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23 October 2007 @ 09:14 am
To Move Mountains (Part Two)  
Title: To Move Mountains, Part Two
Fandom: Hot Fuzz
Character/s: NA/DB (implied), NA/AC, AC/AW, AAA (just a hint)
Word Count for Part Two: 3,500
Rating for Part Two: NC-17+
SUMMARY FOR PART TWO: Nicholas lives, Danny walks, Andy gets nailed and Andrew gets blown away (not in that order).

WARNINGS are in effect. Ref. Part One.

To Move Mountains: Part Two

Andy walked into a disaster. The front room was in disarray, at least by the door, but the real disaster was Nicholas Angel laying unconscious on the floor, bleeding.

“Christ! Nicholas! Nicholas, wake up!” Andy knelt by him, gently taking his head in his hands. There was a major contusion just over his temple but the rest of his face was clear, other than the blood creeping out his nose.

“Don’t move ‘im, Andy. Head injury.” Andrew walked in, holding towels and their small emergency medical kit. He was weaving a bit, but sounded sober.

“I’m callin’ emergency.”

“No, you won’t.” Andrew pointed at him and gave the instruction in a low, dangerous voice.

Andy froze, but did not stop thinking. “Head injury, Andrew.”

Andrew knelt down and pulled out the ammonia packet. “Going to wake ‘im up, eh? Here.” He handed Andy a towel. “He’ll puke.”

There was a moment of shared panic when Angel did not wake up immediately to the ammonia, but the next second he gasped and his eyes snapped open. They were glazed and dilated, and he tried to move around to focus so Andrew put hands on his head and shoulders to stop him. The next second the were rolling him onto his side as he started to vomit.

“Yeah, pukin’.” Andrew nodded. Andy stared at him.

“What the fuck happened here, huh?”

Andrew never backed down from a fight. Never, not even when he was dead in the wrong and on the losing side. Andy watched him since they were kids. Andrew was the bully on their street who somehow never got around to beating up the boys weaker than he was like all the other bullies at school did. Andrew possessed honor and a strong sense of tribe, and that made him more fair and more generous than most boys were with that much power. But he was also proud, and wore a chip on his shoulder, and he never backed down. That, if nothing else, was one reason Andy was in love with him.

But Andrew was backing down now.

“Nothin’, Andy. Jus’ a fuckin’ accident, okay? Stop shittin’ bricks and help.”

Angel was shaking, but done puking, and trying to sit up. “Hey there, Nick, keep still.” Andy grabbed his arms, trying to get him to lay down again. Angel was nodding and resisting and not talking. Andy knew that they should get him to the hospital. “Fuck, Andrew, he’s not good.”

“I fuckin’ see that.” Andrew stood up, thinking.

“What you fuckin’ see is bad. Call the fuckin’ ambulance.” Andy was still pushing against Angel, who was determined to get up and kept moving his arms around so that Andy could not get a solid purchase on them. Finally Andy let Angel sit up enough so that he could move in behind him and wrap his arms around his torso. He braced his legs to either side of Angel’s body and did his best to keep the man immobilized, and nearly laughed at the irony of it. “Nicholas, comon’ just lean back. I’ve got you. Jus’ relax, damnit.” He talked quietly into Angel’s ear and finally something registered, as he felt muscles unclench and Angel practically dissolved against him. Andy breathed a sigh of relief and looked up to Andrew, hoping to see him on the phone to 999.

Instead he saw him flushed red, shaking in fury. Andy just stared, and realized for the first time since he walked in the door how drunk-ass-pissed Andrew really was.

“That how you like to fuck him, is it? Nicholarse your doggie boy?”

Andy’s heart, soul, and stomach dropped to ground, but his first thought was to run for his life. He couldn’t, of course, because of the injured man in his arms. He tried to keep a locked face as he stared at Andrew, understanding very clearly the ‘accident’ that Angel suffered, and how much danger the both of them were in now.

“Get out, Andrew. Just get out, mate, and cool off.” He said it coolly, calmly, firmly, and in fear of his life. Andrew never followed directions but even at his worst, he could be reasoned with. Usually.

Andrew looked back and forth between Andy and Angel.

“Fuck, Andrew, you can beat the shit out of me later! Get out!”

Andrew tilted, moved, walked to the door and left. Andy fumbled with both his jacket and Angel, pulling out his cell phone to call for help.


Danny was stark white in terror, with Liz behind him, holding him by the shoulders. He heard the doctors say it was a minor concussion, that everything would be alright, and they just needed to keep him under observation for 24 hours…but it did not change the fact that Nicky was lying in the hospital, delirious, unfocused, and injured. It was Danny’s next-to-worst nightmare.

