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26 October 2007 @ 08:40 am
To Move Mountains (Part 4)  
Title: To Move Mountains, Part Four of Seven
Fandom: Hot Fuzz
Character/s: NA/DB (implied), NA/AC, AC/AW, AAA (just a hint)
Word Count for Part Four: 2,400
Rating for Part Four: NC-17+
SUMMARY FOR PART FOUR: Safi gets started.

WARNINGS are in effect. Ref.:
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

To Move Mountains: Part Four

Andy was not comfortable in Nicholas’ bed and kept to the floor whenever they were done. Nicholas did not seem happy about that, but on this one aspect of their life together, he did not do what Nicholas asked, and Nicholas accepted that begrudgingly.

He still remembered Safi’s look that day she hit on him, and it still bothered him. He started tracking further into her recent movements, and did not find anything in particular, except that what she told him about her trip out of London and into Gloucester did not match the records he found for her. Dates were off, locations were wrong, and it was clear to him that nearly everything she said was a lie. What he could not figure out was why; she did not have much of a record, just shoplifting and petty theft, and sometimes she seemed to disappear off the map completely. It was not the trail of someone on the run, particularly, and that is what bugged him. He just could not pin it down, though, so he did not bother Angel with it.

Through mutual friends he found out that Andrew was working at Burnett’s farm. Sometimes Andy thought to try to visit him, or something…but he knew better. Somehow Nicholas kept Andrew on the roster as “on leave,” and everyone knew that for once, Angel was busting the rule book all to hell. They completely supported him, and Andy would forge Andrew’s signature as long as he was told to do so.


Andrew came home covered in sweat and grime and dirt and it felt great. It reminded him of simpler days and the hard labor was very nearly an exorcism. He stopped by Sommerfield every night on his way home to buy cigarettes and something for dinner. He did not go to the pub and he did not talk to many people and he avoided everyone at the department, even when they went out of their way to try and drop by for a ‘visit.’ He found out that it was common knowledge that he was actually the one to send Angel to the hospital (although no could explain how they knew that) and that Andy was living with Angel as a result. The reputation of “The Andes” kept the gossip from getting too ribald, but his mother told him (when his father was not around to hear her on the phone) that some folks were saying ‘peculiar things’ about it.

One day he came back to his flat and as he sat in his car, gathering his stuff and sorting his keys, he saw someone walk up to the window, which was rolled down. He always kept the windows down, preferring to smoke into the wind. As he turned his head, he registered that it was Safi, and he smiled, thinking of getting some action later. She smiled back and right then his defenses went up at the look in her eyes and the realization that he never told her where he lived. His world went black.


“Miss me?”

“Safi? Wot goin’ on? You okay?” Andy sat at his desk, confused by the call. Safi did not sound like she was in danger. She sounded…delighted.

“I got sumtin’ you want.”

“No, you don’t, Safi. We done this. Not happening.”

He heard Safi laugh. “It gonna happen, Pretty. Just the way I like. Come meet me.”

Andy sighed. “No.”

“Come over.” She hung up.

Andy stuck his head into Angel’s office to let him know something odd was up with Safi. Angel shrugged and reminded him to check in regularly.


Andrew woke up in a barn, in excruciating pain. His neck felt like it was hit with a cricket bat, and his head was not much better. Worse by far was that he was lying on an old blanket, naked, roped and staked to the ground like skin being tanned. He was alone, and it was late in the afternoon, and he heard rats crawling over the rafters above him.


Andy pulled up to the parking lot. Safi was there and walked up to the passenger side of the car and opened the door. As she got in, he rolled his eyes.

“Safi, wot you think…” His voice trailed off. She was holding a compact semi-automatic gun low at waist level, and it was pointed directly at him.

“I got your man, Pretty. And if don’ do wot I say, and I got to shoot you, he’ll die out where I hid ‘im. He ain’t gonna be found, and he ain’t got no one but you comin’ for ‘im.” She smiled and Andy’s blood turned to ice in his veins.


Andrew heard the car and did not know whether to be glad or not. He was unimaginably cold and figured he was staked out now for at least two hours. The car pulled into the barn and he realized that things were not good when he heard Safi’s voice telling someone to get undressed.


