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29 September 2007 @ 08:51 pm
"Shot Down" Pt. 3  
Title: Shot Down, Part Three
Fandom: Hot Fuzz
Character/s: NA/DB/Liz
Word Count: 28,000 total (part three, 5,100)
Rating: NC-17+.
Summary: The beginning of the Ring Cycle.

Background (Links go to my LJ):
Part One
Part Two

Shot Down, Part Three

Nicholas was beside himself. Even masturbating lost its allure in the bright light of the attraction he felt for Liz, an attraction that he absolutely and resolutely could not act upon if he ever expected to make Danny a part of his life again. He knew instinctively that if he was to get to Liz, it would only happen after he and Danny were on the mend. It seemed somehow natural, because ever since the fantasies began, he stopped worrying about how to juggle both of them. It was as if a subconscious part of his mind was allowing him to have it all, if he could just figure out a way to make it work in real life. That idea, though, still felt too odd to act on, so he just tried to keep the status quo and wait until the right time to confront and apologize to Danny. It did not occur to him that he would need to do more than that, because he knew Danny loved him, and Danny would never say no to him. He was just waiting.

In the meantime, his fantasies became his refuge and dream world. The sexuality of them faded sometimes and he found himself thinking about the three of them watching a movie together on Danny’s couch, or the three of them at the pub making fun of the Andes, or the three of them in London…he shook his head, convinced his sanity was cracking.

Liz was not making it easy, in any case. He heard enough of the phone conversation with Geo to know that she had been through some kind of traumatic relationship, but she absolutely refused to discuss it, even in an indirect way. She holding him at arms length, even as she willingly met him for lunch or the occasional furtive dinner or allowed him to tuck into her office and read a book while she worked on the paper. She did not drink when he was there, and that was part of his motivation for doing it, because the more he got to know her, the more he suspected that the full bottle of vodka in her office was not the same full bottle as the week before. He wanted to take care of her, but she was damned and determined not to let him.

He looked out from his office to the main room, where Danny was hunched over paperwork and Doris sitting down talking to Walker. He wanted to grab Danny and hike him over to Liz’ office where they would all hang out together talking and laughing and…kissing…and…he shook his head again.

“Damnit, Angel, get to work.” He straightened himself up and tried to focus on the documents piled on his desk. The effort was, in the majority, unsuccessful.


“You know I love you, right? You know that?”


“I do, I swear. Please come back to me.”

“I didn’t go anywhere. You hung up on me.”

“I know, I know, I’m so sorry, Tipsy, I really am.”

“But you know I’m right, too. Right?”

Liz bit her lip. “Yeah, yeah, bugger it. You’re right.”

“And so?”


“Are you going to date a straight man?”

She could tell Geo was smiling, despite the stern tone. She played with the stapler, wondering how on earth she got it on the left side of the desk when it clearly did not belong there.

“Uh, Liz?”

“I’m…a little confused these days.”

“And this is different from any other day, how?”

“Smart ass.” Liz whispered.

“Yes, better a smart ass than a dumb ass. What are you so confused about?”

“I’ve never told you much about Angel, have I?”

“Other than he’s a flamer, no.”

“I never said that.”

“Never needed to. What’s your point?”

“He’s…really gorgeous. Not like, you know, Johnny Depp. But really…I mean…”

“Oh mi ghod, you are at a loss for words!” Geo shrieked in amusement.

Liz did not argue with her.

“This kind of goes against the plan of dating a straight man, doesn’t it? The Angel has his ButterBoi, right?”

Liz wondered when Danny became “ButterBoi” but it somehow fit him perfectly. “Well…not right now, of course…but…”

“What else are you not telling me?”

“Seriously, Geo, not much. It’s just a vibe. He’s just very…interested. It’s odd. It’s like we are on dates where we mostly talk about his boyfriend and my heterosexual life partner.” She left out the part of him camping out in her office every evening and trying to get her to eat more than drink and how wonderful it was to have someone vacuum the place when she told him too.

“This country livin’ thing is just outrrrrrageous, mon. I’m gonna have to try it.”


