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29 September 2007 @ 08:53 pm
"Shot Down" Pt. 5 (The End!)  
Title: Shot Down, Part Five
Fandom: Hot Fuzz
Character/s: NA/DB/Liz
Word Count: 28,000 total (part five, 4,300)
Rating: NC-17+
Summary: The beginning of the Ring Cycle.

Background (Links go to my LJ):
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

Shot Down, Part Five

She only agreed to meet with Inspector Angel for lunch again because Danny was so disappointed when she first refused. She also refused to doing movie night more than once a week, believing it the best way to stay out of Danny and Inspector Angel’s relationship. Despite Danny’s best – or worst, depending on the level of criteria used to judge – efforts to convince her that they really really cared about her ‘that way,’ she was only up to the point of being friends with Danny. That was enough, and she thought it should be enough for Danny, but he never once said anything but the honest truth to her about his intentions to ‘date’ her, and for her ‘date’ Nicholas, and while it was endearing and refreshingly straightforward, it was very damned annoying.

The lunches with Inspector Angel were much, much worse.

“You won’t ever call me by my name again, will you.” He said it sadly, pushing his fork around in the pudding.

“I just think some formality between us might be best.”

He sighed, looked to the heavens, and then leaned forward, placing his chin on his folded hands.

“I fucked you, you know.”

Floored, Liz just stared at him. It was true and they both knew it but it was not the type of thing she could ever imagine coming out of his mouth. The look of shock on her face was apparently what he was waiting for, though.

“Liz, I appreciate the distance you are trying to maintain, but I do not see what good it is doing either of us. Danny wants us to be friends, and you and I have been unpardonably inmate. You can pretend that we mean nothing to each other but I, for one, don’t believe it for a minute.” He released his hands, picked up his fork, and concentrated on his food again, not waiting for a reply.


“Nicholas should be here, Danny. It’s not really fair of you to kick him out every time we watch movies together.”

“He’s used to it.” Danny, who never tried Indian food before Liz started bringing it to their movie nights, was sopping up the chicken tandoori with the last of the paneer nan.

“But doesn’t he like Shanghai Noon?”

“Not really.” He chewed and watched the movie.

“I thought he said he did.”

“Gawww. Not.”

“But Danny…”

“Shhh.” He wiped his hands and settled closer to her on the couch.


The first time they kissed it was nothing like the mad passion of seduction she was used to. In fact it was a good night kiss, mostly innocent on all counts. But it was a kiss, and not so innocent as to be ‘brotherly’ or ‘friendly’ if only because Danny snaked his tongue out in the final moment to run it over her lips. She looked at him severely and he grinned and laughed and she ended up smiling anyway, shaking her head.


“You know Danny kissed me last night.”

“Oh yes. He really enjoyed it too, by all reports.”

Liz stared at him. “By all reports?”

“Officially.” Nicholas nodded with a sly grin, sipping his cranberry juice.

“Officially, you two have ganged up on me at this point, Nicholas.” Liz sighed and pushed her plate away.

“You can’t claim innocence.”

“I don’t. I just claim the right of refusal.”

He looked at her. “What did I do now?”

“Nothing. Why?”

“Usually women break up with me after we’ve started dating.”

“According to Mrs. Cooper at the bookshop we are as good as engaged.”

“There you go, then.” He laughed. “Seriously, Liz, if you aren’t interested, then just stop visiting Danny. Don’t join me for lunch. As long as you do, Danny will think he’s got a chance.”

“So this is all about Danny?”

Nicholas looked at the table, blushing slightly, but looking moody. “I pushed things with you when we were both vulnerable and I know you don’t trust me because of it.”

“That? No, that has nothing to do with it.” She understood why he would think that, but it really was not fair to let him beat himself up over it. Enjoyable, but not fair. “Anyway, don’t you feel a bit weird setting up your boyfriend with someone else?”

“Maybe it’s not all about Danny.”


“So you dating both of them?”

“Not sure.”

“Oi, don’t be coy wit’ me, girl.”

“I don’t know, Geo. It’s just so odd.”

“Not like you ain’t done a threeway.”

