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07 October 2007 @ 07:48 pm
Even Mountains Crumbe, Part Two  
Title: Even Mountains Crumble
Fandom: Hot Fuzz
Character/s: NA/DB, NA/AC/DB
Word Count: 8,900 (in two parts)
Rating: NC-17 + BDSM (hardcore! Really! For the love of god, I mean it!)
Summary: Angst, lots and lots of Andes angst: Cartwright finds out something about himself he wish he never saw. Or just call this The Story of ‘A’. As in, you know…

10/16/07 EDIT: I went back and changed this story to match conventional fan fic naming conventions for the Andes:

Part Two

Andy’s shock at Angel’s hit was complete. He was burned raw emotionally and thought he was going to blow himself up with the tension he felt, but Angel’s blow solved that. He was aware of the fact that Angel held back, only using a portion of his strength in the slap, but it was still powerful and grounding. His skin stung and his eyes were a bit hazed, but his body felt like it was uncoiling from a deadly grip.

Andy dreamed of things like this; Andrew joked with him about his porn collection, telling him he just needed a “dog” to kick around. Andy laughed with him and made similar jokes and never, ever admitted that in his mind, in his fantasies, he was the dog getting kicked. Andy knew he was a slut and enjoyed it but he never seriously considered going down that other road: perverts and queers did that sort of thing. No way a real man would lie still and let someone beat the crap out of him, no way.

Unless it was not like that. Unless...it was more like his wet dreams, when he knew he could give up control and not worry about consequences and just let all the shame and guilt and fear slip away under the strong hands of a man who knew how to beat him senseless.


Nicholas paused to watch and gauge Andy’s reaction. He was not someone who did this often; certainly, it was never Janine’s thing and he could not bear to think of laying a hand on Danny that way...although Liz, now, she might...he shook his head to clear those thoughts out. Not now, he told himself. Now, he was in the middle of some kind of psychological crisis with a man who was definitely, completely and wholeheartedly a bottom in a way that Nicholas could just barely fathom, and in a way that even Andy probably was not aware of nor willing to accept easily. Nicholas decided right then that it was his job – and that is how he thought of the situation, as a job that needed to be done according to some sort of standards – to put Andy back together, even if that meant pulling him apart by the seams.

He squeezed his knees against Andy’s torso to brace both of them and with his other hand hit Andy on the opposite side of his face. He looked up to check Danny’s hold on Andy’s arms and looked right into eyes burning with a dark, rarely revealed passion. In that brief moment, Nicholas decided that later, he was going to have to re-assess his thoughts about Danny.

Meanwhile...he hauled off and slapped Andy again. Third time’s the charm, he thought as he heard and saw the explosive gasp of pain and pleasure that shook through Andy’s body, a release of emotions that even Nicholas could tell was cataclysmic. Under him, he felt Andy’s erection pressing up against all odds.

“Danny.” Nicholas just pointed at Andy. Danny moved to cross Andy’s wrists and hold them with one hand, and leaned forward to push down on his chest with the other. In this position, Danny’s crotch was nearly right over Andy’s head. Nicholas paused, waiting for Andy to react to that, but he did not move. He just laid there with the two men pressing on different parts of his body. Shrugging, Nicholas went to work stripping him down to skin. He thought getting the pants off might be tricky, but again, Andy laid limp as rag, finally closing his eyes and breathing evenly. It was the shirt that proved an issue.

Nicholas pulled up the polo in the starting move to slip it off Andy but as soon as Danny leaned back and went to re-arrange Andy’s hands, Andy curled up and made to punch Nicholas in the gut. Nicholas grabbed his hand in mid strike, pulled him self up on his knees and slammed a fist into Andy’s head. As Andy fell back, his expression dazed, Nicholas backhanded him right into Danny’s arms.

“Okay, Danny?”

“Yeah, Nicky. Just fine!” Danny grinned.

Andy was somewhere else, not hearing them. Nicholas smiled, then saw that one of them had bled on his shirt. He took a moment to take off the uniform shirt and undershirt, which felt good in any case. He glanced up at Danny.

“Would you like to feel that?” He pointed at AAndy’s naked torso, and Danny gave him a confused look. Nicholas leaned forward and kissed Danny, which mashed Andy’s face into his own chest. As he kissed Danny, which was a spur of the moment idea, he felt Andy turn slightly, moving his head, and suddenly Nicholas gasped and was pushing himself into both men as Danny kissed him fiercely and Andy sucked on his nipple. He reached behind Andy and somehow, fighting against the pressure the three of them had on each other, managed to unbutton Danny’s shirt so that Andy’s body was lying against Danny’s bare chest.