Danny did not stay long at the pub. Doris was off on some strange date and the Andes were being more obnoxious than usual. He planned to go home, or he thought he planned to go home, but instead found himself circling around the square towards Liz’ office. He knew none of this was really her fault, and while he had heard rumors that she and Nicky were having lunch sometimes together, he did not believe for a minute that Nicholas felt anything for her but annoyance, if not worse. Danny decided that was fine; if Nicholas was willing to throw Danny away then of course he would be stupid enough not to take to Liz. Well, maybe it was time someone did take to Liz. He was not really going to hit on her, decided. Maybe just talk for awhile. After all he was single now and there was plenty of time to get to know her, whenever he wanted to.

Danny did not even knock at the door to the office, just walked in. Nicholas was sitting next to Liz at her desk, smiling…up to the point that he saw Danny.

“Danny!” Liz jumped up, pure pleasure on her face. Danny looked from her to Nicholas, who remained seated but focused on Danny intently.

“Wot the fuck you doin’ here?”

“Danny, calm down…” Liz said, strongly, and Nicholas looked down at the ground. As if she was talking to him, as if she had a right to tell him what to do.

“Wot, you two together now?” Danny’s chin went up and his eyes narrowed.

“Danny, no.” Liz looked at him, worried. Danny kept swinging his gaze between them. Finally Nicholas stood up.

“Danny, it’s not like…this. We’re just friends.”

“An’ that’s wot I told you.” Danny pointed at Nicky, who flinched.

“I know. I should have believed you. I’m…I’m sorry.” He did not sound like the self-assured Nicky that Danny was used to, and that scared him a bit. Or not. Danny could not decide if he was pleased or furious. It was, after all, exactly what he dreamed of Nicky saying to him for weeks, but instead of relief, Danny felt a slow burning crawling up his stomach.

Liz and Nicky appeared to see it in him, as they took half-steps backwards.

“Danny, we just need to talk…” Nicky held out his hands to his sides, and stared directly at him.

“You left me.”

Nicky nodded. “I did. I did. It was a mistake, Danny, I swear it was…”

“You walked out.”

Nicholas’ mouth moved with silent words.

Danny walked towards the desk. “And now you want me back, do yeh, Nicky?”

“Danny, you need to calm down…” Liz said, pointing at him. Danny ignored her.

“Lock th’ door, Liz.” Danny said, not really sure of what he was thinking, but certain that he wanted the door locked.

“No. I don’t know what you plan on doing, but it’s not happening here.”

Danny turned and locked it himself, then stalked back. Liz looked terrified, but he shook his head at her. “This ain’t about you. Sit down.” He pointed to chair against the wall and she looked at it for a beat before walking over and sitting down.

“Danny, you need to think about what you’re doing. Before you can’t take it back.”

Danny and Nicholas stood a foot apart, Nicholas drawn and anxious. “You want to fight it out, Danny? Make me pay? Hurt me?”

Liz stood up. “Not here. I won’t have this.”

“Okay, then. Let’s do it.” Nicholas ignored her. He took off his sweater jacket and laid it over the back of the chair, rubbing his hands as if he was getting ready to box.

“Omighod, you don’t mean this…” Liz looked back and forth between them in horror.

Nicky nodded, his look serious and committed, as he stared Danny in the eyes.

“Naw, Nicky, that’s not what I mean.” Danny slowly raised his hands, calmly and firm, to Nicholas’ shoulders. Nicholas gave a little gasp at the touch, closing his eyes. Danny leaned in and kissed his neck, but it was not sweet or simple. He nearly bit the skin, sucking it hard, feeling Nicholas’ legs crumble, and Danny held him up through brute strength.

He remembered the vicious, almost cruel hand job Nicky had given him not long after Liz came to town. Danny pulled away from Nicholas’ neck and looked straight at him.

“When y’did that, Nicky, it weren’t about me, eh?”

Nicholas knew exactly what he was talking about. Breathless, controlling himself, Nicholas nodded. “Yes, Danny. It was about me. I was…scared.”

Danny looked away for a second, thinking. He brushed a hand over Nicholas’ crotch, feeling the press of his erection through his jeans. Nicky sucked in his breath at the brief touch, and suddenly, Danny knew exactly what he wanted.

