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08 August 2007 @ 09:04 pm
Andes PWP Fic!  
This falls between "If Protocol Allows" and "Stand Your Ground" in case you need definition. It doesn't require it. This is PWP/smut/pr0n/etc., and if you don't like that sort of thing, don't read this. :P

TITLE: All That You Are
SONG: Brace Yourself - Howie Day and Rusted Wheel - Silversun Pickups
PAIRING: Andrew Wainwright/Andy Cartwright
A/N: This is just a smutty little something, a bit of PWP to get rid of my pent-up PWP-writing-ness because I haven't written enough of that recently. So it's PWP. Unless you couldn't catch that from the three times I already mentioned it. Yeah. Andrew/Andy!PWP

Brace Yourself - Howie Day
Rusted Wheel - Silversun Pickups

Andy Cartwright stood bathed in moonlight, his T-shirt slightly damp from the late-night summer shower, its usually popped collar somewhat disheveled from the humidity. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back, feeling cool air envelope him as the warm front of days past was rapidly replaced with a breath of invigorating relief.

From his spot atop the hill, Andy could look down and see the whole village safely tucked into bed, windows dark and street lamps dimmed. The church loomed prominently over the town, casting a reassuring shadow in the face of the silvery moon, as though the homes it touched were kept free of that bright midnight intrusion.

He shook the dampness from his bare arms, a slight chill beginning to work into his skin. A twig snapped and the underbrush crackled as he shifted his feet, wishing he hadn’t worn sandals, praying he hadn’t left the bedroom window open before he left for work in the morning.

“You look amazing in the moonlight,” Andrew Wainwright said beside him, appearing like a ghost from the deep shadows such contrasting light creates.

“Andrew,” Andy gasped, daring a smile as he clasped his chest, “You scared the fuck out of me, mate.”

Andrew drew close, his hands firmly at his sides as his feet brought him dangerously near to Andy, the tension between them singing like an over-tight guitar string. It could snap at any moment, and when it did, the consequences would either be melodious or cacophonous.

“I…was looking for you tonight,” Andrew stated simply, his right hand reaching up of its own accord, fingers trailing momentarily over Andy’s left forearm before whipping back to his side, balling his hand into a tight fist. “I’m sorry…”

Andy laughed in earnest, grasping Andrew’s shoulders and giving him a gentle shake in reassurance.

“There’s nothing to be sorry for,” Andy replied soothingly, stooping slightly to try and intercept Andrew’s gaze, as if he were a guilty child with a can of spray-paint in his satchel. “You didn’t-”

“I’m your mentor, Andy, and…” Andrew snapped, jerking away from Andy and scowling at him fiercely. “What we did was wrong, mate, no two ways about it. It was my fucking fault, and you should just take the apology and get on with things, because it’s the best I can do-”

“You’re the one who came here,” Andy growled, pursuing Andrew and driving him backward, pinning him to a tree trunk that seemed to rise up out of nowhere for that express purpose. “You’re the one who followed me. I already told you how I felt, and you‘re the one who doesn‘t seem to know. You’re the one spouting bullshit, mate, not me.”

Andy grabbed Andrew’s shoulders again, and the shake he gave him this time was far less chummy. There was fire in his eyes, pain, tears, anger, and a good deal of regret that Andrew felt mirrored in his own soul.

“What d’you want from me, Andy?” Andrew sighed, feeling completely defeated and exasperated by his partner‘s immaturity. “I can’t give you much, but Lord knows I can’t deny you-”

Andy’s lips collided with Andrew’s before he could finish speaking, shoving him back against the tree and pinning him, the force and intensity of the action literally taking Andrew right off his feet, so that Andy technically was holding him upright.

He didn’t seem to mind, though, as he encouraged Andrew’s lips open and thrust his tongue into the dark heat of his mouth. A heavy moan rolled against his tongue as Andy rolled his hips against Andrew’s groin, feeling the hardness pressing against his thigh and allowing one shoulder to go free so that a hand was available for torturing purposes.

“Andy, don’t,” Andrew gasped, managing to wrestle his mouth free as Andy’s fingers struggled with Andrew’s belt.

Slowly, Andy pulled himself up to his full height, looking down into Andrew’s face, a look of pure rebellion and mischief shoving all the objections stewing in Andrew’s throat straight back into his gullet.

“I know you want this,” Andy whispered, pressing his mouth to Andrew’s ear as his hand snaked down the front of Andrew’s pants and wrapped around his twitching erection.

“Jesus Christ-” Andrew gasped, bucking against his partner’s firm grip.