“Christ why was he at the Andes?” Liz shook her head. Danny heard her concern, but his thoughts derailed. He knew why: Nick went to warn Andy off of him. Probably even threatened him. Nick would never threaten Danny, but he would not worry about threatening Andy. Based on Andy’s incoherent explanation in the ER of what happened, Danny was uncertain of what happened, but he knew why.

He grabbed Liz and dragged her out to the hallway.

“Danny! What…I’d like to stay in there with him…”

“No, Liz. You got to listen to me. Sommut happened, a while back. Well, not long back; couple a’months? Anyway…Liz, something with Andy and Nicky and me…” He grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her lightly.

“Danny! Calm down. It’ll be alright.”

“No, Lizzie. It won’t.”


Andy left the hospital as soon as Danny showed up, trailing Liz. He did not know where Andrew was, and he did not want to find out. If Andrew decided to look for him, there were not a lot of places to hide. But there was one.

“Wot the fuck you want now? You horny, then?”

“Shut up.” Andy pushed Safi into her flat and shut the door behind him.


Andy did not show up for work the next day, and Andrew was not surprised. The entire department was in an uproar about Angel, Doris was crying, and everyone in the whole fucking village was coming by, in person, to “inquire about the Inspector’s health.” Andrew wanted to spit.

The story, as it stood, was that Andy and Angel had a fight, and Angel took a bad spill against some furniture or something in the process. No one knew what the fight was about, and there was a lot of concern from Tony and the Turners about a superior officer attacking his personnel, or the personnel attacking his superior officer, and whether that would bring Internal Affairs down on everyone.

Andrew felt a twinge of guilt about Andy taking the fall for this, but it did not mitigate his desire to beat the crap out of him. What he needed to do, though, was find him first. He went over and began to trash Andy’s desk.


“I don’t need a fuckin’ blow job, thank you.” Andy sat on Safi’s couch, which was her mattress, smoking.

“Y’jus’ look fookin’ tense.”

“I am.” He stayed up all night, sitting in one of her old, lousy dinette chairs, smoking. Her flat was now layered in a haze of smoke, but she did not complain. After he shoved his way in, she went very complacent, just handing him a beer and then flopping back down on her bed, falling asleep quickly. She apparently was used to men showing up at all hours for all sorts of reasons, and was completely unconcerned and uninterested in his story. That much, he liked about her.

He moved to the bed when she got up, but he was still unable to fall asleep. She offered the blow job in a mechanical way, and he flicked his ashes at her as he refused.

“So okay, Detective, why you here then?”

He looked at her, blinking slowly, taking her in. She was sitting backwards on one of the dinette chairs, her chin resting on the back of it. Her short, choppy hair cut was still wet from the shower she just took, and he imagined that she probably smelled very nice right about now…he closed his eyes and banged his head against the wall.

“Got a friend lookin’ for me.” He kept his head back and his eyes closed while he said it.

“Eh, so I ain’t the only one wit’ a pimp.”

His head snapped up. “I ain’t no city whore.”

“Country one, maybe. You belong to the Inspector, then? You ‘is boi?”

Andy opened his mouth to put her in her place, but realized that yes, he was in fact Angel’s ‘boi.’ And there was nothing to say to that.

“So why you here, Safi? Since we bein’ all honest and all.” He cocked his head.

She bounced her chin on her hand and muttered to herself before answering. “I ain’t no whore. Not my gig. I do…other stuff, okay? Got in with something…not big. Not that big, eh? But fuck-big-enough and I ran.”

“People pay you to do it, you’re a whore.” Andy put out his cigarette and pulled up his legs, crossing his ankles.

“You can say that ‘bout the prime minister.”

Andy laughed, and she raised her head. “You’re pretty. I see why the Inspector likes ya’.”

Andy was not used to being called ‘pretty’ by anyone but his sister, so he just raised his eyebrows and shrugged.

“Oi, that’s it! You got a man on the side? The Inspector don’t like sharin’?” Safi laughed.

“Oh he likes sharin’ his boys, Safi. You should try ‘im.” He smiled, starting to enjoy the banter, talking shit like he always did with…Andrew.

Safi laughed too. “I’m a bit too pretty, no shit?”

“You got the equipment he likes to use.”

She leaned back, laughing. There was a line of her jaw that was just boy enough to make her look androgynous, and Andy discovered that he liked that line.


Andrew knew how Andy thought. He taught Andy to think, back in the day, when they were kids scrapping about the village and Andy followed him around like an underfed puppy. He taught Andy a lot. So when he found the case file, he knew exactly where to find the damn dog. He did not read the full report, he just took down the address and walked out of the building.


She was sitting on the bed with him, across from him, relaxed and listening intently to the story of the take down of the NWA and the shoot out at the Sommerfield Supermarket when the door crashed open and Andrew barreled in. He looked at them and rolled his eyes as Andy jumped up and off the mattress. They squared off, but Andrew’s eyes drifted over to where Safi was sitting, frozen in place.