Andy woke up on top of Andrew. He remembered Safi telling him to get undressed, and lie down on the ground. He figured about then that he could try for her, and he did, but he discovered her secret weapon the hard way: a handheld taser that she slapped against his neck. The pain was unbelievable and he went limp, and then she hit him with the same sap that she used against Andrew that night so long ago, when she was saving Andy’s ass. Now, the tables were turned.

She tied Andrew facing up, his legs tied together and his arms over his head, so he was one long line on the ground. There were a couple of straps over his chest and thighs just to keep him stationary, from rolling around or moving at all, and he was essentially staked to the ground as efficiently as if he were a tent. Andy she arranged face down, spread eagle. Her knots were effective. He looked down at Andrew and saw pure anger and frustration.

“You alright?” He asked, just to check in, to see what the status was.

“Doin’ good, Andy. Just peachy.” Andrew snarled, eyebrows high and the sarcasm thick in his voice.

“Shut it.” Safi brought the belt down on his back and Andy yelled out in pain. Andrew froze under him.

“This is my game, gents. All mine. I been waitin’ on you, Pretty. I like your face. I’ll not be messin’ up your face.” She stood up and wailed on his back and he screamed as blood sprang up out of the fresh wound. “Jus’ relax. I’m goin’ easy to start with.” She walked off. Andy rested his head against Andrew’s fluttering chest, gasping for air through the pain, assuming that they were much worse than dead.


Andy never checked in. Nicholas stood in front of one of the Turners and tapped the counter. Danny walked up behind him.

“Not seen him since he left, Inspector.”

It raked his nerves the way Danny was calling him ‘Inspector’ now, but he there was nothing he could do about it.

“Want me to go by…” Danny stopped. He was about to offer to go by the Andes’ flat, but it was common knowledge now that Andy would not be found there. Danny bit his lower lip and looked away. Nicholas rolled his eyes in anger.

“No. I’ll go by…my place. I want you to go by Safi’s place. That is where he said he was going, so that is where you will look for him first. Radio in as soon as you get there.” Nicholas wrote out the address from the case file in his hand, and gave it to Danny. “Take Doris with you. Tony, you’re riding with me.”

Nicholas registered that Danny was looking at him, shock on his face, and that was the first time he realized that despite it all, Danny still considered them partners. And now Nicholas just screwed that up, too.


Andrew felt Andy’s naked, sweating body against him and he rebelled at the thought, but that particular reaction was completely subsumed by his hatred for the bitch who was making Andy scream in pain. She was working her way around his body with the belt, and she was very effective, and she was enjoying it. But he knew there was something in her that was holding back, and when the idea clicked in his brain it made far too much sense: she was in it for the blood. She was going to kill them both.


There was no trace of him. Danny asked around and no one saw Andy’s car at the apartments. There was no answer at Safi’s place and he did not have a warrant to enter, so he went back out to radio Nicholas – Inspector Angel – with the news.

“Ni—Inspector, I think I’m going to go by the Andes…Andrew’s flat.”

“You think he might be there, Danny?” Nicholas’ voice on the radio was flat and professional.

“Well he ain’t here, and he ain’t at your place, and he ain’t at the station. Might as well verify that he ain’t there neither.”

“Not there either.” Nicholas automatically corrected him, and Danny just stared at the radio.


Andy threw up right onto Andrew, his body bucking and twisting as it rebelled against the pain. Safi stopped and poured a bucket of cold water over them, then dried them off, softly and with a caressing touch. Andrew could feel Andy’s fever-wracked body and knew that if she kept going, he was going to go into shock soon. She knew it too.

“I’m savin’ em. Don’t worry. We not there yet.” She winked at Andrew and wrapped them both up in blankets to ward off the cold as she went to drink a beer and eat some cheese she apparently stashed there earlier. Andrew’s mind registered that this was something she planned out thoroughly, and he wondered how long she spied on his very regular, predictable movements before she finally walked up that afternoon and tased him unconscious in his own damn car.


