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22 August 2007 @ 03:46 am
SMUT Alert  
Sick of me yet? These are inspired by something I can't remember because:
1) I'm exhausted
2) I'm really distraught due to breaking up with my boyfriend of two years less than six hours ago... *checks clock* Yeaaaah...

Title: Swinger’s Club: Nicholas/Andrew
Fandom: Hot Fuzz
Character/s: General
Prompt: 80.Slave
Word Count: 667
Rating: R

“Ask politely,” Andrew grinned, though Nicholas couldn’t see it with his eyes closed.

PLEASE, Andrew,” Nicholas growled through gritted teeth, jerking hard against the belt tying his wrists to the bedpost as Andrew finally knelt and took Nicholas’s member between his lips. He knew if this were to last, he had to keep placating Andrew, which wasn’t hard by that point. “Jesus CHRIST, Andrew! Yes, ugh, God, yes-

“Quiet,” Andrew commanded, sitting up immediately, Nicholas biting back his protests at Andrew’s command. “If you’re going to be loud, I’m going to have to find ways of shutting you up, Nicholarse.”

“Fuc-” Nicholas started, choking back his insults as he remembered the game. He had to be good, for his sake, for Danny’s sake.

“Fucking faggot,” Andrew snarled, grabbing Nicholas by the collar and slamming him back against the wall. Nicholas let out a little yelp, pain shooting along his arms and back, and his façade crumbled in the flare of Andrew’s temper. “I can’t fucking believe you, Angel. You. Who’d have guessed being a super cop meant you like to fuck lads? Are all the cops in London massive benders, too?”

“Shut up,” Nicholas snapped, remembering his friends, remembering his dignity.

Nicholas let out another pained shout as Andrew’s palm collided with his jaw, making him reel. He’d forgotten the game again.

For Danny, for Danny, for Danny…

He knew it wasn’t Danny’s fault that Andrew had caught them. It was his, really, being too impatient all the time, but love made Nicholas act funny. It made him happy, too happy, and reckless to boot. He’d kissed Danny in plain view, and not the way you kiss another bloke when you’re drunk or over-excited, but on the mouth, holding each other, eyes closed and lips open. Like you mean it.

For Andrew’s part, the fury he was pumping out was partially his own frustration. He knew things about himself he couldn’t say, things he saw in Angel, in Danny, in Andy, that he couldn’t reconcile himself to. He knew that Andy felt that way, too, and that finding Andrew outwardly unreceptive, he was looking elsewhere. Andrew was losing him before he’d even gotten him.

This line of introspection had made them both still, panting and staring, naked and confused on Nicholas’s bed. Andrew’s hands were still on Nicholas, but the touch was forgotten, their eyes taking up all their concentration.

“Andy…” Nicholas murmured, reaching out across the void. “Are…are you…?”

Andrew crept forward, his body flush against Nicholas’s, his arms encircling Nicholas’s waist. Nicholas blushed, feeling the heat and closeness of another body, but when the belt around his wrists was suddenly released, he took the opportunity to grab Andrew and shove him back, the detective sprawled out on the bed.

“Got tired of playing master and slave already?” Nicholas growled, immediately climbing on top of Andrew.

“Maybe I got tired of you,” Andrew countered, completely physically passive.

“Or maybe you’re scared,” Nicholas niggled. Andrew gave him a scathing look before Nicholas continued, “I’ve seen the way you look at Andy, Andrew. I’ve seen that look a thousand times, and I know it by heart. I’ll tell you right now, mate; don’t fuck with him. You’re not what you think you are.”

“Show me,” Andrew snarled viciously, his body tensing as he grabbed Nicholas by the shoulders and yanked him down. “I need to know, Angel. I need to know what I am. And you’re the only stupid cunt I know can help me. So do it.”

Nicholas looked evenly at him, thinking and weighing out his options, figuring all the outcomes.

“No,” he said coldly, moving to disentangle himself, “I won’t be your slave, Andrew. Figure it out yourse-”

Andrew surged upward, knocking Nicholas back, throwing him down. He climbed on top of him, finding the courage to take the next step before Nicholas had a chance to fight back or say “no.” He’d never had sex with another man, but Angel would show him how.

Title: Swinger’s Club: Danny/Andy
Fandom: Hot Fuzz
Character/s: General
Prompt: 89.Smear
Word Count: 478
Rating: R

Andy felt a slight twinge in his groin, something fairly normal for him, but not usually around Danny.

“You a’right, Andy?” Danny asked, giving him a questioning look, the two of them hunkered down in front of the Halo 3 beta.

“M’fine,” Andy croaked, clearing his throat.

“You kind of got wrecked last round,” Danny pressed.

“M’fine,” Andy protested, giving Danny one of those wide-eyed, desirous looks that was usually accompanied by a snide comment from Andrew. “Let’s just play, a’right?”

“Ey,” Danny said more gently, putting a hand on Andy’s shoulder and sliding it down his back to Andy’s hip. “Don’ go gettin’ mad at me, alright?”

His words were lost on Andy, whose mind was totally involved in the hand on his hip. He bit his bottom lip for the briefest of moments, a shudder running through his body like a heat wave, and his eyes fluttered before he got a hold of himself.

Danny knew that look. He’d seen it on Nicholas’s face, in Andrew’s eyes, in both their hands and bodies. Andy was something new, and therefore more exciting, but also more dangerous. Taking a chance, Danny began to squeeze and knead at Andy’s hip.

It took less than thirty seconds for the first groan to resonate in Andy’s closed mouth, He blushed furiously, his eyes snapping open as he realized what he’d done, and immediately tried to apologize and get away.