“You shouldn’t take the Lord’s name in vain,” Andy mocked, drawing his thumb in slow circles around the cap, using Andrew’s pre-come as lubrication.

“And you shouldn’t be giving me a hand job,” Andrew murmured in reply, his eyes fluttering shut as he bit back a savory groan.

“Really?” Andy replied, feigning shock, a hint of danger in his tone that made Andrew’s eyes fly open in time to see Andy fall to his knees.

A moment later, the front of his jeans was wide open to the cool night air, his cock embarrassingly exposed as Andy made languid passes along its length, his wrist flicking at the end of each stroke, making Andrew’s breath catch each time.

“Andy, wait-” Andrew tried again, this time cutting himself off as he shuddered and clutched madly at the tree trunk behind him, barely able to stay standing.

Andy’s mouth felt like bliss and sin all at once. As his tongue swirled around the end of Andrew’s cock, taking care to taste the first traces of his mounting excitement, Andy continued to tease the rest of his partner’s dick with his hand, using this method to slowly pull more and more of Andrew’s length into his greedy mouth. Every few centimeters he would pause and let his tongue explore Andrew’s flesh, relishing the throaty groans he earned, until his nose brushed Andrew’s dark pubes and found no more cock to molest besides what he already had.

He’d just have to make due.

Andy sucked his cheeks inward, putting a powerful amount of suction on Andrew’s cock as he pulled backward. He stopped halfway along the shaft, feeling Andrew’s hand suddenly clap him on the shoulder.

Jesus, Andy, let me…” Andrew began, but feeling him try to pull away, Andy grasped his hips and pulled hard, driving Andrew’s cock down his throat.

He kept his hands firmly locked in place, making rapid, fierce passes along Andrew’s length. He wanted Andrew to come, to feel his seed burn its way down his throat and into his core. It was the closest he could get, until Andrew was ready to…

“Andy, you don’t wanna swallow-” Andrew panted, involuntarily bucking against Andy’s mouth.

“Yes, I do,” Andy dared to reply, his mouth parting from Andrew’s cock for only a moment.

To prove his point, he ran his tongue gently along the underside of Andrew’s dick, popping the head into his mouth and suckling hard. Andrew gave a curt shout, grasping the back of Andy’s head and bending forward, shaking violently and panting hard as the tingling at the base of his spine enveloped his entire body and concentrated in his belly.

“Andy, I’m gonna come,” Andrew whimpered, arching his spine as he spoke and slamming his head against the tree.

He saw stars when he convulsed for the last time, shooting a load of thick, musky come down Andy’s sensitive throat. Still, his younger partner obliged every last drop, refusing to release Andrew’s cock from his lips until the last of it had been licked clean.

Andrew fell to the ground, propped against the trunk for support, and gave Andy a wary glance.

“You satisfied now?” Andrew murmured, looking highly embarrassed at the question.

“A bit,” Andy grinned, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand as he shifted around Andrew, sitting down hard in the grass beside him, his head falling back against the tree as a warm smile took over his features.

Andrew straightened himself out, yanking his jeans closed and hastily redoing the buckle, but as he turned to reprimand Andy, or sock him in the jaw, or simply tell him off before fleeing, he was once again struck by how captivatingly wonderful his partner looked. He was completely at ease, content, his body radiating a sort of peace that sharply contrasted Andrew’s restless spirit and comforted it simultaneously. They were like fire and water, and all they needed was an oil slick to keep things balanced; Andrew would burn Andy, one way or another, but the threat of Andy overtaking him would always be there.

It was, in Andrew’s swiftly-resigning mind, both inevitable and desirable. He could live with those concepts.

He shifted a bit closer, his side pressing against Andy’s as his arms pulled Andy into him, placing a swift kiss to the edge of Andy’s jaw. Andrew ignored the momentary confusion that made Andy go rigid, his partner obviously expecting retaliation, and surprised him but craning his neck further to capture Andy’s lips with his own.

As soon as Andy realized what was happening, though, he was more than content to relinquish his tentative domination on the situation. Andrew rose to his knees, straddling Andy’s lap, driving his tongue down into Andy’s welcoming mouth. Andy reached up, his left hand tangling in Andrew’s hair, relishing the feeling of Andrew’s head bobbing between his slightly-closed palm and completely-open lips.

Andrew pulled back suddenly, Andy’s mouth trailing after as he whimpered briefly, but Andrew’s hands immediately shot southward, massaging and teasing through layers of fabric.