“Not like you didn’t set that up, if I remember correctly.”

“It was your thirtieth birthday! I couldn’ afford the Jimmy Choos.”

“Threeways are cheaper then a pair of Choos?”

“They are if they owe you.”

Liz shook her head. “I feel so special now.”

“I feel so left out.”

“Come visit, then.”

“We been over dis.”

“Okay, fine.”

“You goin’ to give these boys a break?”

“It’s not about the sex, Geo.”

“Thank fuck for that. I was wondering when you would become human again.”

“Shut up, Geo.”


For a change, it was all three of them sitting together. There did not seem anything peculiar to that, and Danny was pleased. They were at Liz’ office, and it was ostensibly ‘after work’ although for Liz that seemed like a flexible definition.

“Soooo…cattle rustling.” She look disbelievingly between the two of them.

“Yes.” Nicholas nodded.

“No, weren’t that. You two…” Danny shook his head. They looked at him. “The Brown’s been tradin’ cattle with the Reapers since ‘fore God.”

“Then why did they file rustling charges?” Nicholas stared at him.

“Young Joe there just got a temper on ‘im. Bet the Andes ‘misplace’ the paperwork by ‘morning.”

“They certainly better not!” Nicholas looked appalled.

“Better that than a showdown. Last time the Browns and Reapers went at it, four barns burned down.”

“Good god! When was that?” Nicholas sat back in horror.

“Ohhhh…hmmm…1873? No, was that in ’32…?” Danny tried to remember, but suspected he was confusing the dates with the Great Pub Riot of ’51…or ‘32. “Dunno, I guess. But you don’t want to rile them on it.”

Liz nodded knowingly but Nicholas just looked blank. City boys, Danny thought with amusement.

“Then we’ll just leave it out of the paper until a barn burns down.” She clicked and shut down the window on the screen. “No point in starting a feud. Got like that once back home, some sheep went missing for a whole week.”

“Oooo….” Danny gasped.

“I know! Nothing to it, of course, but it was down to pitchforks before it was done.”

“Sheep okay?”

“Psychologically traumatized: they were kept in a basement below the butcher shop the whole time. Poor dears.”

Danny nodded in sympathy for the poor terrorized sheep – those monsters, to put them below the butcher! -- but Nicholas looked back and forth between them.

“You are all insane.”

Liz laughed. “I’ve been called worse.”

“So no story? So we get movie night, then?” Danny went back to the important topic.

“Oh, well, I guess so.” Liz said, surprised, and looked at Nicholas.

“I need to get home and...”

“You watered Lily last night. You’re comin’ to movie night.” Danny sniffed.


“S’okay, Nicholas. I don’t mind.” Liz said neutrally, and Danny knew she might not be entirely happy with it, but she was the one who brought up letting Nicholas join them last week. They left Liz to shut down her office and she said she would be there by seven, with dinner. Nicholas trailed Danny outside on the street.

“You sure about this, Danny? She’s still not very comfortable with me around.”

“She could always say no.”

“Yes, I told her that.” Nicholas said, and Danny looked over at him.

“You would! Dummy. No, she needs to get used to both of us together.”

“You really think you have this planned out, don’t you?”

Danny stopped and looked at him. “One of us has to, an’ you jus’ messed it up last time, yeah?”

Nicholas looked down ashamed, and Danny felt bad so he slapped him on the shoulder. “If she don’t show, then we know my plan’s no good, yeah? So com’on.”


Nicholas was not there when she arrived, and she suspected he might not show at all, and she was uncertain if that pleased her or not. Danny greeted her with a kiss, and she gave a half-hearted attempt to kiss back, but it still felt terribly too personal for a friendship. She kicked herself, thinking that she needed to decide what she wanted, and if that was not Danny, then she better just leave and go down to the pub for some action.

She did not leave, of course, and she tried not to think about the implications of that.


Nicholas was outrageously nervous, and just kept repeating to himself that it was just movie night…movie night…movie night. Anyway, when it came to Liz, Danny was proving to be the master tactician and there was no choice but to follow his lead.