“Strangest thing, Danny. Saw that girl walk up and it looked like she was pushing Young Wainwright over before she drove the car off. Just natural as you please. I know that boy likes his lady friends but usually they don’t drive off with ‘im.” Mr. Davis laughed and squinted at Danny, who was feverishly taking notes in his notebook, writing right over the top of his doodles in his hurry.

“Anything else, Mr. Davis?” Danny asked, not looking up from his scrawl.

“Well I tell you, I been seeing her around a lot, but never knew she was a, er, ‘friend’ of the boys. She just show up sometimes, like…well, Danny, I hate to say som’tin so odd, but I swear, it was like she was spying on the house.”


Andy tried breathing and found out that he could still do that. He was relieved; the pain was mind-numbing but the sharpness of it died off when the attack stopped. He knew a few of her strokes drew blood, but mostly, he expected that he was slowly turning black and blue from head to toe. He tried breathing again and smelled…Andrew. He opened his eyes and discovered that Andrew was looking back, and he looked angry. But he was warm. Andy sighed and pressed his face into Andrew’s neck.

“Don’t fuckin’ do that.” Andrew growled but Andy did not move. Just the tone of voice was turning him on, of all impossible things, here and now. He couldn’t stop, his brain surging with endorphins and confusion and fear…he felt disoriented, and lost…but then there was Andrew.

“Nice.” Safi laughed threw back the blankets and rubbed his ass with his own belt.

“Fuck!” Andrew was yelling, furious, and Andy could not do anything more than press himself harder into him. He felt Andrew tugging at his bonds, desperate to stop Andy, to stop everything. Safi was laughing again.

“See, Pretty? I got you your man at last.” She tapped his ass lightly with the belt and his skin was so sensitive and raw and bruised that it sent a shudder through his whole body, and he moaned into Andrew’s neck. Andrew tried to use his chin to buck Andy off of him.

Safi reached down and started massaging his ball sack. It was gentle and erotic and he reached out and bit one of the straps running across Andrew’s chest, just to bite something, to take his mind off what Safi was doing, knowing that she was trying to fuck with Andrew’s mind more than his own body. He got that much of her, at least. Mind and body were not on the same page, however, and he felt the erection grow softly at first and then hard and firm under Safi’s attentions. He gasped as she reached under and shoved his cock to rest between him and Andrew and could not, for the sake of soul, look Andrew in the eyes. She ran a fingernail over the ball sack and up the slit to his ass and he saw stars of pain and arousal. If this were a video, if this did not involve Andrew and an insane maniac, he would have paid any amount of money for it. His hard on was pressing into Andrew and with just the right flex, he got just enough friction, and he groaned. Andrew was yelling inarticulately in rebellion and Safi was laughing again as she stood up.

There was no foreplay: Safi raised the belt and brought it down on his ass with the fury of hell, on top of the bruises she put there earlier. He tried to curl up in pain but the ropes would not give so his muscles went into spasms, trying to contract, while he screamed. Under him, Andrew became very still.

She waited, holding the belt high, until Andy was breathing deeply. Then again. On the third strike, he was screaming once more and Andrew was yelling obscenities.

“Yer too fookin’ loud, bitches.” Safi marched off and came back with a socks. She bundled two up and shoved one in each mouth and used the other socks as gags. She leaned over and waved something in his face, and he realized it was a section of electrical cord, a makeshift whip that was going to cut him bloody raw. He squirmed instinctively, his body registering that it was in trouble, that survival was on the line, that some very bad hurting was coming down on him.

Safi was just getting started.
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zombie survivalist: monty nudebeccavox on October 26th, 2007 11:17 pm (UTC)
Whoa...Safi if far more 'evil' than I expected. And you've got to fix Nicholas and Danny! It's breaking my heart!

I have also thought, by the way, that I want to move to this Sandford. I could get away with all sorts of crimes while the Police Force...er...Service is busy with the angst!

Waiting on Part 5 and going for another hard cider...
mikes_grrl on October 27th, 2007 12:53 am (UTC)
I assure you, the angst is just starting to roll...
lacking in glitter: subtexttawg on October 27th, 2007 01:11 am (UTC)
... I knew there was a reason I liked Safi.

And the whole Nicholas and Danny thing... they really are a pair of morons, aren't they?