He picked up Nicky and threw him onto the desk. It was easy for him, he was always the stronger of the two, and Nicky did not really weigh that much. Shocked, Nicky just sat on his ass and stared at Danny, propping himself up on his hands.

Danny reached out and grabbed his pants by the belt loops, and threw Nicky over like a slab of meat. He reached his hand up between Nicky’s legs and roughly clutched his balls through the jeans.

“Christ, Danny!” Nicky instinctively tried crawling away, grabbing the edges of the desk to drag himself. Danny wrapped his hands around Nicky’s hips and pulled, yanking him back. He took one hand and shoved it into the back of Nicky’s head, forcing his face all the way down to the desk. Nicky’s arms were still trying to find purchase but without success. Danny kept his hand on the back of Nicky’s head, while his other hand reached around his waist to start undoing Nicky’s belt and pants.

“Stop! Just fucking stop!” Liz stood up, yelling, and both men looked at her. Danny growled in frustration, but it was Nicholas who responded.

“No, no, Liz, just…wait a second, let me talk to him.” Liz and Nicholas stared at each other, and Danny had enough of that.

“You goin’ to listen to me, Nicholas. You goin’ to do what I want for a change.” He ripped off Nicholas’ pants with one hand, the other holding his head down, pressing him back into the desk.

“Danny, hold on, wait…” Nicholas, who always topped, was gasping for air, and Danny enjoyed the tinge of fear in his voice as Nicholas resumed his desperate scrabble to escape. It turned into a wrestling match for a moment, but Nicholas was off his game and Danny was stronger. When he had Nicholas pinned and his head still pressed against the desk top, Danny undid his own pants and pulled out his cock. It was engorged and red and throbbing and Danny was entirely ready, even if Nicholas was close to whimpering. He pressed his erection against the back of Nicholas’ thigh and it was the first real moan he got out of Nicky. Danny pulled down Nicholas’ underwear, Nicholas resumed his desperate squirming, and Danny wet himself down with spit.

“Never again, Nicky. Y’never walk out on me again, eh?” He did not wait for permission, just pulled Nicky’s cheeks apart and pushed himself into his opening.

Nicky’s scream as he was violated was genuine, as he felt Danny moved deeply into him. He ran out of breath and started a hoarse, high pitched groan. Danny stopped listening, sinking balls deep, nearly shaking with anger and anticipation.

He felt his cock moving inside his lover, filling him up, waves of physical pleasure washing over him and mixing with his fury and hurt and creating an unstoppable force of lust. He did not really care what Nicky felt right then, and he was not bothered by that. He moved his hands to Nicky’s naked hips and began to grind as hard and as slowly as he could.

“Danny! O ghod, Danny!” Distantly Danny heard Nicholas’ words, and he noticed that fear was fading, and he felt Nicholas’ skin getting hot under his hands. He leaned forward to wrap one hand around Nicholas and find his cock, which was hot and sticky and hard, and Danny felt justified. He heard louder moans from Nicholas, but what turned Danny on was knowing that he had his cock inside of Nicholas, and his hand wrapped Nicholas’ dick with a vice grip, that Nicholas was held entirely by him, and could not move without him. He lowered his head and aimed himself deep.

“Never…again…Nicholas…” Danny began thrusting harder and faster, pushing and pulling until he nearly dragged Nicholas off the desk. He worked his rhythm up and he felt himself crashing, a release he knew but never understood and rarely hit this hard. As his climax crawled through his spine, Danny bit his lip, leaned forward, and put both hands on the desk on either side of Nicholas, drawing himself up so he could shove his considerable weight into his orgasm, to get as deep as he could, to crush as much of his anger and pain into Nicholas as possible. His hips finally started moving on their own and Danny felt it consume him, and he threw his head back and released himself into his lover with curses and one name: “Nick!”


Nicholas knew he could have escaped if he really wanted too; he knew that if he had tried, really tried, he could have stopped this from happening. He also knew that if he did that, any chance of ever being with Danny again was over. This was not what he wanted or expected but he understood that it was exactly what needed to happen, to both of them.

