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Before Nicholas

Title: Before Nicholas
Pairing: Nicholas/Danny
Rating: PGish dunno

Before Nicholas, Danny’s life was very simple. Every morning he would get up from his bed but mostly from his couch after having fallen asleep whilst watching a movie and drinking beer, he would then proceed to take a shower and change into his policeman officer uniform. Most of the times he would be late to his shift, but being the son of the Chief Inspector no one would dare to complain about him, not only because he was seen as the child of the group, Danny being so good natured made impossible for anyone to be mad at him, even the Andes. That’s not to say Danny loved this situation, he was regarded as the least fitted officer in the station even by his own father, and most of the time was relegated to the dullest of duties, like chasing swans.

On evenings Danny would head to the pub, where he would find the rest of the officers having a drink after work. He would have several pints of lagger sitting at the bar, thinking about how policework was so fun in movies and so boring in real life. He would occasionally engage in conversation with Doris or the Andes, who seemed perfectly happy with the little amount of work at the station. He would then get into his old jetta, and drive home to watch some action movies and drink some more. Sitting on his couch he would find himself longing for a partner like those who he watched on the tv screen, he knew there was something more to that town, he could just feel it and something more to himself, he just needed someone by his side.

Now he would wake up to Nicholas breathing on his neck, with the chief inspector wearing nothing but pajama pants or completely naked, depending on whether they had shagged or just snogged before falling asleep. Then he would proceed to take a long shower with Nicholas, and help the Chief Inpsector button his shirt, and after buttoning the last button Danny would kiss him. They would have a cup of tea before getting into the policecar and then proceed to get to the station. He would now be the most respected Sergeant in town and Nicholas right hand when solving the most difficult cases. Some days he would leave the station really late cause Nicholas had asked him for help with some paperwork, but he was fine with it, that meant they would get to shag in the locker room.

On evenings he would find himself drinking several pints of lagger along with his partner, but more importantly laughing and talking about last night’s movie, he would also stare directly into Nicholas eyes and feel his heart melt whenever the chief inspector smiled. Then he would sit in the passenger’s seat in the police car knowing he will get home safe, since Nicholas always drank much less than Danny to be able to drive them both home safely. After opening the door he would push Nicholas against the wall and begin a long make out session. Then he would choose one film out of the hundreds he had in his collection while Nicholas got some beers and snacks from the fridge. While watching the movie sometimes Danny would think of how shootouts were fun but dangerous, still he was glad he had Nicholas hands to caress his scars and remind him that no matter what it was always better to have a partner. And there sitting in the couch while watching the tv, surrounded by his partners arm, who happened to be grinning cheek to cheek, he could only think of how much he had been missing out on before Nicholas.

Hot Fuzz movie memorabilia up for auction for Somerset flood relief

Want to support the Somerset Community Foundation Flood appeal and grab a unique piece of movie memorabilia?

Now’s your chance.

The letters from the old Somerfield store in Wells High Street, used in the hit movie Hot Fuzz, are to go under the hammer.

The letters, signed by one-time Wells Regal Cinema junior projectionist turned film director Edgar Wright and movie stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are to put up for sale by auction to aid the appeal.

The signs were saved by Wells Journal when the store’s owners, the Co-operative, rebranded the High Street supermarket in June 2010. The letters were signed then by Edgar, Simon and Nick with the intention of auctioning them off as movie memorabilia - but a suitable cause was never properly identified, and the letters have been sitting in a store room waiting for their final day in the spotlight.

Edgar donated £500 to a young film maker’s media centre for the letter S from the old Somerfield sign in the High Street, with one of the ‘e’s also snapped up for a charitable donation.

At the time Edgar said: “It means more to me than it could ever do to any movie geek,” he said and made this newspaper an offer we couldn’t refuse – £500 for the letter, to be donated to the Somerset Film at the Engine Room in Bridgwater, which nurtures Somerset’s emerging film-making talents.

The Somerfield store was a central part of Hot Fuzz being run by the villainous Simon Skinner, played by Timothy Dalton, and was the exterior location of the movie’s final shoot-out.

When the shop-fitters went to work and before it all went into a skip, and with the Co-operative’s approval, the Journal got its hands on the signs as a unique piece of movie memorabilia.

Would-be bidders looking for a piece of British cinema history should send an email to with their maximum bid, or write to Othery Village Hall, Fore Street, Othery Somerset, TA7 OQU by Wednesday March 19. Ensure you give a name address and contact phone number.

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Hot Fuzz AU Fic: Danny’s Unexpected Reward For Paying Attention

Title: Danny’s Unexpected Reward For Paying Attention
Rating: PG
Fandom: Hot Fuzz
Characters/Pairings: Danny Butterman, Nicholas Angel, Doris Thatcher, Andrew Cartwright, Andrew Wainwright, Misc. OCs.
Word Count: 2,189
Disclaimer: Not claiming, profiting, intending any harm, or stopping in the foreseeable future.
Warnings: Not much - References to previous violence, including explosions and proper action & shit, Possibly inaccurate representation of UK hospital procedure, Vague dream sequences, Fluff, Requires belief suspenders.
Original Prompt: "Nicholas/Danny (Hot Fuzz), Nicholas is an Angel (I COULDN'T HELP IT I LOVE YOUR HOT FUZZ FIC)" - Bettythetl
Summary: Danny discovers something about Nicholas during the explosion.
[Also on AO3]

Hot Fuzz Sci-Fi AU Fic: Space Fuzz

Title: Space Fuzz
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Hot Fuzz
Characters/Pairings: Nicholas Angel, Danny Butterman, Doris Thatcher
Word Count: 415
Disclaimer: Not owning, profiting, meaning any harm. Not stopping, either.
Warnings: Nothing but mildly inappropriate language, but keep your belief suspenders on.
Original Prompt: "For the prompt thing, if you're still doing that: 1) Nicholas/Danny 2) Sci-Fi, spaceship AU (can be Star Trek if you like, but does't have to be) " - Karlimeaghan
Summary: Nicholas Angel is not enjoying his new duty assignment.


30 Day OTP Porn Challenge Fic: Angel's Kryptonite - 5/30 (Hot Fuzz)

Title: Angel's Kryptonite
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Hot Fuzz
Characters/Pairings: Nicholas Angel/Danny Butterman, Doris Thatcher
Word Count: 2,279
Disclaimer: Not making with the claiming, the profiting, or any of that biz; just playing with other people's toys.
Warnings: Nope, unless Manly smooches, Talk of Manly scrumpings, Sexual teasing, and Inappropriate locker-room behavior bother you.
Original Prompt: Chasingriversong's 30 Day OTP Porn Challenge - Prompt #5: ‘Nipple Play’
Summary: Danny has discovered that Nicholas has a certain weakness and is exploiting it shamelessly. (This is sort of loosely set sometime after the events of the film.)

(Also on AO3)

Three Sentence Fics: Hot Fuzz - After The Dashing Through The Snow For Ecto-gammat

Title: After The Dashing Through The Snow
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Hot Fuzz
Characters/Pairings: Nicholas Angel/Danny Butterman
Word Count: 194
Disclaimer: Not Mine, Not Owning, Not Profiting, Not, Just Not.
Spoilers: Nope.
Warnings: Nope. Except for Men who love men, Fluff, Ill-advised dog names.
Original Prompt: "Fandom: Hot Fuzz or Sherlock. Prompt: Searching for the dog in the snow. In your underwear (this may or may not have been inspired by true events)" by Ecto-gammat
Summary: Danny's had an unexpected dash through the snow in the middle of the night.