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28 October 2007 @ 09:40 am
To Move Mountains (Part Six)  
Title: To Move Mountains, Part Six of Seven
Fandom: Hot Fuzz
Character/s: NA/DB (implied), NA/AC, AC/AW, AAA (just a hint)
Word Count for Part Six: 1,300
Rating for Part Six: PG-13
SUMMARY FOR PART Six: Reprecussions and total breakage. (Short chapter, sorry!)

WARNINGS are in effect. Ref.:
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To Move Mountains: Part Six

Andrew was mostly unharmed, although traumatized and suffering taser burns on his neck. Andy was just barely alive, and when the ambulance sped off at high speed with sirens blaring, it was for Andy’s sake, not Andrew. Tony and Walker took Safi back to town and offered to do most of the paperwork, seeing the expression on Nicholas face. He stayed to wait for CSI and instead welcomed Danny into his arms.

“What are you doing here?”

“Came for you.”


“I figured…we’re partners. Might need to guard your back.”

“Partners…Danny. I’m sorry. I’m fucking everything up.” Nicholas admitted, as they stood next to the barn, wrapped into each other. Nicholas was resting his head on Danny’s shoulder, his hands gripping Danny’s vest. “Andy looked…bad.”

“I heard on the radio.” Danny rubbed his back.


Danny shook his head, to say ‘not here, not now.’ But Nicholas could not stop.

“I don’t love him, Danny. Not like you.”

“Don’t make it better. Don’t make it right, Nicholas. I love you too but…what’s that without trust, right? So Liz don’t trust either of us, and you don’t trust me, and I don’t trust you, and everyone’s lyin’ about everything.” Danny held Nicholas closer, tightly, to the point that it was hard for Nicholas to breathe. “So no one’s got nothin’, then.” He let go and pushed Nicholas back, who felt stunned. “I came here for you, Nick, because we’re partners. I’ll always be here for you.”

“As partners.”

“Yeah.” Danny let his hands drop and stepped back, and Nicholas understood why he did not want to have this conversation here, or now. Danny was telling him that they were over.

“There is no one else for me, Danny.” It was a small lie, and in many ways a truth, and it was all Nicholas could think of to say. Andy would never be what Danny was to him.

Danny shrugged, but did not press the issue. It was the only ray of hope that Nicholas could take away from this. He closed his eyes and wondered what happened to the strong, upstanding and morally superior Sergeant Angel he was two years ago.


Nicholas sat in the room with Andy and Andrew. Andrew just stood by the hospital bed looking down at Andy with a crushed, worried expression, and Nicholas knew exactly how he felt. It was the same look Nicholas wore for days after Danny was shot by Tom Weaver. It was the same fear. As Nicholas studied him he realized something else: it was the same expression, completely, because it was love.

Shocked, he looked down at his hands, suddenly feeling like an outsider. He slowly got up and left.

He heard Andrew behind him before he was halfway down the hall.

“Yes, Sergeant?” Nicholas turned on him before he could start anything.

Andrew studied him for a moment before rolling his eyes off to look at the wall. “’E’s been staying with you.”

“Yes. Everyone knows that, Sergeant.”

Andrew nodded. “When he gets out of ‘ere…I’m taking him home.”

“I understand.” Nicholas heart sank, but he knew it was right. He already screwed up enough lives, so he was not going to stand in the way of this – whatever in the hell ‘this’ was.

“Do you?” Andrew nearly sneered the words.

Nicholas sighed in exasperation. “Andrew, I don’t care. I…I mean, of course I care about Andy. He’s been through hell. I want him to be alright and to come back to work and move on with his life. You may not understand or believe me, but I want him to be happy.” Nicholas stopped, knowing that he did not need to add that Andrew was exactly the only thing that really made Andy happy, or complete. He saw that understanding in Andrew’s deep, dark eyes.

Slowly Andrew reached out and grasped Nicholas’ jacket. It was a threatening move, but done slowly and without drama and almost softly. He moved closer to Nicholas and for a shocking moment, Nicholas thought he was going to kiss him.

“You fuck ‘im?” Andrew asked, breathing the words so low that no one but Nicholas could hear.

Nicholas considered his answer, but it was not much of a deliberation. He was done with lying or hiding anything. He already paid the price of it by losing Danny, and in turn, Liz; nothing was left but the truth of everything that Nicholas had done wrong.