He opened his eyes. They were so filled with tears he could barely see, but looking across the room, he saw Liz sitting in one of the office chairs, one hand over her mouth, the other gripping the arm of the chair.

“Fuck.” He was barely able to even say it from exhaustion and pain before he dropped his head back down to bang it on the desk.


Danny’s fury was wiped clean. He stood behind Nicky, wondering what in the hell he had done, holding onto Nicky’s waist. The man under him was wracking himself with deep, desperate gasps of air, and Danny was scared to move him for fear of causing more pain. He saw him raise his head and then bang it on the desk, and Danny decided that was enough. He tucked himself into his pants after cleaning off with some tissues from the box that had been pushed to the floor (ignoring the blood that he knew wasn’t his), zipped up, and bent over to try pulling Nicky’s pants back up. Nicky rolled to his side, and when Danny saw his tear streaked face, he was appalled.

“Gawd, Nicky, what’d I do?”

Nicky gasped, and smiled a little. It was the best, most beautiful smile in the whole world and Danny leaned over the desk and kissed him.


As the men untangled, cleaned up, and got dressed, Liz sat completely frozen to her chair. She refused to look at either one of them, and Danny seemed to feel likewise about her. Angel, of course, felt differently.

“Liz?” He said gently, and with apparent pain crouched down next to her. She shook her head and looked away. She was shocked, appalled, speechless, and earth-shatteringly turned on. It was far more than she could take in and she just wanted the both of them gone. Now.

“Are you okay? I know what you must think of us right now…”

“NO. No you don’t. You have no fucking clue. Get the fuck out.” She saw Danny come up behind Nicholas, standing over him, but finally looking at Liz. He really did look worried, but it made no impact on her at all. They could play at games like this but she knew where it went, where it always went, and the price to be paid for it. She could not even understand how she wanted either man…but she did, and that only made her more angry at them both.

Nicholas gently reached out and ran his hand down her arm. The charge made the hair stand on end, but if he noticed, he did not comment. He wrapped his fingers over her hand, rubbing her skin with his thumb. She felt a flush rise up from her chest and she took a deep breath to counter it.

“Danny?” Nicholas asked, still staring at her. She kept her gaze to the side, off of the both of them.

“Yeah, Nicky?”

“You think your couch could hold three of us?” He said it so softly she was surprised Danny heard it. Horrified, Liz scooted back.

“Sure, Nicky.” Danny’s smile was as simple and honest as it ever was, as he laid one of his large hands on Nicholas’ shoulder. “Y’want it then, yeah.” His eyes were bright and excited.

“No. I’m not playing your goddamn games, like this.” She pulled her arm away from Nicholas’ touch. He stood up, a bit too slowly and wobbly, so Danny reached out to brace him. “You both…I should know better. Just get out.”

They looked down at her for a long moment, then Nicholas turned to leave. He opened the door and let Danny go out first, then turned around, Danny once again his shadow.

“Liz.” His voice dropped that octave again, becoming low and seductive and very, very dangerous.

“No. I don’t want any part of you.”

“We’d never hurt you.”

“Fucking bastards, not like I haven’t heard that before. Get out before I call the police.” She snarled.

Danny pulled on Nicholas’ arm, and they were gone.


Nicholas called out from work the next day, and so did Danny, neither of them much caring a damn about gossip at this point. He was god-awful sore, and a bit bloody, and not up to much gymnastics, but he made love to Danny for 24 hours until neither one of them could see straight. They stopped so Nicholas could make them vegetarian omelettes and later, vegetarian cassoulet, and even took a break to watch Point Break, with Danny back to his usual grumblings about how Nicholas really needed a bigger TV.

Danny seemed blissfully happy to follow Nicholas’ lead again, back to the roles they knew and found some peace in. Nicholas felt distant from that, remembering the feeling of Danny on him, remembering Liz ordering him about her office, and…he did not know what to do. He thought he was just going down the same road again but he had to figure it all out, this time, or risk losing everything again. He did not think he could do that – his track record was damn poor, after all – but he was back to trying. He made love to Danny and tried to keep his despair from leaking into his motions.