“So who’s this cunt?” Andrew slouched towards Safi, sneering. “Not really your ‘type’, is she?”

“Leave ‘er alone, Andrew. This is us, mate. Just us.”

He could tell that Andrew was grinding his teeth. “There ain’t no ‘us.’”

“Okayyyy, okay.” Andy had his hands out.

“You know why I’m here?” Andrew pulled back a bit, put his hands in his pockets and gave Andy a sardonic, evil smile.

“To beat the crap out of me? Yeahhhh, I know.” Andy lowered his hands and looked up to the ceiling.


“Hey.” Safi walked up and Andrew swiveled his head towards her, ready for anything but what he got. Her – his – right hook sent him sailing backwards and he collapsed against the wall, sliding down to the floor in shock. Andy’s jaw dropped. She looked at him and held up a small lead-filled sap. “You don’t get t’bein’ a fookin’ pansy wit’out a few hard fights in between.”

Andrew was hardly finished, though, and was crawling up. Safi turned to Andy. “Get out, Pretty, else ‘e’ll rip you apart, eh? Go.”

Andy paused, looking at her, worried. This was not much of a way of protecting her.

“’Ehy, I can handle ‘im. ‘E won’t hit me, not when he’s got it in for you. Go!”

Andy bolted.


“You fuckin’ cunt, you’re lucky…”

“Shut uuuuup. ‘Ere, I cut you lip. Com’ere.”

Andrew stood up and stared at the girl. She was small and cute and had a hell of a right hook, and apparently a crush on Andy. He shook his head.

“Don’t be a pussy. Com’ere, let me clean you up.” She waved him over to the sink, where she was standing, soaking a towel. Instinctively, he walked over.

“You’re not ‘is type.” He said smugly when she finally released his jaw. He was sitting on one of her battered chairs while she worked around him.

“You think that, then you don’ know ‘im much.”

“I know ‘im well enough to know he’s a fuckin’ bender.”

She stopped, surprised. “Not my type, then?”


She smiled. “Maybe you are.”

Andrew suddenly had a much better idea for working the kinks out of his system.


Andy really had no where else to go. He sat at the hospital with Danny, who was not talking to him, watching Angel flutter in and out of consciousness as nurses kept prodding. Liz, apparently, was thrown out by security for breaking furniture in the waiting room.


“Oh fuuuck, yeah, like that…” Andrew was on his back on Safi’s bed, breaking god only knows how many regulations, getting one of the best blow jobs of his life. Her mouth turned out to be one of the better discoveries he ever made; her kisses about sucked his tongue out and she was spending more time giving him head than most girls allowed for fucking. She was a bit shy on the touchy-feely, but he knew some girls were like that below the belt. That was fine, because right now it was a fair trade. He lightly ran his hands through her hair as she bobbed between his legs. As tough as he knew his reputation was, he actually preferred the lighter touches during sex, and he was a huge fan of oral. Either way. Right now was a good way for him.

He felt himself rising up and he pulled in a lungful of air. “Baby, I’m comin’, if you wanna’ pull back…” He looked down at her and she looked back and winked, swallowing him whole, sucking him dry, and he flat out came like a rocket in her mouth.


Danny’s whole idea of what happened was dead wrong, and Andy was in no mind to correct him. If he wanted to think that Nicholas was there to warn Andy off of him, fine; Andy suspected he showed up for something else entirely. He sat watching Nicholas, worrying, and realizing that he genuinely cared for the twat. Not the same way he did for Andrew, whom he loved and who right now scared the shit out of him, but yes: part of him cared for Nicholas.

Nicholas Angel. A bender from London who was seriously in love with two people, neither of whom was Andy. And the man Andy wanted even more than he wanted Nicholas right then was…gone. It did not matter if Andrew beat him senseless or not. Their friendship was over, and Andy was certain they could not even work in the same building any more. Andrew was the man Andy really wanted and needed since he was a boy, the man who protected him at school and helped him join the force…service…and who ensnared Shirley Haggerty into taking his virginity when he was too shy to even get a date. Andrew Wainwright. Straight. Vanilla. And out for blood.


When Andy finally came home, he looked exhausted. Andrew watched him walk in, and watched as he stopped dead in front of him. He was on the couch, smoking, waiting. Safi certainly worked the kinks out in all the best ways, and he did not feel the ball-busting red wall of blood pressure in his veins anymore, but there was still a score to settle with his ‘mate.’


Andy took it, knowing what would happen once he walked in the door. He hoped that Andrew cooled down some during the last 24 hours, but he was not kidding himself about what he was in for. He wanted it, even; some kind of release from everything that was going on and the lies he was in the middle of and his love for Andrew and his desire for Nicholas and…everything. This was Andrew handing back the pain that was eating him right now, all the anger and betrayal he felt about their friendship, and Andy was glad to take it – he’d take anything, from Andrew.