He arrived just past eight, having dithered in uncertainty for over an hour. He brought some lager and was heading to the kitchen when he saw that every square inch of the coffee table and several moving boxes were covered in Indian food. Spicy, incredibly hot and aromatic Indian food.

“You do this every week?” Nicholas asked in shock.

“Ohhh it’s good, Nicky! Really! Try the aloo palak! It don’t got any meat, neither.” Danny waved a heaping plate of food at him.

“No thank you.” He went and put the lager in the icebox and came back to find both Liz and Danny stuffing themselves.

“It’s not bad. Being there is only one Indian place in town, we’re kind of limited on choice. But their nan is to die for.” Liz called from the couch, chewing.


“So…ConAir or Air Force One?” Danny pointed at the TV. Grimacing, Nicholas picked up ConAir and put it on.

“Good one, Nicky! Liz thinks Cage is sexyyy.”

She punched Danny in the arm and Nicholas laughed.

Nicholas carefully watched them out the corner of his eye as the movies rolled past him. Liz was technically between them, but Nicholas shoved himself into the far armrest as much as possible, and she was curled up next to Danny with his arm around her so that the middle of the couch was empty. Later, after a few lagers, he saw Danny start running his hand up and down her arm in a casual way, but there was no way she did not register what he was doing. Nicholas doubted it was planned, though, and for all he knew it was what Danny did every time she was next to him. But to him it was a new and erotic touch to observe, and his hard on come on immediately. He pulled his legs up and curled into himself.

“You okay?” Liz looked over.

“Yes, just a leg cramp.” He made a show of massaging his calf.

She stretch out like a cat, her arms over her head, reaching over the back of the couch, while her legs pushed out across the floor, arching her back, her eyes closed. “I know, it gets crampy on this couch sometimes.”

Danny was watching her delightedly, and looked over at Nicholas with glee, as if he were the luckiest man on earth to have this woman stretching her back next to him. Nicholas broke out into a sweat and wondered what the hell he was doing here.

“You sure you’re okay, Nicholas?” She sat up and looked at him. “You’re sweating.”

“Stop the movie.” It was a command, in Nicholas’ best I’m-the-Inspector voice, and Danny obeyed it immediately.

“Liz, I’m sorry, but I…can’t just…be here.”

“Nicky!” Danny pouted.

“No, damnit. This isn’t working.”

“Nicky…” Danny’s voice turned to a warning tone.

Liz sat on the edge of the couch, nearly facing backwards, looking between them. At her glance, Danny cast his eyes down.

“Look, Liz, please understand. I need you to understand.” Nicholas unwound himself, his rush of desire gone, and rubbed his sweaty palms on his jeans.

“Understand what?” Her voice was low, and dangerous, and Nicholas was reminded of himself.

“I love you.”

Danny’s head snapped up and stared at him, surprised, but not upset as Nicholas feared. Just surprised.

“Nicholas.” Liz squinted, displeased with the admission.

“You always say it’s not about sex, and it isn’t. I love Danny, and you know that, but…I want this. All of this.” He waved his arm around the room, indicating them and the food and the movie and just…them. He knew he was explaining it poorly and looked at Danny in desperation, but Danny did not react, and Nicholas floundered.

“What do you want me to say, Nicholas?” Liz asked quietly, and he sighed in relief, because he knew the answer to this.

“That you’ll trust us enough to give us a chance.”

“Things like this…get dangerous sometimes.”

Danny squinted in confusion, and Nicholas did not fully understand, but it was her history and he would not argue about something he did not know anything about.

“I can only promise to do my best not to hurt you.”

She turned around and face the TV. Danny reached up and tentatively rubbed her back, and she did not move away. Nicholas, on the other hand, was frozen to his seat.


“Yeah, Liz. It’s be nice if you gave us a break.” Danny shrugged and put his hand on her knee. “I love you too, Liz. Don’cha know that?”

Nicholas expected her to explode, but instead she just sat still, staring at the couch.

“Don’y love us, Lizzie?” Danny leaned in. He said it as if it were a normal thing to ask, as if to him, of course she should love them both.

“I don’t know how that feels anymore. I forgot about it a long time ago. I just don’t know.”