Nicholas finally pulled back and saw Andy lean his head back against Danny, his eyes closed. Smiling, Danny kissed him on the forehead as if he were petting a puppy and Nicholas actually giggled. He caught himself and tried to think of what to do next. The problem with being a top, he reasoned, was that everyone always expected you to know where the whole thing was going. Nicholas was not too proud to admit, to himself anyway, that he knew no such thing.


Andy was not outside of himself, but he was drifting there and back enough to make it a place he longed to be. He needed something more to get to it, though, and when Angel went to strip him down he took it. The first hard blow from Angel’s fist nearly knocked him out, but it was the backhanded bitch slap, a bit of unnecessary humiliation that was thrown at him well after he was defeated, that finally let him slide down into sensual oblivion as he felt warm skin all around him and the smell of men in passion. For the first time in his life, he was utterly gone, and it was beautiful.


Nicholas realized that Andy was completely done in, mentally. He had caved and was now just a body in heat, a man broken to the whims of another man. Upon reflection, Nicholas thought that this was a bad moment to play with. Bring him out of it wrong, and Andy would kill...himself, or them, or just damn near anyone. Nicholas’ clinical mind understood that what was needed now was some form of positive reinforcement, and he really knew of no better way to make a man feel positive about himself than to get him off. He shrugged again and scooted back.

He was not about to go oral. He did not do that, to Danny or to Liz, and sure as hell was not going to start now with Andy. Instead he wet down his hand with spit and grabbed Andy’s cock. Shock ran through the man’s body and Danny held him down as his back arched up. Nicholas was desperately trying to think of a way to make this more than just a hand job – effective, perhaps, but not fitting to the situation – when he finally just got mad at the absurdity of it all. This whole situation was out of control and he was sitting here jerking off another man, a man he was not even attracted to, in the god-damn locker room, when he was supposed to be in a committed relationship with Danny and Liz, and this had to be so against regulations that they all would be tarred and feathered in the streets of London if anyone found out. He stopped.

Andy moaned.

“No. You’ve had enough.” Nicholas rolled off to the side and sat down.

“Y’can’t just leave him, Nicky.” Danny tightened his grip.

“Yes, I can. This is out of control. Let go of him, Danny.” Nicholas went to stand up, walk away from this, change clothes and take Danny home for some seriously adventurous hard core action with someone he genuinely cared about.

“Nicholas...” Danny’s voice was low, and he never used Nicholas’ full given name unless something was wrong. Nicholas looked up to see Andy just barely struggling. Instinctively, without thinking, Nichoal reached out and backhanded him again. Danny gasped but he ignored him for once.

“You sonofabitch, don’t start fighting now. We’ve beat you, and we’ll beat you again if we have to. You lost. Can’t you figure that out, you stupid bastard?” Nicholas was working very hard at not yelling. “I don’t give a damn about your mental issues, or if you’re a pervert, or if your fucking Wainwright, okay? Get over it!” Nicholas felt his control breaking as he threw another backhand across Andy’s face. Stilled, Andy stared back at him, tears in his eyes, angry and scared.

“Nick...stop.” Danny looked at him, stern and loving and worried. Nicholas sat back and rubbed his face, disappointed in himself.

“Right, Danny.”


Danny and Nicholas stared at Andy when he spoke, almost surprised that he had a voice.

“Andrew, I really don’t want to be here.” Nicholas said simply.


It was not that Angel stopped the hand job, it was the look Angel gave him right before he did. It was full hatred, disdain, and revulsion. It was that look that crushed Andy, that made him actually want Angel, and more so, made him want Angel to want him. If he ever felt that way about any man, he did not know it. And he knew it was not particularly Angel, either; this was not about love. That part of Andy was...somewhere else. This was simply about knowing that a man, a man he respected for all of the verbal abuse Andy aimed at him, wanted him. That a man with hands like that, arms so strong as to hold him down against his will, would be willing to take him completely, to take him where ever he wanted to go without asking Andy first. That a man might take that kind of risk for his sake was a chance Andy realized he was willing to do anything for.


“I told you, I don’t want to be here.”

“Fuck!...” Andy cried out in frustration, struggling, glad that Danny was not about to let go of him. Andy was not even sure of what he was asking for, though: more slaps? The hand job? To get fucked in the ass? Not that last, he decided, but still, he needed Angel somehow. He just did not know how. Until he said it.

“I’m begging, you bastard. I’m begging you...don’t leave me.”

Angel looked at him in surprise and Andy felt the humiliating admission rip part of his soul away as he just started crying.