“It’s late,” Andrew growled, his tone low and husky, and he leaned in to brush his tongue along the shell of Andy’s ear. Hot air ghosted over the light sheen of dampness the night’s precipitation had left against Andy’s skin, making him gasp and tense up while Andrew spoke, “My place is closer, Andy, in case you wanted to…well, in case you’re looking for company.”

“Yes,” Andy practically moaned, clutching at Andrew’s back, knotting the fabric of his spring jacket in his tight fists. “Yeah, please-”

The shock of cool air and absence of a body on his lap made Andy’s eyes shoot open, seeing Wainwright already on his feet and waiting for Andy to follow. As he got up and stepped closer, he could see Andrew’s expression; pure lust, yearning, sex.

There was no hand-holding or small talk on the way home. They were used to silence, comfortable in it, and didn’t need to fill the air with pointless chatter to understand one another’s thoughts and feelings. It was psychic, almost, and it made them the team that they were.

As soon as they got in Andrew’s front door, though, the cool exterior he’d been fronting began to crack, and when Andy opened his mouth to ask about it, he was thrown against the front door, which had thankfully been closed only moments ago, as Andrew’s mouth covered his own in a furious kiss. Hands worked hurriedly, pulling up shirts and unzipping jeans, clothing tossed aside carelessly as they stood in the front hall.

“Bed,” Andrew gasped, breaking a marathon kiss to encourage his partner further into the house.

They kicked off their shoes as they went, Andy catching Andrew as he nearly tripped over his own feet, sharing a quick, awkward smile. When Andrew had his footing back an instant later, his fingers found Andy’s and didn’t let go, tugging him along as they made their way upstairs and into the modestly-sized room.

It was strange, standing almost naked in his own room, Andy in a similar state of undress, flushed and horny. In the half-darkness of the moonlit room, he could see Andy stepping toward him gingerly, felt Andy’s hands slide around his waist, his chest pressing flush against Andrew’s, and moaned as Andy’s tongue trailed gently along his collar bone. He shuddered, clutching the back of Andy’s head, straining his neck to expose more skin, rolling his hips against Andy’s.

The punctuated groan Andy let out when he felt Andrew’s erection press against his own, shielded only by the thin cotton of both their boxer shorts, gave Andrew butterflies in his gut. Melting butterflies, really, because the heat that swept over him a breath afterward could surely have torn him apart if he didn’t respond to it.

Yanking Andy back forcefully, the two detectives tumbled onto his oversized bed, Andrew quickly flipping positions so as to pin Andy beneath him.

“Andrew…” Andy whispered, trepidation rising in his voice as he watched the other officer position himself above him.

“Gentle, I know,” Andrew placated, his lips curling in a devilish grin as he leaned down to latch onto Andy’s neck.

Andy yelped and bucked, fire coursing through him too quickly to control, making him whimper and yammer and beg.

“Andrew, please, please babe,” Andy murmured, one fist balling in the comforter as the other clutched at Andrew’s back, “God, Andrew, I need you…Please…

Andrew understood, alright. Without removing his hold on Andy’s neck, his right hand traveled deliberately slowly down Andy’s front, rubbing at his stomach, tracing the elastic of his boxers, before reaching down to cup Andy’s cock through his shorts. Finding the opening in the front, Andrew gently teased Andy’s dick out of his shorts, taking it firmly in hand. Andy bit back a shout, rising off the bed to meet Andrew’s languid strokes, gasping and murmuring unintelligibly.

He relinquished his hold on Andy’s neck, scooting down on the bed and straddling his partner’s legs, hunching his shoulders to bring his mouth teasingly close to Andy’s erection. In an instant, Andy had propped himself on his elbows, his heart hammering like mad as he watched Andrew’s face move lower and lower. Their eyes locked, and Andy gave a plaintive whimper, shuddering from head to toe.

“If I do this,” Andrew said, his breath ghosting across the tip of Andy’s dick, making Andy’s head spin, “You’ve got to let me do what I want, understand?”

Andy nodded absently, trying to keep himself from getting too excited and ruining the moment. He’d wanted this for so long, but Andy had never agreed to it before, saying forcefully that it wasn’t ‘his thing.’ Andy was traditionally on the bottom, and therefore he did most of the sucking, and Andrew did most of the fucking. This was probably a favor for the interesting tryst he’d treated Andrew to.

Andy moaned loudly, yanked from his musing, as Andrew’s lips gingerly encircled the tip of his member, his tongue lapping at the wet, sensitive skin. He really didn’t know what he was doing, but he knew what he liked, and he figured that would do well enough if he simply emulated Andy.

He’d do a better job, though. Andrew fancied himself the best in everything.