Neither one of them talked about what happened at Liz’ office. Danny gave off the vibe that it was a matter of such mysterious, mythical proportions that it should simply not be discussed by mere mortals. Nicholas decided that he was not very wrong about that.

He did wonder, though, how he was going to get Liz back. It was funny to think of it that way, because he never really had her to begin with, but it still felt like the best description of events. He stewed on the idea but let it simmer. Now he was Danny’s again, there was plenty of time to figure out where she would fit in all this. She had to. Nicholas needed it.


It was everything she hated: a primal truth between Nicholas and Danny was let loose in that room, something indescribable and heavy. They needed each other, and had hurt each other, and would never live in peace until they got past that and back into each other. It was romantic in a horrific way and she could not stop the replay of it in her mind for any amount of effort. The worst part was that it was undeniably sexy to remember how driven and craven Danny was on top of Nicholas, how hard he pushed himself into the man he loved, or the expression on his face when he climaxed. It was not the unsexed, innocent Danny she always assumed, and the knowledge nearly undid her.

It was not easy to remember Nicholas, either. It was impossible not to know that he was not used to being on the bottom, in a helpless position under Danny, squirming and yelling with his head pressed hard against the desk. She had watched his lower back writhe as Danny thrust inside him so violently, and she remembered very clearly the sweat that poured off his skin.

And yet for all that, she was mortified. Not that it was two men, which in fact was the part that tweaked her the most, or even the violence of the sex. It was the loss of control, the men both completely unchained and going at each other, reaching past their limitations and finding a common chord rather than destruction. She wanted that trust, the knowledge that as hard as they pushed and no matter how much they hurt, they would not destroy. It was a power exchange, not a power play, and Danny clearly never intended to break Nicholas.

Breakage. Destruction. It was a running theme for her, and she was livid with jealousy over what she saw between them. She wanted them, and they wanted her, but she could not believe that it would be anything other than annihilating, because as much as they trusted each other, she could not trust either. It was impossible for her, and she knew it, but she longed for it with a feeling of complete abandonment.

Love. Pure, honest, and powerful at its best, but more often cruel, malevolent and catastrophic. People died for it, and killed for it, and she knew that as truth.

Love. Once again, it crept into her life and destroyed everything she put so much of herself into. Once again, everything was ruined. But then, that was what vodka was for.


The months dragged by for everyone. Summer’s were like that, and Danny knew that nothing exciting would happen until everyone woke up from being overheated and on vacation.

Nicholas told Danny to leave Liz alone, not in threatening way, but because he said she needed some time. Danny understood – he remembered the look on her face, That Night, and it was not good. He wondered what, exactly, Nicholas had in mind for her. It did not occur to Danny that Nicholas might not have something particular in mind, because Nicholas always had a plan, and anyway something about Liz screamed the need for lots of planning. Nicholas never explained exactly what he meant that night about the three of them on Danny’s couch, although Danny enjoyed filling in the scenario with some choice fantasies of his own. These never really involved Danny himself, who assumed that he was just going to watch. Kind of like a porno. That worked for him just fine.


Throughout the summer, Liz built contacts and went to village council meetings and wrote some of the most god-awful boring news reports of her entire life. There was not an escaped goat in the district that she did not know about. She spent a great deal of time taking notes to put into an idea for a novel she was working on, though, and kept herself busy with character development. She managed to keep her exposure to the police force at a minimum, and the few times she had to interview Nicholas went fairly smoothly. He never got personal, but he was never cold either. Cordial, polite, and friendly were the words she chose for Angel now. Danny was much the same, although she saw even less of him. Not for her were nights out at the pub when she had so many stories to write, and all the vodka she needed on top of the filing cabinet.

She missed them both, or at least, missed what they used to be to her. While they had not been in her orbit for too long, they were indelibly marked into that part of her life she labeled “The Transition.” Geo called it “The Disaster.”

“You been moping for months, girl.”

“Not moping, Geo. Working. There is a difference, not that you would know.”

“I work ‘ard.”

“Of course you do.”

“Beeetch. You start dating a straight man yet?”

“All the single men here are named ‘Andrew.’ No.”

“And you’re not talking to the Angel or his ButterBoi.”