Danny’s own surprise at hearing those words were mirrored in Nicky’s face. They looked at each other and something in Nicky’s expression told Danny this was not over yet, as he felt Andy wracking himself breathless, sobbing. Nicky got down on one knee and took Andy’s wet face in his hands and kissed him full on the lips, and Danny thought he was going to groan with pleasure. He enjoyed watching Nicholas kissing, and this was first class Nicky action. They kept kissing as Nicky reached a hand down and rubbed Andy’s cock – Danny was rather surprised at the size of it, thinking that Andy had a way of keeping it well hidden in his pants...not that Danny ever looked. Finally Nicky pulled back from the kiss, returned to his position straddling Andy’s thighs, and used both of his hands to push and pull on Andy.

“Look at him.” Danny whispered into Andy’s ear. Personally, Danny could not imagine a more beautiful site than Nicky half naked and rubbing on a cock, and he thought that Andy should have sense enough to enjoy it too. Andy started a little, glancing around at Danny, but then did as he was told. Danny liked that. Nicky had a habit of never doing what he was told; it was nice that someone did.

Danny leaned forward again and started kissing Andy’s ear. His crush on Andy had ended years before and in silence, but now he remembered what he liked about him. He ran his tongue over and into his ear, enjoying the low moans of pleasure that were starting to come from him. Danny noticed, though, that Andy kept glancing nervously away from Nicky, who was as usual entirely too focused on what he was doing to see what was being done.

“Stop squirming,” Danny said, and Andy stopped. Danny was liking this more and more. “Put your feet on t’floor.” Andy bent his legs slightly and placed his feet flat on the floor. “Push into his hands.” Again, Andy did exactly what he was told, rolling his hips to move himself deeply into Nicky’s grasp. This was control of a sort Danny rarely held; he remembered feeling this way when The Shootout started, and Nicky first threw him that shotgun: Power. Danny knew it was not the same type of situation at all but he felt the rush, the testosterone fueled, brain addling power trip, and he was going to ride it.

“Y’fuckin’ loving this, you know.” Danny whispered, smiling, and Andy nodded. Danny tightened his grip and took the plunge. “And you’ll love it more when I come on you.”


Danny laughed, and finally Nicky looked up at him. Danny shook his head and Nicky was back to his task. He knew Nicky was good at this and enjoyed it, despite repeated protests, and that Andy would not hold out for much longer; he was sweating, and panting, and bucking. “I’ll come on you, and Nicky is going to come in you, and you better take it like a real man, Andy.”

Those words seemed to do something and Andy groaned and pushed against Nicky and gasped. Danny leaned back into his ear. “And when you come, mutherfuckerrrrr, you’re going to say his name.”

Andy gasped, wound himself up in Danny’s crushing grip, and did exactly what he was told.


Nicholas looked around for his shirt to wipe his hands on while Andy collapsed, breathless, under him. He was very surprised that Andy called out his name, not “Angel” even but “Nicholas,” at the moment of his climax. In fact Nicholas was expecting another name entirely, and he found it a bit erotic that Andy said his instead. Nice, even. Certainly sexy.

He motioned for Danny to move back and they stretched Andy on the ground, moving his arms up above his head again while Nicholas moved to perch on his stomach. He looked at Danny who was flushed and highly...amused?

“I don’t think we’re done, Nicky.” Danny grinned.

“You feel like something, Danny?” Nicholas laughed and pressed himself down against Andy’s torso, sitting on his stomach, his hands on a lock grip on his upper arms, bolting them to the ground.

“Fuck yeah.” Danny said as he lifted one hand off of AAndy’s arms, knowing that Nicholas had the situation under control. He undid his pants and pulled out his cock, and started pumping it. Hard. His other hand finally left off holding down Andy as he moved it to one side to prop himself up.

Andy , drenched in sweat and dazed, looked up at Nicholas, some odd flash of understanding in his eyes that Nicholas did not fathom. Danny leaned forward and kissed Nicholas, passionately, as Andy lay under them. Nicholas could feel Danny’s frantic motions as he worked himself up, which under the circumstances did not take long. The kiss ended with Danny gasping and grunting in a way that Nicholas did not find familiar; it was a strangled cry and his face was flushed red in heat and when he came he was unusually loud. He pumped his hand against himself to the point that Nicholas knew there would be some tenderness there for days; he finished by pushing his head into Nicholas’ shoulder, still yelling. Nicholas felt Andy react underneath him as Danny’s liquid covered his face and neck.

“God…god…god…” It was Andy . Danny fell backwards, not even bothering to put himself back together, just sitting back, propping himself up with his arms, his head up as he gasped for breath. “Damn…fuck…” Andy’s head was swinging back and forth and he was utterly incoherent and Nicholas wondered for a terrible second if they had gone too far. He released Andy’s arms but Andy did not bring them back down.