Danny, however, wasn’t having it. He scooted closer with every backward movement Andy made on the couch, until there was an armrest at his back and Danny at his front, hands on his chest, and an insistent mouth on his.

There was no time for second thoughts as Danny moved to Andy’s neck, biting and sucking, hitting each of Andy’s buttons with utmost accuracy, so that his chest was exposed in record time. Danny’s mouth moved downward, hitting a nipple, making Andy arch and whimper, clutching the couch, grabbing at Danny. He rested his head against the backrest, watching as Danny continued moving down with excessive care, fumbling Andy’s belt and yanking at his fly.

“Oh my God, Danny, stop,” Andy moaned, pulling Danny toward him, crushing his lips to Danny’s as soon as their mouths were close enough. Between kisses, he said hurriedly, “S’not that I don’ like you, s’that I wanna…go slow, not fuck it up, I’m not that kinda girl.”

“You would like sexy with smeared lipstick, you know that?” Danny joked, rolling his hips against Andy’s; the detective hadn’t even noticed Danny was that close.

“A’right, a’right,” Andy nearly giggled, scooting back. He bit his bottom lip again, giving Danny doe eyes, before muttering, “My bed’s…down the hall, y’know, if you…well-”

“Can I get you to wear lipstick?” Danny grinned wickedly, his hand reaching stealthily down the front of Andy’s pants.

“…Y…yeah-” Andy groaned. And that was that.

Title: Swinger’s Club: Andrew/Danny
Fandom: Hot Fuzz
Character/s: General
Prompt: 66.Hurt
Word Count: 323
Rating: R

It was strange, being so close to Danny, seeing the hurt and confusion in his eyes.

“I’m not doing this because you want to,” Andrew said pointedly, “I’m doing it because I want to.”

“Kinda figured that,” Danny shuddered, biting back a groan. He’d been with Nicholas a few times, but Andrew… There was something about the look in his eyes, the deliberateness of his attentions, the angry need that boiled over and turned into strange, violent passion, that always made Danny quiver.

He was still wearing his shirt and pants, though the buttons were all undone and his slacks were around his ankles. Andrew still had his pants on but his shirt was gone, his hands too busy in Danny’s pants to give much thought to his own.

“Danny,” Andrew murmured, his mouth on Danny’s ear, a sort of intimacy they’d never shared before. Danny remembered vaguely that Nicholas had slept with Andrew not two days ago, and figured it was from that experience. He must have popped his cherry finally.

Christ, Andrew,” Danny groaned in return, clutching at the other man’s upper arms, leaning his head against Andrew’s chest as he felt his self control slipping. “I…I can’t-”

“Then don’t,” Andrew replied curtly, increasing his pace, making Danny swoon. “We don’t have to go any further than this if you don’t want to.”

“Really?” Danny said, surprised. This was an entirely new tactic for Andrew, even feigning kindness, and while Danny suspected the trap, he took the bait. He gathered his resolve and said almost forcefully, “Well…I…I want to. Yeah. I…do?”

Andrew sniggered, shaking his head, tipping Danny’s head back to taste his lips for only a moment. He seemed to appraise him, deciding if he was worth it, before another snort of laughter made his shoulders shake.

“A’righ’,” Andrew growled, pressing Danny flat on his back, yanking his pants off in one fluid motion before going to work on Danny.

Title: Swinger’s Club: Nicholas/Andy
Fandom: Hot Fuzz
Character/s: General
Prompt: 67.Comfort
Word Count: 345
Rating: NC-17

“Ni-Nicholas,” Andy gasped, nearly crying. “Nicholas, I dunno…”

“I haven’t even done anything yet,” Nicholas almost laughed before seeing Andy’s trepidation.

They were naked, in Andy’s bed, Nicholas kneeling over Andy’s prone form, rolling on a condom and climbing between Andy’s legs.

“Yeah, I noticed,” Andy said, his voice squeaking from anxiety. “I just…y’know, never had anybody…this is weird for me!”

“Then shut up and get used to it,” Nicholas tried to be light-hearted. He knew Danny was with Andrew, and he’d felt too guilty to touch Danny since the incident with said detective anyway, so he was feeling frustratingly horny. Plus Andy was damn sexy when he was flushed and naked and writhing, and all Nicholas could think about was sex.

He started to push inside, stopping every few seconds to give Andy a breather, and also to give himself time to catch his cool. Andy wasn’t lying; nobody’d fucked him before, and this was hell on Nicholas as much as it was Andy. They kept going, one breath and one thrust at a time, Nicholas adding a touch more lube to make sure he didn’t hurt his partner overmuch by negligence.

“Why’d you stop?” Andy choked, willing his body to relax.

“Can’t…go deeper,” Nicholas managed, struggling for composure. “M’all…th’wayin…GOD Andy…I mean, just…ah…!

Their eyes locked, and the hunger and lust in Nicholas’s eyes made dizzying fire rush through Andy’s veins. Nicholas was inside him, shifting subtly, searching for something Andy always figured men didn’t have until Nicholas suddenly found it and Andy’s world went fuzzy.

N…Nick…Nicholas!” Andy whimpered as he fought to keep himself down. He figured pulling on any part of Nicholas just then might set him off, what with that look in his eyes…

“You like that?” Nicholas teased, barely rocking his hips, applying a gentle but constant friction.

Andy couldn’t even find words as to how it felt, his body finding ways of expressing it for him.

Nicholas would never admit it, but while he was in love with Danny, Andy Cartwright was possibly the best fuck he’d ever had.
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stelluci: Catch mestelluci on August 23rd, 2007 05:37 pm (UTC)
I wanted to examine what it was like for them just...starting. Everybody has a first time. =3