Nicholas nearly shrieked in frustration. “Damnit, Liz! Of course you know! You know! How could you not know? We’ve waited fucking months for you!”

Her mouth dropped open in shock, and even Danny looked taken aback.

“You think this is just to fuck you? Are you blind?” Nicholas felt like throttling her. “This isn’t about that! This is about you. You! I…we want you, and not just like that! We want you here.” He pointed at the couch. Unable to stay seated, he got up and paced the room, then walked back and sat down right next to her. She and Danny were holding their breath. He put his hands on her thighs gently, although he felt himself shaking.

“Liz, don’t shut us out. Don’t think that we won’t be here in the morning. Don’t believe whatever fucked up ideas you’ve had about sex or love or me. Listen to Danny.”

Danny was surprised to be put on the spot, but rallied. “Lizzie, can’t we all be together? Like we are now?” He wrapped his arms around her waist and rested his head against the back of her shoulder.

If something cracked in her, Nicholas did not hear it, but she reached her hands up and took his face in them. They sat like that for a moment, then she pulled him in to her mouth and kissed him in a way unlike she had before, the night they kissed at her office. It was hot and desperate and languid, and he leaned into her, his hands tightening their grip on her thighs. It felt like it lasted forever, but he was brought out of the moment by the feeling of someone, of Danny’s, hand running over the hard on in his pants. Her hands were still on his face, and with the realization that both of them were touching him, needing him, desiring him, he felt overcome with a raging passion.


Liz had no words left. It did seem obvious to her that she loved them both, but it was such a risk, such a huge leap of faith, that it always felt beyond anything she could be allowed to hope for. She played with fire, knowing that at some point Danny would try to do more than kiss her and she would not have the willpower to stop him, because it was really what she was waiting for, despite her inconsistent protests.

When Nicholas said he loved her, she knew she was well and truly in over her head, a terrifying place to be. There was no way she could have either man without the other, and no way they would accept anything less from her than…everything. To give them that was to turn her back on the fear and the shame and the anger, the parts that sometimes she felt kept her alive and sometimes felt were destroying her.

It wasn’t Nicholas’ partially thought out logic that broke her. It was Danny, his arms around her waist, asking for them to just all be together. It was such a straightforward request that it felt insane to say no.

She reached up to hold Nicholas’ face, and sensed his skin temperature rise instantly. She brought him to her lips and kissed him in exactly the way she dreamed of so many times, the way she refused to do the night on the floor of her office. They kissed and she pulled gently against Danny’s arms, just to feel their weight. One arm moved off her and she felt Danny lean forward a bit. She did not know what he was doing until Nicholas sucked in a gasp of air, breaking their kiss. She still held his face in her hands and she studied him, noticing Danny’s arm reaching across her into the darkness between Nicholas’ legs. His other arm slowly dragged her closer to him, then pulled her onto his leg so she was straddling it, her back against his chest. Her arms were extended, still holding Nicholas’ face, which was contorted with his eyes closed in pleasure, Danny stroking his obvious hard on through his pants. He finally opened his eyes and Liz shuddered.

This was sex, and it was familiar, but the look in Nicholas’ eyes were not just passion or lust, but need, a profound almost childlike desire to be wanted by her. She smiled and ran a thumb over his lips, and she felt Danny’s breath hitching as he watched.

Nicholas stood up. He stepped forward so that he, too, was straddling Danny’s leg, then sat down facing Liz. He pulled her shirt up and pushed her backwards so that she was reclining against Danny. Nicholas was breathing hard and grabbed her breasts as he pushed forward so that he was lying down over both of them, and closed the space by slamming his mouth into hers. He rubbed her breasts then released them, reaching down with both hands, pulling his waist back from her while still kissing. She felt and heard him undoing his pants, stepping out of them, and then pushing back against her. His erection was hot even through her own clothes. One of his arms dropped to the side and she felt Danny groaning, his own hands reaching up around her to grab her breasts. Danny pulled off her top and her bra, not bothering to do it properly, just pulling both off with brute force and throwing the clothes somewhere else. His hands returned to her breasts and she gasped as he pinched her hard nipples. Her hand instinctive reached to her side and found that Nicholas had skillfully, and with obvious practice one-handed, undone Danny’s pants and was stroking his cock. She rubbed her hand over his while they both stroked Danny, and suddenly there was no air anywhere as both men pressed against her, groaning.