Andrew let go of the jacket and sighed, turning his head to look up at the ceiling. He shoved his hands in his jacket and looked at Nicholas again. He motioned for Nicholas to follow him back into Andy’s room. It was a private room; Nicholas’ position in the village was enough that he could muscle that much for his people. Andrew closed the door and they stood side by side by Andy’s bed as the machines clicked and beeped and Andy slept in a drug-fueled haze. Looking at this, and feeling the truth of what he said to Andrew, and all that was changed, and how many people were hurt and the monster that he, himself, had become, Nicholas leaned forward and braced his hands against the bars of the bed, feeling heavy and alone.

“Christ, Nick, it ain’t that bad.” Andrew said, leaning in to him.

Nicholas smiled and looked over at him. “No?”

“No.” Andrew reached up and rubbed his back and Nicholas tried not to faint from surprise. They looked at each other a moment and Nicholas registered that they were very evenly matched as he leaned over and kissed him.

It was surprisingly soft. Everything about Andrew turned out to be soft and light: his kiss, his touch, his words. Inspector Nicholas Angel, who was always in charge and holding everything together, pressed himself into Andrew’s arms and collapsed, distantly registering the irony of being comforted by the man who just spent 48 hours as the hostage of a sociopathic serial killer. The kiss ended as quietly as it began and Andrew wrapped his arms around Nicholas to hold him up while he pressed his face into Andrew’s jacket, not crying, but not quite composed either. Time crawled around them. Andrew reached up and stroked Nicholas’ head to comfort him, and whispered into his ear that no, things are not that bad. Finally Nicholas pulled back so they looked at each other again. He did not see love or passion in Andrew’s eyes, but some form of concern, and worry, and that was enough as they drifted into another light kiss that made Nicholas think of warm summer nights on country roads and…Danny. He reached up a hand to stroke Andrew’s cheek and felt him shudder and he thought about pulling away until Andrew’s arms drew him closer.

The door opened behind them and Danny walked in.


Andrew stood by the bed. In the moment when Danny walked in, Angel had thrown himself backwards but it was too obvious what was going on and Danny was no fool, for all that he acted like one sometimes. He turned and walked out, and of course Angel flew out after him. Andrew did not have much hope for that situation; Angel was going around like a slut, and in Danny’s shoes Andrew would beat the crap out of him.

Of course, Andrew did not shove him off when the unexpected kiss landed on him. He was not sure why; a week ago, something like Angel leaning over to kiss him would have lead to a lot more head injuries for everyone involved. But Andrew was fundamentally different, now. He felt broken; Safi did not injured him much, physically, but the fucker broke him just the same.



“Don’t you get it, Nicholas? It don’t matter who you love if you go around trying for everything that looks good t’ya!”

“It’s not…Christ it’s not like that, Danny…it never was…” Nicholas tried to explain but Danny was beyond caring. Nicholas reached out to grab him, to make him understand.

Danny turned and ran off.

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the girl in the pj's!: hot fuzz | danny | aviatorsanesthezea on October 28th, 2007 05:14 pm (UTC)
I've been wanting to comment on the previous chapters but just didn't know what to say! It's strangely compelling and I just can't tear myself away from it, no matter how angst-ridden and awful (awful as in stuff that happens not as in your writing, etc) it gets. I've been clinging to this almost against my will. It's definitely not something I would choose to read, normally, but somehow I can't stay away. Many, many kudos to you for this! I wish I could explain it more eloquently. :(
mikes_grrl on October 28th, 2007 06:05 pm (UTC)
Actually that is a huge complement. I took this story on as a personal challenge and it has not been easy going. The threads in it are dense and will not be resolved by the end of it, either, so in that sense I'm afraid I'm just stringing people along!

It has been interesting to write, and to hear that you are reading it even though it isn't something you would normally ken to is an inspiration to me. Thanks!
lacking in glitter: shitzorztawg on October 29th, 2007 10:37 pm (UTC)
The door opened behind them and Danny walked in.
I went "Bwah ha ha", when I read that. Of course, I felt incredibly guilty afterwards.

There's some fabulous writing going on in this.
mikes_grrl on October 29th, 2007 11:40 pm (UTC)
Heh...yeah, that's how I felt writing it. In fact I did not plan it out at all, I just had Nick and Andrew kissing and I was trying to figure out how to bridge that to another scene as I was typing when....The door opened behind them and Danny walked in! LOL! I'm just terrible.

Thanks for the complement. You know I am such a slut for those....