“Andrew, that’s…amazing…” Andy moaned, a sweet smile on his face as he lay back, totally relaxed and blissful between pleasured spasms. He rolled his hips upward, pushing his dick further into Andrew’s mouth, feeling Andrew grab his hips and push down, sort of massaging his partner’s hips as he held him in check.

Andrew experimentally rubbed his tongue against the glans, smiling to himself as Andy caught his breath and began to whine, gritting his teeth and fighting not to thrash.

Andrew!” Andy gasped, feeling himself growing prematurely close. “Andrew, please, I wanna…”

“Shush,” Andrew murmured, pulling his mouth away and slowly stroking Andy’s cock. “Give you a minute, yeah?”

“That’s…that was brilliant,” Andy said between gulps of air. He shuddered, his dick twitching hard in Andrew’s palm, and they both grew still. The spasm passed, and Andy sighed again, wiping sweat from his brow. “God, I wanna come…”

“Not yet, you don’t,” Andrew teased, slinking up Andy’s body to wrap his tongue around Andy’s, letting Andy taste the inklings of his come on Andrew’s tongue. “I still get to fuck you, remember?”

“It’d be easier if you-” Andy began, trying to persuade Andrew to put his mouth on him again, but Andrew silenced him with his mouth.

“I want you tight,” Andrew growled, his eyes smoldering. “On your back, no lube. I wanna hear you say my name.”

Andy groaned. He loved it when Andrew talked like that.

“Do it,” Andy whispered, brushing his fingers across Andrew’s cheek. “I’m all yours.”

“I know,” Andrew replied softly, cupping Andy’s cheek as he gazed down into his eyes, studying his expression. He bent down, slowly drawing his lips across Andy’s, enjoying the soft flesh that gave so readily to his asking.

He parted Andy’s lips with a flick of his tongue, shifting himself between Andy’s legs as he worked his way into Andy’s mouth, plunging his tongue over and over into the sultry depths of his lover’s mouth as he pressed the tip of his cock into Andy’s ass.

Andy bucked and cried into Andrew’s mouth, wincing and writhing as he felt himself unceremoniously breached. It hurt, it hurt a lot, and he understood that their kiss wasn’t meant only to reassure Andy that Andrew would take care of him. They had neighbors, after all, and people in Sandford weren’t deaf.

Chriiiiiist,” Andy hissed, his nails digging into Andrew’s upper arms where he’d clutched him for moral and physical support, leaving red half-moons like a brand in his flesh.

“S’alright,” Andrew comforted, pressing his entire length into Andy’s tight body. He shivered all over, his elbows and knees threatening to give out, as he smiled and pressed his temple to Andy’s breast bone.

They held still, Andrew letting Andy adjust to his girth and length, their bodies syncing up as if two parts of one whole coming together, hearts beating as one, minds locked on the purpose of sex and love and whatever it was the other wanted, what they both wanted. Andrew raised his head and gazed into Andy’s eyes, silently saying so many little things, running his hands along the length of Andy’s chest, realizing how precious this moment was. Andy in turn ran his fingers through Andrew’s hair, traced his jaw, traveled the span of his shoulders and warmed his chest and back, touching every part of him, enjoying the freedom of their intimacy.

“I love you,” Andrew whispered, looking right into Andy’s heart. “Andy.”

His name sounded beautiful on Andrew’s lips. Andy could feel tears starting at the corners of his eyes.

“An’ I love you, Andrew,” Andy said in return, swallowing hard. They were as good as vows, their words that night, a promise that they would never falter towards each other.

Andrew rocked outward, pushed back in, his thrusts shallow and soft, finding Andy’s sweet spot and teasing it with utmost care, the gentle throb in Andy’s cock growing into a pounding need.

“I love you,” Andrew kept saying over and over, all the while making love to him as carefully as possible, knowing how hard that sort of thing could be on Andy’s body. He shuddered, the tight heat urging his body on, while his mind fought back wildly. He wasn’t used to holding back, going slow, and it was taking a toll on him. He wasn’t used to being intimate.

Andy arched his back, head pressing into the mattress, as he gasped for breath, moaning each time Andrew pushed inside. He could feel Andrew’s rough hands gripping his hips, heard his ragged breathing and barely-whispered annunciations, muttering things like, “Dear God,” and “Too good.” He began to whimper and whine, desperately clinging to the bedclothes, feeling heat and tension and a mounting heavenly agony of anticipation building in his groin.

“A…Andrew,” Andy finally whined, opening his eyes to see Andrew’s mere inches away, staring longingly back. “I’m so close, babe.”

