soap opera I ever read.

If you don't get NA/DB back together soon, I may have to go into therapy. :)

mikes_grrl on November 5th, 2007 01:48 am (UTC)
If you don't get NA/DB back together soon, I may have to go into therapy.

It's written, but I assure you, the angst is not leveling out any time soon. Be careful what you ask for!

I've got the Andes to tie up first...I mean, er, well, you know...