Nicholas’ erection as practically stabbing her. She brought her other hand down to stroke him too, and he began thrusting against her.

“Danny…” It was Nicholas who spoke, who pulled them all apart for a moment. Danny, whose head was thrown back against the couch, looked up quizzically. Liz froze with one had on each cock, and objectively, it felt utterly absurd.

“Did I ever tell you what Liz asked of me once?” Nicholas brushed his lips over hers, smiling, and she squinted in confusion for an instant before the horror of his comment knocked her backwards.

“No, Nicky.” Danny kept his hands on her breasts, still, but firm.

“She said she wanted to feel like you.”

Danny laughed and she felt entirely humiliated. “Damn!” She tried to get out of the lock they had on her, but Danny pulled her to him and Nicholas grabbed her face in his hands, in imitation of the way she held him earlier.

“Stop it, Liz, stop it.”

She stopped squirming but gave him a fierce look, and he looked stricken.

“Liz, I want you feel like Danny, don’t you understand? I’m not…ghod, I’m not making fun of you.”

“Ay, Liz, it feels good to be me sometimes.”

Nicholas was trying not to laugh at that, but Liz head was ringing. Nicholas’ hands floated down past where Danny clutched her breasts to unbutton and unzip her pants. She breathed heavily, trying not to react, as he stood up to undress her completely, his hard on still strong.

“I think sometimes it feels incredible to be Danny.” Nicholas said as sat back down on Danny’s leg, using his hands to move her legs apart. His hands moved up past her to grab Danny’s shoulders behind her, and he pushed his erection against her, probing and exploring with his hips, causing her to gasp and cry out, until he found her opening and started to move inside of her. He sheathed himself entirely with one long, fluid moved and she felt his entire body shudder as she cried out. He was holding on to Danny for leverage and torque, and it was working on her beyond imagining.

“Danny…” Nicholas gasped, pulling out almost all the way before shoving himself back into her. Her back arched up in reaction, her breath gone.

“Ay?” Danny sounded rough and uneven, and distantly she realized he was stroking himself as Nicholas moved inside her.

“Move that hand down.”

Danny just grunted in reply and the hand that had still been hold her breast moved down her waist to her sex, and she cried out as his fingers dived into the space above Nicholas’ cock, stroking her clit in time with the strokes he was giving himself.

It was impossible to hold out too long against that, and she felt an orgasm forming in the depths of her soul. “Nick…Nick, don’t stop…” She grabbed his waist to pull him harder into her.

“I won’t, I won’t…ghod, Liz, please…come.”

She nodded once and threw all of her cautions away. Danny’s hand moved faster against her and she absolutely had no idea which name to call out.

“Liz, you’re so wet.” Danny said it, gasping, and she felt his hips start to roll underneath her and she tried to answer him but she came instead, crying out something, she had no idea what, feeling the both of them pushing her.

Nicholas was out of her in the next moment, and it was nearly shocking to her; she felt utterly limp. Something unspoken went between the men, and the next thing she knew Danny was moving to the floor, stripping off his clothes, while Nicholas held her up. Danny practically yanked her to him and threw himself into a kiss that was nearly earth shattering. They were on their knees, facing each other, and she finally felt his cock firmly against her skin. Nicholas stood next to them, stroking himself. Danny pushed her down onto her back, stopping for a moment to look at her body with unmitigated joy, before kneeling down on top of her. Instinctively she wrapped her legs around his and drew him down. He wasted no time, apparently believing the time for foreplay to be long over, and thrust himself into her with enough force to push her across the floor. He held his weight off of her otherwise, but his tongue was in her ear and the deep thrill of feeling him all over and in her caused her to cry out again.

“Danny…” Nicholas’ voice was soft and creamy above them. She opened her eyes to see Danny shifting, and she realized with shock what he was going to do.