“Come for me,” Andrew murmured, his tone silky and demanding. He groaned, feeling Andy’s body grow tighter around him, and dug his fingers into Andy’s hips hard, burying his dick to the hilt.

Andy writhed for a final moment, panting as he felt himself lose control, and his eyes locked with Andrew’s again, holding him silently, until a deep groan wrenched Andy’s mouth open and he sprawled back on the bed, coming all over his and Andrew’s stomachs, ruining the sheets.

“Oh my God,” Andrew moaned, seeing white darkness for a moment. He let out a choked shout, feeling Andy’s orgasm in his own body, before his real one hit. “Andy-!” he cried, feeling his body jerk and explode, like he’d finally come apart.

A moment later, he was lying on his back, in Andy’s arms, trying to keep breathing and make words. Lying side by side, Andy reached out and traced Andrew’s chin with his fingers, smiling softly. Andrew continued to gasp for breath, his eyes half-lidded, watching his lover carefully in the moonlight.

“You really are amazing,” Andrew managed to say, catching Andy’s fingers with his own.

“I love you,” Andy replied, his tone unapologetic, nearly demanding.

Andrew smiled and almost laughed, reaching out with his free hand to explore Andy’s naked flesh, pulling their bodies closer.

“I know,” Andrew said, their foreheads touching. “And I love you, too, Andy.”

Andy was sore at work the next day. He had a feeling he’d be sore for a while. Every time he winced or shifted in his seat, Andrew would smile, making a point to not look at him while he did so.

It took Tony two seconds to figure it out.

“Everything alright, Andy?” Tony asked, seeing Andy wriggling in Walker’s chair, the old officer having disappeared to get tea.

They were downstairs, waiting for the weekly meeting, and Nicholas was late. So was Danny. It figured.

“M’fine,” Andy sighed, throwing Tony a sidewards glare, ignoring the curt laugh Andrew allowed himself.

“I didn’t see you head home last night,” Cassie said from across the office, winking at Doris. “What’s her name?”

“What’re you doin’ watching me walk home?” Andy asked, a bit freaked out and taken aback.

“I bet she’s blond,” Doris thought out loud, biting the eraser of Walker’s pencil, because she’d already chewed through all of her own. “And she must have great tits, yeah?”

“Probably,” Cassie agreed.

“Oi, lay off ‘im,” Galen groaned. He was massively hung-over, and their volume was giving him a headache.

“Yeah, lay off,” Andy reiterated. Andrew wasn’t giving him any support, and Andy was starting to feel cross.

“Or maybe it’s a guy,” Evan joked, elbowing his twin in the side.

“Nobody tells me nuthin’,” Owen grumbled, crossing his arms. “An’ I’m not waitin’ for the Chief another minute; I got a book to finish…”

“I’m heading out, too,” Andrew said, folding up a copy of the Sandford Sun, the renamed and renovated local rag. He walked right up to Andy, paused, leaned down, and kissed him shamelessly on the mouth, drawing out the kiss for an instant before righting himself. “See you later, Andy.”

Andrew left, not showing a bead of sweat, and Owen simply shrugged and walked back to his station like nothing happened. Everyone else sat very still for a few moments, Andy looking pointedly into the middle-distance between Galen’s desk and his feet.

“Well, I was right about the blond thing,” Doris finally laughed, and only Tony was left blinking in the aftermath.
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stelluci: Loserstelluci on August 9th, 2007 03:52 am (UTC)
IT'S PWP! All PR0N and no plot. D'you think I should can it? Not that good, eh?
Karuri: comic andes with cake + bondagekaruri_who on August 9th, 2007 04:06 pm (UTC)
oh wow...I love you for writing this!! There is never enough andy/andy fic around! ^_^ Loved it!!
Skew: cake and bondageskew_whiff on August 9th, 2007 07:45 pm (UTC)
Only the other day, I was thinking to myself "what the interwebs need is more Andy/Andy smut".


Thank you, stelluci.
Rabbit of Negative Euphoria: Scumspawnplum177 on August 18th, 2007 01:27 am (UTC)
i love you so hard! this totally made my night (was about to go to bed when i discovered this comm) (which I should definitely join I think)

also just a note to say that the linkage to th'other ficcys at the top of this isn't workin' if you can fix I'd def. be interested in those :) (I did try searchin for stelluci at ff.net, since that's where it lead me, but nothing showed up, so I guess you don't use stelluci over at ff.net)
ExasperatedSighexasperatedsigh on August 3rd, 2008 11:36 pm (UTC)
You write the BEST Andy/Andy!