“You ever gonna say what happened, there?”

“I told you. They found each other. I am superfluous.”

“Nobody tells me nothin’.” Geo muttered.

“I tell you everything!”

“Hmmm, really?”


“’At’s what I thought. You coming to visit soon, Cuddles?”

“Why? So you can wheedle the truth out of me?”

“Yes, yes, naturally.”

“I can’t. It’s not like I have anyone to stand in for me here. To take a week off I have to put two week’s worth of the paper to bed the week before.”

“I worry for you.”

“Then come here and visit me.”

“To the country?”

“Yeah, why not?”

“I don’t think I fit in the doors.”

“No, they are very short people here. But…you could try.”

“Cuddles, I think about it. You need to give me better reasons than mysterious gay boys and short doorways.”


Nicholas was not entirely sure of what he was waiting for. He kept a close tab on Liz, although very discreetly. Danny helped him with that, of course, but in fact it was not hard to keep tabs on someone who never did anything. She went for her daily runs every morning in the opposite direction that Nicholas went for his, her stories in the paper outlined what she did all day, and staying late in her office was what she did at night. Along with drinking, he was sure of that.

So he just kept waiting on something, anything, that would give him the spark he needed. Nicholas was nothing if not methodical and patient, and he was willing to keep waiting on her. What he was not waiting on, however, was for Danny to get shot.


Danny saw Liz at the small news shop on the corner just off the square. He could not help it, he just walked over and into the shop to talk to her. He knew she was avoiding Nicholas and him, and he knew Nicholas wanted them to stay out of her way, but there was only so much a man could take: Nicholas boycotted Chuck Norris the week before. Something had to be done.

“Aaayyy, Liz!”

“Danny?” She smiled, and he loved it.

“Wh’chter doing?”

“Um, buying a cornetto?” She held it up and waved it in the air.

“Yeaaa!” He clapped his hands and her smiled broadened until she was laughing. It was beautiful to watch and he decided that he was going to tell Nicky that it was time to get the couch in gear. He was momentarily distracted as someone pushed in between them, going to the back of the shop.

“Liz, you got to talk to Nicholas.”

Liz’ brows furrowed, and Danny quickly plowed on, but lowered his voice to a whisper. “No, Liz! I mean it! He’s boycotted Chuck Norris!”

She looked surprised and whispered back. “That’s stupid!”



“Please? Just talk to him. He says Chuck’s movies are dumb. You know that’s not true.”

Liz nodded reluctantly. “Okay. I’ll do what I can.”

“That’s what I’m talkin’ about!” He patted her on the shoulder and she skittered out the door. He decided that he needed a cornetto himself, in celebration of his success with Liz, and turned directly into the pistol.


Liz was not four feet out the door when she heard Danny yell something, followed by gunshots. A man burst out the door of the shop, a pistol in his hand, and began sprinting. Without thinking, without any plan at all, Liz dropped her cornetto and her purse and took off after him. She did not spend half her life on the track team for nothing.

He was not difficult to overcome, as he was obviously not an athlete, and she tried to think of what she was going to do next in the second before she caught up to him. It was not much of a decision: she accelerated into her top sprint speed and crashed into him, making both of them topple to the ground. The gun went off as they went down, but he was using his hands to try and catch himself so the gun flew out of his grip as he reacted to the tackle.

Liz reached up and grabbed a handful of his hair, and just like she saw in the movies, pulled up and then slammed down, smacking his skull into the pavement with a sickly thud.

She sat on top of him and looked at her hands, feeling like she was sinking in tar, and wondering if it was dream, or if she really had killed someone again. It was several seconds before the sensation slid away and she heard someone screaming back at the shop. Screaming for an ambulance.


Sergeant Turner yelled something, which turned into Doris shrieking, which sent Nicholas flying out the door with the entire department on his heels. Tony, who was out on a graffiti call, was the first to the scene and had already summoned the paramedics and handcuffed the dazed gunman. Nicholas physically tossed people out of his way as he forced himself into the shop, where he found Liz, sobbing, her arms soaked in Danny’s blood, her hands over a wound in his upper shoulder, trying to stem the flow of arterial blood.


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