“Andrew?” Nicholas asked hesitantly.

Andy took a huge, shuddering breath, pulled his arms up and grabbed Nicholas’ shoulders, pulling him down into what was a sticky, warm, and slippery kiss. It was not something that did much for Nicholas, but he figured what the hell, it was too late now to get finicky. He lowered himself down to where he started, lying on top of Andy, and rested his hands on his chest, feeling the hard pounding of Andy’s heart. It was time for...something. He blanked.

He felt Andy slowly getting another hard on against his own, and Nicholas was keenly aware that he was the only one who had not come yet. He was so busy trying to keep the situation from going to hell in a hand basket that he had not thought it was something he was going to get to do until later, alone, with Danny. Now, however, he was having second thoughts about that plan. He moved his hips against Andy as they continued to kiss – he gave him that, the man was a marathoner – and pushed his erection into the flesh of Andy’s groin. His pants were still on but he was shirtless and he rubbed his bare chest against Andy, feeling the soft fur of the man and his hot, dripping wet skin. Nicholas was surprised that Andy could even control his arms after their extended entrapment, but he did, wrapping them around his back. They were both absolutely covered in sweat and Nicholas suspected they felt more like eels at that point than men. He grunted in surprise when one of Andy’s hands drifted below his lower back and under his pants towards his ass, and he pushed himself harder against him.

He was even more surprised when he felt Andy pull up, still locked in their kiss, and move to push Nicholas onto his back. They rolled together, never breaking their lips, and Andy finally got on top. Nicholas flashed on a very disturbing idea for just a second, until he felt Andy’s lips move from his and float down his neck. He let go of Andy and pushed himself up on his elbows. He watched critically as Andy moved down his chest. It felt marvelous, those soft lips and that somewhat ticklish moustache, but he was worried. This was moving towards something he was fairly certain Andy was not ready for. He glanced over to Danny, who looked absolutely thrilled, which Nicholas did not think was very helpful.

“Andrew...” Nicholas said it simply, not as a question or a request or plea, just an attempt bring Andy back from where ever he was. It was a beautiful place, Nicholas admitted, watching the younger man’s naked, shining body move against his.

Andy stopped cold at the sound of his name. He did not move, and did not look up at Nicholas, just froze, staring at Nick’s stomach and breathing heavily. Nicholas’ squinted for a second and then realized that it was not over for Andy. Andy needed proof of some kind, and he did not have the strength to do it himself. Nicholas sighed, considering for a moment that he really appreciated Danny’s more laid back approach to this whole thing, and wondering as well if he had been as much a hassle to Danny way back when as Andy was being to him now.

He grabbed a handful of Andy’s hair and did his best attempt at a manly growl, pushing him down. “Lower.”

He used his other hand to undo his pants and slide his cock out. His arousal was and had been incredibly intense for some time, and his member was thick and swollen. He went back to propping himself up on one elbow and used Andy’s hair to steer him. He felt Andy shudder a bit and maybe even reconsider but Nicholas, slowly and surely reaching to point of not caring anymore, just yanked Andy’s head and pushed his face against his cock. At that point, feeling the flush of Andy’s skin against him, he realized that he wanted nothing more in the world than to have his cock in someone’s mouth, and fuckit, Andy was damned convenient right now. Andy was also stalling.

“You wanted to be here. You started this. By god, you’re finishing it.”

Andy paused, nodded, and didn’t move. Suddenly Nicholas saw Danny in his frame of vision. He was back in his pants, although his shirt was still undone, and he walked up to them and planted his foot into the middle of Andy’s back. Nicholas’ eyes popped in surprise, and he was speechless, just looking up at Danny.

“I said do it,” Danny ordered, leaning in heavily, and Nicholas thought it should be funny but it wasn’t. His next thought was that it was very effective as Andy’s mouth closed around his cock. It was not great sex for Nicholas, and it sure was not the loving attention that Danny gave him in these situations, but it was sincere and it was hot. Nicholas could not help but watch the entrapped Andy, with his head between his legs, his hands shifting as he tried to figure out what he was doing with them, his own body pushing up against Danny’s foot. Soon it did not matter to Nicholas much anymore, as he felt his heat rising and he began pushing AAndy’s mouth further down on him. He felt his other arm slip out from under him and he laid back on the floor completely, and his hips moved against Andy’s shoulders and he looked up, gasping, to see Danny grinning high above him, forcing Andy’s body to the floor, watching, delighted and wicked like a naughty boy. That was more erotic to him than Andy’s amateur attentions and he reached down to grasp Andy’s head with both hands, to shove him down as he came, strangling his own voice and pushing himself into Andy as far as he could. His world was oblivion.