Danny ground into her, crying out, as Nicholas entered him from behind. They moved quickly into a practiced rhythm, lying against each other, Danny supporting Nicholas’ weight while keeping his off of her, and grinding as hard as he could the while.

She came again quickly, almost senseless from pleasure, one hand grasping Danny’s upper arm while her other hand reached up to stroke Nicholas’ chest. His reaction was electric, something that sounded like he had been holding onto for years, and at the cry Danny suddenly tensed, pushed his forehead into the floor next to her shoulder, and yelled out, his hips quaking and pounding in a free and uncontrolled rhythm.

Nicholas did not answer Danny’s orgasm coherently, just opened his mouth and called out into the night, throwing himself against Danny as if against a wall. Liz gasped and started crying involuntarily, overcome at the sight, as Nicholas pushed twice more against her hand and Danny’s body and finally came with an explosive movement of his hips that unsettled all of them and they crashed to floor in a heap, Nicholas’ head smacking into the coffee table with a sound like a gunshot.


Danny woke up in bed between them in the morning. She was curled next to him, her lips lightly pressed against his arm; Nicholas was (as usual) on his back, with one arm flung possessively over Danny’s stomach, the bruise on his cheek shining and dark and, to Danny, fabulously beautiful. Danny smiled and looked up to the ceiling, trying not to laugh. Every time he got shot, he somehow always got exactly what he wanted.

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zombie survivalistbeccavox on September 30th, 2007 08:39 am (UTC)
no, it's not canon...but who the hell cares? It's 3:30 in the morning because I couldn't stop reading and go to bed...and now I can't sleep. Looks like it's time to watch a little Hot Fuzz...

Nice stuff...I like that Liz is just as uptight as Angel...'cause he does have a stick up his ass. And I do think he could be a jerk occasionally...

Thanks for posting this!
mikes_grrl on October 1st, 2007 01:12 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I tried to balance Liz on the Angel/Butterman spectrum somewhere, and that was not easy. I think nomuh correctly points out that she is in danger of being too perfect. Oh well, it still came together in the end.

Thanks for the complements! So glad I was able to keep you up all night. heheh...
nomuh on October 1st, 2007 11:07 am (UTC)
You are most certainly a good writer (I even got a little teary eyed doing the hospital scene), but Liz comes dangerously close to being a Mary Sue. She just seems a little too perfect (she is sexy, almost all men likes her, she is funny, she could overpower the gunman, she only has cute flaws), and from the teaser Geo seems to be in danger of turning into one too, so you might want to watch that.

That said, I am looking forward to the sequel, and what kind of trouble Geo will get everyone into. :)
mikes_grrl on October 1st, 2007 01:09 pm (UTC)
Thank you for the complements!

I hear you about Liz; I did do a few versions of her being farrrr more bitchy but then I wondered WhoTF would put up with that? I'm looking for a way for her to muck everything up in the sequel, but nothing has hit me yet. Suggestions?

Geo, on the other hand, IS perfect. She was designed that way. LOL! I just love strong, beautiful female characters, it is hard to give them serious flaws. Although, hm, maybe she might have a drug problem....Dunno.

Whatever happens in the sequel (and I'm still chewing on that), yes, I have a feeling Geo will get EVERYONE in trouble. Or at least, in heat.

Thanks again for the pointers and the praise. I welcome it all!

mikes_grrl on October 1st, 2007 02:49 pm (UTC)
Duh. I figured it out. Terrified of emotional intimacy (because people don't change overnight), she's going to subconsciously sabotage everything by, yes, having an affair (right, like two men aren't enough?). The question: with an Andy? Or a Turner? If with an Andy it could bring up a nice Doris-jealous subplot. I suspect Nicholas isn't done being an ass, either. Hmmmm....

And I think Geo is going to be a Nick Frost archetype: incredibly talented, but from a working class background that doesn't encourage her, so she ends up in dead end jobs and smoking a lot of pot. Until....until....

Oooo, now I've gotten myself all inspired and thingy!
dj_intheuk: Hot Fuzz Photo Shootdj_intheuk on October 2nd, 2007 10:52 pm (UTC)
*fans self* that was hot.