Andy had seen him like this before, a long time ago, beating the crap out of a mutual friend who slept with a girl Andrew genuinely liked at the time. Andrew was good at this; Andrew was strong; but Andrew still cared enough for him that he would not leave marks or damage him too much.

During a break in the blows, he sat on his knees on the floor, curled into himself, shaking, trying not to think of this as foreplay. He looked up at Andrew, who stood over him, and watched as he took his shirt off. It was habit with him to strip down to his undershirt when they were at home and now he did it unconsciously, throwing it over the back of the couch, and Andy tried to curl up even more. If Andrew even suspected he had a hard on, he might stop being so considerate with the hits, or god forbid start kicking.

Their eyes met, and he realized it did not matter. Andrew could read him, knew him better than most of his own family did, and understood exactly what the look in Andy’s eyes said: love, lust, and desire. For Andrew.

Andy closed his eyes before the first kick landed.


The next day, Nicholas’ life was in complete and utter, collapse. Danny told Liz about their having sex with Andy, and she about tore the hospital apart before swearing on someone’s grave that she would never have anything to do with either one of them again. And just when it could not get any worse, Nicholas finally told Danny what really happened that night, as far back as he could remember, anyway, and why he went to see Andy.

“You was gonna do ‘im?”

“No, no I wasn’t. That’s the point, Danny, I was going over there to tell him I was NOT going to do that. And then I was going to come back and tell you that, and tell Liz everything…”

They were in Nicholas’ bedroom at his cottage. The doctors insisted that he stay off from work for five days and, to be honest, he really did feel like crap. He was sitting up in bed, Danny near him.

“Glad you didn’t, then. Liz would have wrecked my flat.” Danny said thoughtfully. “But Nick, you always stopped me. If that’s what you wanted, we could have just…” Danny stopped, unhappy, and Nicholas saw what was coming next. “You weren’t going to tell me, were you?”


Danny stood up and walked over to the window.

“But that was wrong of me, Danny. That’s when I knew I had to call it off. Please understand. I was not going to go through with it.”

“You sure?”


“Well, endin’ up at Andy’s place…anything coulda’ happened.”

“What happened is that Andrew nearly killed me.”

“And why was that?”

“I honestly do not fucking know. I don’t remember that much.” Nicholas ground his teeth, which only made his head hurt again.

Danny looked out the window, and his look was growing darker. “Maybe ‘cause he’s jealous of you.”

“That…that is just incredible. No, Danny, I don’t think I’ve ever met a straighter man outside of a skinhead bar. No.”



“You know, Nicholas…I think I understand how Liz feels about us. Why she won’t even talk to me.”

Nicholas caught his breath, which made him a bit light-headed.

“I didn’t think about it much, before. I shoulda’. It was wrong of us to lie to her, and it was wrong of you to plan on lyin’ to me.”

“But…I wasn’t…”

“You were.”

“It isn’t as if I haven’t caught you on Andy yourself, lately.” Nicholas was starting to get mad, but he was not sure if he was mad at himself or at Danny.

“Yeah but that was always…I mean, you were around. I knew you’d find us. I just always thought we’d be far enough along that you’d…dunno…join in. I’d never do anything without you, Nicholas. Not on purpose.”


“But that was still wrong, wasn’it? And we were still lyin’ to Liz.” Danny put his hands on his hips, and glared out of the window, and Nicholas knew he desperately needed to say something but he had no idea what. “I have to go, Nicholas. I’ll check on you later.” Danny walked out without looking him in the eyes.

He did not come back that day. Or the next, and it was just as well, because by that point, Andy showed up with his suitcase and a black eye and nowhere else to go.
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zombie survivalist: bucky bitesbeccavox on October 25th, 2007 12:23 am (UTC)
damn...this is angsty. You're tearing my heart out with this one...I was worried for a minute that Nicholas was dead at the end of part 1. I hope all's well that ends well.

I do like Andrew as a sweet neighborhood bully: that feels right. And I'm glad Liz wasn't okay with everything...

Keep 'em coming...!
lacking in glitter: subtexttawg on October 25th, 2007 04:42 am (UTC)
Andrew Wainwright. Straight. Vanilla. And out for blood.
Best description ever.

Mmmm... delicious angst. I can see now what you mean by 'pulling everyone apart'. But, I still like it. And I really like Safi. And I look forward to the next bit.
mikes_grrl on October 25th, 2007 10:16 am (UTC)
Oh no...you like Safi?

Too bad. Remember this is all about breaking things (in particular, Andrew)...ooo I just KNEW i'd piss everyone off...

*pouts unreasonably*

zombie survivalistbeccavox on October 26th, 2007 12:52 am (UTC)
oh, hell...now I've got to go read part 3 immediately! What's gonna happen?