Andy laid flat, facing the floor, holding himself up on his elbows, gasping, his head hanging down and his gaze fixed squarely on the carpet. Angel nearly killed him with his damn cock and tears were streaming down his face from the stress and the tension and the release. He was aware of Nicholas pulling away and Danny helping him to stand, and of the two men kissing, and in his mind he screamed “fags!” until he thought about what he had just done.

He felt Danny shove him a bit with his foot, as if trying to roll him over, and heard Angel say sharply, “No, Danny. Leave him alone.” It might humiliate a weaker man, Andy thought, but he was not that man, and being used like a tool was something only a real man could do and survive intact. He knew that; from experience, now, he knew that.

It was all okay though, even as he laid still and naked on the locker room floor and heard Angel and Danny finally clean up, get dressed and leave. Andy knew he would be alright, in fact fucking better than he ever was in his life before, and his greatest regret was that this revelation came from Angel and Danny, and not...no, he was not going to think about that right now. Later, he had a lot of thinking to do. And a lot of new porn to buy.


“You know that Liz can never find out about this,” Nicholas said that evening, very formally, as they drank a couple of pints in a lonely corner of the pub.

Danny smiled and held up his glass. “’Eyyyy, Nicky…it’s a guy thing.”
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nomuh on October 8th, 2007 06:28 am (UTC)
Oh my mother fucking god! Okay, forget everything else you’re writing and follow this up instead, because that was, like, retarded hot!!

I never thought about it, but somehow it fits Andrew better to be a compleat bottom instead of a top. It would outweight his usual behaviour wonderfully (I always thought he was more of an ass than Andy). The idea of him being his usual self, ironic and nasty to everyone around him and having Andy follow him around like an equally nasty dog, and then when it’s time for bed he suddenly drops to his knees, makes me very, very happy.

And I’m so very greatful that you included Danny. He was really getting into this, and I have so much love for his “boyishly happy top” behaviour in this fic. He acted like Andrew was a new toy for them to play with, and I imagine that he could have kept this up all night (which I would also have enjoyed reading about).

And seriously; you have to follow this op. I have to know what happens to him and Andy, and if Nicholas and Danny will have any part in it (if only to see more boyishly happy top Danny). I am a major dominatrix myself, but just for this once I would happily bend down and lick your boots if that would make you explore bottom!Andrew more. :)
mikes_grrl on October 8th, 2007 04:06 pm (UTC)
Oh. No. This is Cartwright, not Wainwright. :( Sorry. I mixed up the Andrew/Andy convention and stuck with it. Now I'm really thinking about changing it, although to me, sweet-face younger boi Cartwright is really more of an "Andrew." Oh futz.

But thank you for the praise! Yes, eventually there will be more, and Wainwright as well. And more 'boyishly happy' topping from Danny, which was a lot of fun to write.

Must say, the invitation to lick MY boots does bring up interesting ideas for the Andes....nothing wrong with a switch hitter...
nomuh on October 8th, 2007 10:21 pm (UTC)
Aw, what a shame. Wainwright really would be my favorite kind of bottom. Now all there’s left is for me to hope that Wainwright will get involved in just a little bottoming. ;)
I think people have named Cartwright Andy because Wainwright refers to him as such in the movie, and we never get to hear what Andy calls Andrew.

And to me, Danny kind of acts as if his various lovers come with different manuals. He seem to be thinking, “Oh, so this is how a Nicholas works, so I’ll have to do this and this to turn him on” and “Okay, so an Andy likes to get slapped around and humiliated, so I’ll see what I can do to make him work”. So instead of going, “Sorry Andy, I don’t do stuff like that” he just jumps right into it with an open mind, and all happy to be trying something new. Like a boy with new toys, with different manuals. It’s adorable :)
lacking in glitter: subtexttawg on October 8th, 2007 09:51 am (UTC)
Nicky had a habit of never doing what he was told; it was nice that someone did.
I think that is a beautiful description of Nicholas, right there. And if he did do what he was told, he'd manage to make life hell for everyone else in the process.

Angel nearly killed him with his damn cock
I'm sure you didn't intend to write that as a 'lol' line, but it stuck me with an image of Angel's cock being like some new super weapon. Able to bring down whole villages at a time.

A lovely, steamy second chapter.
(Deleted comment)
mikes_grrl on October 9th, 2007 01:24 am (UTC)
Glad you like? Thank you!